Also Armenian.
I think this name is very beautiful. It evokes nature while also staying classy.
You forgot to add the Cyrillic spelling for Belarusian, causing the name to show up without the native spelling in the name category of Belarusian: (scroll down to the bottom). [noted -ed]
Also Belarusian, spelled Юлія : [noted -ed]
Yulia Savicheva is a Russian singer who represented her country in 2004 Eurovision with "Believe Me". She automatically qualified due to t.A.T.u.'s Top 10 ranking last year, she repeated the success by cracking the Top 10 once again for Russia.
Normally I don’t like names that replace the “J” with a “Y”. I would pronounce this one Yol-lee-uh. I guess they’re fine.
Yulia Stanislavovna Savicheva is a Russian singer who represented Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 which was held in Istanbul, Turkey.
Yulia Chicherina is a Russian pop-rock artist. She has been performing since 1997 and is part of the wave of Uralic rock along with Nautilus Pompilius and Chaif.
Yulia Olegovna Volkova, better known by the alternative spelling of Julia, is a Russian singer, recording artist and actress, best known for being a member in the Russian girl group t.A.T.u., along with Lena Katina.
This name is borne by the current Prime Minister of Ukraine, whose name is Yulia Tymoshenko.
This is the name of one of the members from the band TaTu.
Yeah, Yulia Volkova, of t.a.t.u.
I know two Yulias and both of them insisted to call them Julia instead, however there is no relation between the two except Julia is more western.
It is also Ukrainian.
In Ancient Rome the name was used as a family name, not as a first name, for example as in "Gaius Julius Caesar". The name "Yulia" or "Yuliya" means "curly".

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