I SO PREFER XANDER! This is such a bad spelling.
I love my name!
I believe that us Zanders would be hated on more often than any other names.
Don't like the name, but I would use this spelling over the Xander spelling. Some may pronounce Xander wrong.
Sounds like a nickname. Not a good/cute one at that.
I had an Alexander in the eighth grade back in 2001- half the class called him "Alex" and the other half called him "Zander" LOL!
Zander was a name of a character on the show General Hospital. It was the first I'd ever heard the name. I gave this name to my son in 2001 but spelled with an X because I liked the look better.
I'd like to name my son Zander some day. I grew up near a "Zander" Road and liked the name since I was little.

I'd like it to be a stand alone name. I don't really like the name Alexander because it's so common and I already have a nephew named Alexander. I'm hoping Zander isn't too close.

It feels modern and the Z makes it edgy and current, whereas I think Xander is weirder as "X" names aren't as common in English. For some reason I think of a gladiator. I don't like it.

Zander is my go-to boy name, now I just need to convince my husband.
We named our son Zander in 2003 & no one had ever heard it before but now the name seems to be more popular. When we named our son we generally did not get a very good reaction from the older generation but younger people love it. We liked the name from the TV show "Buffy" but decided to spell it with a Z instead of the X as I feel it is easier to spell.
OMG. It's pronounced the same way Xandir from Drawn Together name is! :D
Zander is a species of fish.
I think Zander is a cool name. It makes a great nickname for Alexander or used as an independant name.
Zander de Bruyn is a South African cricketer.
Zander was one of Buffy's friends on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" T.V. show.
The character's name from the show was actually spelled with an 'X' not a 'Z'. Alexander 'Xander' Harris, played by actor Nicholas Brendon.
My son's name is Zander, and we get many many positive comments on his name!

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