I think Yasmin is an alluringly pretty name. It has a nice meaning, too. I would pronounce this name like “yaz-men”. Although I completely respect its interesting Arabic origins, I don't think you should have to be Arabic to have/use this name. In-fact, there are many common/popular names in the US that have foreign origins. For example, the adorable “Sophie” is of French origin, yet it made the top 100 names for girls in 2020, as there were over 3,000 American baby girls named Sophie that year. The charming “Santiago”, which is of Spanish and Hebrew origins, is another lovely example, as there were over 4,000 American baby boys named Santiago in 2020.

The point I'm trying to make is that I don't think Yasmin has to be reserved solely for Arabs. As long as someone graced with the elegant name is respectful towards Arabic culture (which is something you should probably try to be regardless of your name), I think it's totally fine.

I also like the name Yasmin because I think it's a good balance of feminine yet not too “frilly”. In other words, I think it would suit a tomboy or girly-girl beautifully, which I think is important in a name
Overall, I think Yasmin is a very pretty name.
It’s kinda strange but I kinda like it at the same time. A nickname could be Yazzy.
Sounds unusual.
Yasmin is also Bengali. A Bengali variant of this name is Yesmin.

Scripts: ইয়াসমিন (Bengali)

Bengali Pronunciation: YAS-meen.
Gorgeous! It sounds so heavenly.
Hebrew should be listed for the usage, as well, spelt יסמין. [noted -ed]
I despise this name. It seems like an "inventive" spelling of the much prettier Jasmine.
Sounds so pretty and elegant. To the person who called it an "inventive spelling", yeah no, it's actually the original. Jasmine was derived from Yasmin.
Nope, actually you're wrong. Jasmine is the original and Yasmin is a variant of it.
Yasmin Switzer is a Youtuber who gained popularity after having a baby at 16. She now has two daughters, Laila and Analia.
In Arabic it’s pronounced yaws-MEEN with a pronounced S. Yasmeen... this is my godmother’s name who recently got married and she’s awesome!
Much better than the over used Jasmine.
Yasmin is a lovely name, I find it regal yet earthly.
Yasmin is a gorgeous name and does have a Biblical reference as a Gift from God. I’m a Yasmin too (supposed to be pronounced Yassmeen (nickname Yassi) and people the world over always comment on the beautiful nature of this name. There is a Yasmin doing global work to eradicate IS and maybe will skip a couple countries now.
Ugly name!
My name is Yasemin and, although I am half-Turkish and half-English, my name is originally a Persian baby girl's name and apparently means 'gift from god' but I've only read that from one source, so am not entirely sure how accurate this is. My parents chose this name as a compromise, as although it is a popular Turkish name, Yasmin (which is how everyone, apart from Turkish family, refer to me) is also quite anglicized and sounds like Jasmine. That way my parents were compromising based on their cultures when naming me. I personally like my name and am glad my parents chose it, I often get compliments on my name. I prefer to be called Yasmin more so than Yasemin though, maybe it's because I only ever got called Yasemin when getting told off as a child :D.
My name is spelt Yasmin. As I'm Somali my family say Yasmeen as in the Arabic way. In my opinion it's a nice name named after the Persian flower, Jasmine but the problem is I've had people spell it with an e at the end, a z where the s is meant, and a double ee. I pronounce it as Yas-min. Due to living in the UK it's not commonly hard to spell but I guess they probably met someone with one of those spellings.
Personally I love my name although spelled quite differently and elaborately, Yaasmiyn Ashaki. The name is beautiful! And a wonderful gift from my parents. THANK YAH that he gave them a mind to choose it for me! Shalom!
Yasmin Brunet is a Brazilian model and actress who appeared in the 2008 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She owns a home in Ipanema and has a tattoo on her left foot. She is the daughter of model Luíza Brunet.
Yasmin Abshir Warsame is a Canadian model and activist of Somali origin. In 2004, she was named "The Most Alluring Canadian" in a poll by Fashion magazine.
The name Yasmin was given to 291 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Yasmin are female.
The name Yasmin comes from an African Princess from the Muyanfata Kingdom. It means The Flower Princess. Yasmin's dad died when she was 2. She was split from her family and now lives in U.S.
The Arabic spelling is ياسمين, not يسمين. [noted -ed]
Yasmin Verheijen is a Dutch designer, model and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Nederland 2014 and represented her country at the Miss Universe 2014 pageant and Placed 3rd Runner-Up.
My name is Yassmin and I think it's cute, and also my best friend called Yassmin.
I think it's a beautiful, distinguished and elegant name. I would pronounce it Yaz-meen but spell it this way.
Hi, my sister is called Yasmin and I love the name. It's cute and everybody at school thinks that my sister is cute.
Sounds like the name of a belly dancer. Or a teen mother.
Yasmin Zarine Shahmir, who performs under the mononym Yasmin, is a British DJ, singer and songwriter.
I think the spelling Yasmeen is better.
As a matter of principal, the origin of a name should not be based on how a person chooses to spell the name in English based on a foreign language.

Immigrants choose a spelling based on how they think that a name will be pronounced. The name itself is a cultural and traditional choice from their native country, culture and language.

I believe that Yasmine, Yasmin and Yasmin are all originally arabic, but have been adapted and adopted as Persian or Hebrew. It means Jasmine.
Yasmin is much prettier than Jasmine.
I want to like this name, but I know a Yasmin who is a stuck-up snob. Thus, it makes me think of a snooty popular girl. It's also the name of one of those icky Bratz dolls.
Beautiful Arabic name, but it's very common. I have at least 5 female relatives with this name. I also know a lot of other people with it.
Yasmin Siraj (born 1996 in Boston, Massachusetts) is an American figure skater.
Pronounced YAZ-min.
I LOVE this name! It is gorgeous and classy :)
Why would you spell it with a y?!?!?! It should be Jasmine! Yasmin is a yucky-yuck name and it reminds me of someone who is very boring and has a dumb voice. But sometimes it reminds me of a chav who has massive hoop earrings...
This name has been in use across the middle-east for centuries and essentially means 'beautiful fragrant flower' - a reference to the Jasmine flower.
I understand an Arabic person using this name, but just to be kre8tiv is ridiculous. Stick with Jasmine, please.
Yasmin Aga Khan (1949-) is the daughter of Rita Hayworth and her third husband, Prince Aly Khan. She is a Pakistani-American philanthropist who has helped raise awareness of Alzheimer's disease.
This name is ugly. It reminds me of yaks or birth control. Ew.
I could never name my daughter Yasmin simply because it immediately makes me think of the contraceptive by the same name.
The Turkish version of this name is Yasemin (pronounced yass-eh-meen). There is a little girl, whose parents are from Turkey, in my preschool class named this. I think its a very pretty version of Jasmine.
Near Croatia Yasmin is also used as a name for boys.
It is pronounced ya- ("ya wanna?") -s -min (like the "min" in "minor").
In the flower language, Yasmin means "you are enchanting".
Yasmin is the brand name of an oral contraceptive (i.e. birth control pill) in the U.S.
In London it is not unique. I know more Yasmin's, Jasmine's and the like than I do Jennifer's. Nice name though, not trendy or made up, just popular.
Yasmin LeBon is a model/mother/wife to Simon le Bon.
Yasmin is an Hebrew name and it appears in the Old Testament in the Hebrew language.
I think this name is different and unique and is a name of a Bratz Doll.
The name of that stupid Bratz doll.
Yasmin Levy is a famous singer from Israel. She revives beautiful and romantic songs from her Ladino/Judeo-Spanish heritage.
In Danish "min" means "my" so as a Dane I think it sounds very sweet to say min Yasmin. I love this name as I love flowers too.
The meaning of the name is flower in Arabic or Persian. It is used in nearly all Muslim countries and has become a popular name for English people as well. Indian and Pakistani's also use the name. The variations of the spellings are Yasmin, Yasmine, Yazmin, Yazmine, Yasmeen and Yazmeen.
Yasmin is indeed pronounced Yas-meen. While Yasmin is Persian for Jasmine it is more common in Pakistan, Afghanistan and neighbouring Arabian countries. In Iran Jasmin is much more common.
Yasmin is pronounced Yas-meen. The name is Arabic, not from any particular part or culture. It is also a fairly common name in Pakistan where Islam is practiced.

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