This name means "beauty, grace".
Cool name. I like the meaning. Probably best as a middle name.
It has a nice meaning.
Name of the day December 26, 2020.
I really love the name and I give thanks to my mooma for naming me for my father.
I find it overused, too classic and religious. I much prefer Zayna and Zenobia.
I am thankful to my parents for giving me this name. It is amazing- I like how Zaynab rolls of your tongue. It is very pretty and I am 11 but I am half European, a quarter American and a quarter Muslim and they are both used in all the places I named and thanks again to my parents.
I love the name so much to the extent that if people asked why was I named Zainab, while I am not even a muslim I can't say anything but to smile. The name means a lot to me. I owe my parents for this lovely name because I am beautiful and make people around smile all day long.
I thank the person that has given me this name at my birth, because it is indeed a wonderful name. Every morning waking up carrying this name, I notice that I'm a blessing from my father.
To me, Zaynab looks like the Arabisation of Zenobia (A historical Zenobia was queen of Palmyra). The internal Arabic explanations aren't convincing to me because the type of word compounding needed isn't productive in Arabic language. [noted -ed]
I know the meaning of Zainab, (beauty) and each time I recall it gladdens my heart, not only because I am a Zainab but because I am indeed beautiful, classy, caring, and loving, and most of all I make people around me happy by putting a smile on their faces even when they least expect it, and lastly I do make my father proud *big smile*
I love Allah.
My name is Zainab, and I think I'm the first person to have this name. But every time I'm asked what tree or flower my name is referencing I have no answer for people. Over all it is a rare name and it draws lots of attention when seen on resumes, people with this name are bound to be unique.
I've met one Morrocan girl, whose name was Zineb. I wonder if it's different from Zayneb or just its variant?
Even though I am not Arab, I love this name quite a lot. The "b" at the doesn't bother me at all. But I do agree "Zayna" is more mellifluous, but still "Zaynab" is a great name.
I like Zayna. The 'B' at the end is too harsh.
According to The Complete Book of Muslim and Parsi Names by Maneka Gandhi and Ozair Husain, Zaynab means "ornament of the father".
I think I would like it more if I knew what flowering plant this is the name of.
Honestly, when I first read this name, it just sounded like a word spelled backwards, like "carrot" rewritten as "Torrac". Funnily enough, I actually prefer this name spelled backwards: Banyaz! The Indonesian word for "much" or "many" is "banyak" and "banyaz" feels to me like it means, "abundance". Zaynab sounds like a sci-fi character. "Tune in next week when Zaynab, Queen of the Teknits, gets lost in the Black Hole of Quaos!" -- or something like that. It's too clipped and the ending seems abrupt, and could end-up sounding like, zay-nap, or "say nap". What about, Zaynaba? It's softer. Zayna is prettier too.
This is somewhat random but it reminds me of the name of the Zainab Ashlander tribe in the computer game Morrowind.
Husayn Haykal's Zaynab is the first modern Egyptian novel published in 1913. The book depicts life in the Egyptian countryside and delves into the relationships between men and women.
I knew a girl named Zaynab; she was from Africa. She didn't pronounce the 'b' in her name.
Zaynab is Arabic word and came from Arabic words "zayn" and "ab". ZAYN means beauty and AB means father. So zaynab means beauty of father as per Arabic dictionary. And most famous personality is the daughter of ALI (a.s.) son of ABU TALIB (a.s.)
"Zaynab" is a composition of two Arabic words. ZYN mean beauty and AB mean father. So ZAYNAB means in primitive dictionaries "beauty of father".
I love this name. It's unique and exotic.

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