A long time ago, Zahra was also used as an independent masculine given first name - but is now rare and out of fashion as an independent masculine given first name. A known male bearer of this name was Zuhrah ibn Kilab, the great-great-granduncle of Muhammad. Zahra is also used as an element in the compound masculine given first name Abdul-Zahra.Sources:
With 2 241 171 bearers, Zahra is the 3rd most common feminine given name in Iran (2014 Data). With 514 166 bearers, Zahra is the 6th most common feminine given name in Iraq (2014 Data).Source:
Zahra Eshraghi (Persian: زهرا اشراقی‎, romanized: Zahrâ Eshrâqi) (born 1964) is an Iranian activist and former government official who believes in feminism and human rights. In 1983, Esraghi married Mohammad-Reza Khatami, former head of the Islamic Iran Participation Front, the main reformist party in Iran and younger brother of former president Mohammad Khatami.
I love it. I like Zara too. Not sure which spelling I prefer.
This is the name of lady ladies of the world. He is like the holy Mary. He is the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, whose religion and companionship are complete with him. He is the most sacred lady and the prince of all the women of the world. He is light. He makes happiness. Good source. She is the real queen. Many of the world do not know this. This is unfortunate. He is the most innocent of men from the beginning to the end of creation. She is mother. People go to him for a better life and for solving their own problems. Real miracle. He and his holy family in every way you think are the best of creatures. They love love. The world can not understand all of them. The wisdom must grow. But they are so magnanimous and generous.
Pronounced "ZA-ra".
This is my own name. I adore it, despite the constant mispronunciations. It also means "fair-skinned" in Hindi.
I had a friend whose sister had this name. It's very elegant and pretty.
As a person with the name Zahra, I have noticed that it is mispronounced a lot. I get called "Zahara," "Sarah," and of course the English pronunciation "Zair-uh." Keep in mind, that it may be hard for others to understand the pronunciation in certain areas, such as ones that aren't as culturally diverse in the US. It may be different for other places, but as I live in a very diverse place in the US, it still gets mispronounced. Keep it in mind.
In Australia it was 96th place in 2013, in Azerbaijan it was 4th place in 2008, 1st in 2014 and still at 1st in 2015 and in Iran it was 2nd place in 2010, 2012 and 2013.
Beautiful name! Sounds sophisticated yet delicate.
Actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Vojtka adopted a daughter Zahra Tena Vojtka-Pitt, born 8th January 2005, Ethiopia.
Angelina Jolie's daughter's name is Zahara NOT Zahra.
The original pronunciation is zah-RUH, but in English it is ZAIR-uh.
Zahra is my middle name, and it's also the name of my great-great-grandmother. It's a gorgeous name.
I think this is a gorgeous name. It's exotic but still accessible.
Zahra was also another name for Fatima, the daughter of Prohpet Mohammed. Most of the time she's called Fatimat-el-Zahra.
I have a friend who's surname is Zahra. Also David Bowie's daughter's name is Alexandra Zahra Bowie.
Zahra is a gorgeous name. It would suit anyone.
Maybe not so famous, but Chris Rock has a daughter named Zahra Savannah.

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