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Yura 1
Gender Feminine & Masculine
Usage Inuit
Pronounced Pron. Yu-rah(Inuktitut)

Meaning & History

Means "beautiful" in Inuit.
Added 4/5/2016 by anonymous
Edited 4/25/2018 by Evil and seekers973

Yura 2
Gender Feminine & Masculine
Usage Japanese
Scripts 悠良, 夢羅, 結羅(Japanese Kanji) ゆら(Japanese Hiragana) ユラ(Japanese Katakana)
Other Forms FormsYūra

Meaning & History

From Japanese kanji 悠 () meaning "permanence" combined with 良 (ra) meaning "good". It can be also the combination of 夢 (yu) meaning "dream" or 結 (yu) meaning "tie" and 羅 (ra) meaning "lightweight fabric; silk gauze".

Other kanji combinations are possible.
Added 4/12/2017 by lilolaf
Edited 3/9/2020 by Mike C, Felie, Sofia and more

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