Also Flemish:
Cute name and meaning. I don't know what is "zit".
Stop being awkward. What’s wrong with the “zit” part? Most people get acne in their life. It’s not disgusting. Bet you will get zits soon if you're a teen.
This is the feminine way to say "Quiet!" or "Shut up!" in Italian. Well, it's spelt 'zitta' but still pronounced the same of course.
I like how this name looks. It feels mature. Good name, has quality and simply beauty. I like this name!
Also used in Moldova. You'll find bearers on social media.
It has the word "zit" in it.
Reminds me of the word "zit".
This is the name of Ben Hatke's character Zita the Spacegirl.
I'm not quite fond of names that end in ita.
Has zit in it.
Zita is a nickname of name Felicitas. She is a Roman goddess of good fortune.
This is a cool and pretty name! :D.
Dr. Zita Alvarez (played by actress Valerie Cruz) was a main character on the American television series "Off the Map".
This word means "bride" in Southern Italian dialects.
I much prefer Zeta to Zita.
I like this name, but all I see when I look at it is ZIT (like a pimple) A. I prefer the spelling Zeta.
Also Portuguese. [noted -ed]
It is from the Italian word zita meaning young girl and Persian also meaning young girl. In Basque meaning saint.
So adorable! I would think of giving my daughter a stronger middle name if this were her first name, though.
Zita of Bourbon-Parma (1892-1989) - Last Empress consort of Austria.
Saint Zita was the patron saint of maids, servants, and lost keys.
I like this name, but it sounds too much like "ziti".
It's cute and lively, but the fact that it contains the word "zit" is bound to provide some teasing fodder later on.
Saint Zita is the patron saint of maids and domestic servants. She is also appealed to in order to help find lost keys.
It is pronounced ze-tah.
I love this name! My grandma was called Zita and it is pronounced ZEE-ta. It is so elegant, Mediterannean and exotic and one of those few names that begin with Z so it is special. I think this is the right name for anyone but seeing as my grandma was fully Italian it would suit a person with some Italian blood in them. At least it isn't too difficult for any English person to spell seeing as I have so much trouble with my name Giugliana (Joo-lee-ah-na). Cool for a name! ZITA whoo hoo lol.
A famous bearer of a variant of Zita as a surname is Catherine "Zeta"-Jones.

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