Yusuf is also Somali (used alongside Yuusuf in Somalia), Urdu (used alongside Yousaf in Pakistan), and Bengali.

Scripts: یوسف (Urdu), ইউসুফ (Bengali)

Urdu Pronunciation: YOO-soof

Bengali Pronunciation: YOO-soof.
Beautiful name.
It’s pronounced YOO-sif. Also, Yousif is one of the most common variants.
Yusuf Kars is a Turkish ice hockey defenseman. He plays for Erzurum BB GSK and is a member of the Turkey men's national ice hockey team. The 1.65 m (5 ft 5 in) tall defender at 60 kg (130 lb) shoots left-handed.
It is pronounced YOO-suf.
A beautiful, brilliant name. This name is very popular among Muslims.
Two famous bearers of the name Yusuf (besides the Biblical/Quranic prophet) are:
Yusuf ibn Ayyub, Sultan of Egypt and Syria, better known as "Saladin".
Yusuf Islam, English musician and global peace activist, formerly known as Cat Stevens.

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