It's pronounced something like IRR-yuh.
Some people named George are known as Yrjö in Finland. This is mostly done to historical or royal rulers and saints.
Perhaps I'm wrong, but wouldn't this be pronounced 'yeer-juhr' or 'yeer-yuhr'? with the 'uhr' being the odd eh/uh sound similar to the word 'urn'? Which I guess isn't too bad sounding if you're one of the few that knows how say it right. Don't name a kid this. No one will ever get it right. Ever.
The name is hideous, old-fashioned, über-masculine, and corny. This is a slang term for barf, so having the name could prove to be a problem for a guy that isn't very popular to begin with.
I don't associate with any Finnish slang (I don't speak Finnish), but I still wouldn't use it. The spelling looks weird to me, and it seems a bit unpronounceable. But, if it's supposed to be a Finnish form of George, I don't see how you get Yrjö out of George.
Name your son Yrjö and he will hate you for the rest of his life. And all that bullying in school. He would probably make a suicide before his 17th birthday. This maybe was a great name before that vomit-thing started, but nowadays---Absolutely NO.
Yrjö is also a slang word in Finnish meaning vomit.

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