Zak from Dragon Tales.
My adult son’s name is ‘Zak’ although my mother named my son Zakee in 1996 from a Muslim names book I gave her. She was Polish and Irish and liked that it sounded Polish to her. My son’s middle name is Nagib like his father’s first name. His last name is M____ which I carry from birth as my last name. It’s really my mother’s last name. So, we chose Zakee even though I know the spelling of Zak alone is cooler like Zacky is. Thank God for my son Zak. I love him so! Oh, I forgot. Zakee or Zaki (Arabic) or Zeki (Turkish) means intelligent or quick-witted. It also means smart, pure and virtuous. Nagib means noble and generous.
Zak Saturday from The Secret Saturdays.
Zak Gramarye is a character in the video game Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice. He is a magician in the Gramarye Troupe and Trucy Wright's biological father.
Don't like this spelling, it doesn't look right.
Cool spelling of Zack!
Zak is the name of the Minecraft YouTuber Skeppy.
I've always thought this would be a good name for a dinosaur. Or a caveman.
How about a dragon? Zak is the green dragon conjoined with his purple twin sister Wheezie from Dragon Tales.
Zak is the best name ever known to man.
The spelling makes it look more like a name on its own.
In Dutch, "Zak" means "sack" or "bag". It can also be used as an insult.
On the T.V. show, Ghost Adventures, there is a guy named Zak Bagans.
Personally I believe everybody who spells the name this way has a meanspirited personality.
Zak (short for Zakkai) is the name of a teenage Jewish Christian zealot wannabe in Zondervan's "Storykeepers."
Ben Folds' song about "Sarah spelled without an 'h'" and "Zack without a 'c'", 'Zak and Sara'.
I like this name. It sounds like a name that you'd see on Invader ZIM. It's got three letters, one syllable, begins and ends in a constanent, and sounds really unique. I think this name is awesome.
I love this spelling of Zach.
Beatle Ringo Starr named his first son Zak. Zak is also a drummer, has worked with The Who, Johnny Marr and Oasis.

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