I didn’t know that people hated my name so much until now. I also saw that people think it’s a dog name? I like Zoey the best even though it’s my name. Zoey is getting more popular from when I was born, I only knew people without the y.
Ugly, modern and trendy spelling. It looks childish and like you didn't know how to spell Zoe.

It also doesn't even look like it's related to the Greek Zoe, more like a weird spin on Joey.

Zoe is much better.

Zoey also makes me think of "Zoey 101" which is such a dated show. It screams "late 2000s". Not classic at all.
This spelling is so ugly. I prefer Zoe and its other variants (apart from Zoie and Zowie, of course).
This is just totally a dog's name. I can't stand it on a human.
Um, it sounds like a dogs name, haha no offense though. (I love Zoe!)
Spunky name, reminds me of gothic music.
Even though I don't HATE this, just use Zoe!
Just strange! Nothing much to say about this name.
Eh, I prefer Zoe.
Zoey is a total dog name and if you are gonna name your daughter this, choose Zoe.
I’ve never liked this name. Okay for a pet, not a child!
Really ugly spelling.
This name has always sounded weird to me. It’s fine for a pet, but I wouldn’t want to be stuck with this name.
Strongly dislike.
The best variant! I love names ending with ‘y’, probably because my name does...
My name is Zoey I was born 07/10/2008. Yes I am 12 and people saying our name sucks are the worst because you can't judge because one person was mean to you or you don't like the spelling. We are all different, we are ourselves and to be honest I love my name.
My name is Zoey Ross and it translates to life warhorse. I think it's a cool name.
This name is just annoying for some reason. Dislike!
Not a fan AT ALL. Not pretty- just weird sounding!
Zoey is the beautiful name of my firstborn twin daughter. The meaning of the name was everything when naming my kids and coming from Maori decent as well as Australia they were paired with a Maori or Polynesian second name. My eldest was born with a huge frown that wiped away mine and held awe in me like I've never felt before. Zoey Aroha means life and love and I tell you she is such a pure kind heart and as she tries to frown and she does, it's swiftly wiped away to a grin that escapes her for how she holds onto joy. She is conscientious and diligent and a strong stepper towards right.
I also know someone with a dog named Zoey. Not that that's a bad thing.
I like this spelling the best. However, I don't care for this name. The meaning is wonderful though.
I love the name Zoe. I would probably name my daughter Zoe if I had one. Zoey is alright I guess, but I knew a girl named Zoey who was very rude and annoying so I don’t like that spelling since it reminds me of her. Plus, Zoey is so Americanized. Zoe is the correct way to spell it because it means “life” in Greek. When they spell it Zoey or Zoie or those other weird spellings, it’s like they don’t have a meaning. So I definitely prefer Zoe over Zoey. Plus, people think that by naming their daughters Zoey with a Y, they are spelling it uniquely. But Zoey is ranked #29 in popularity in the US 2019 and Zoe is #40. So Zoey is actually less unique.
I can't be the only one who has no problem with this spelling. Yes, it does indeed look a little off, but there's way worse variants.
I love the name Zoe. It's probably what I would name my daughter! But I definitely prefer Zoe over the more modern spelling of Zoey. Nothing against people named Zoey, it's just that Zoe is an old Greek name meaning life, and Zoey is the same name but it doesn't really have the Greek meaning. It just seems like Zoe is the better choice to me. Zoey is nice too, though.
Sounds like an ugly and immature name. It's not very professional.
I prefer this usage of the name to Zoe. It feels fresher in a way.
If you actually look up the name on this website, it says it is a variant of Zoe, which means that they are technically the same thing just spelled differently, and also I am not against anyone who thinks Zoe is better (except for the person who said Zoey was crappy).
Zoey is a beautiful name. My name is Zoey, I was born on August 23, 2008, yes I'm am only eleven years old but I have a huge perspective of this name- it's BEAUTIFUL!
My name is Zoey with a "y" and I am proud of it. A lot of people say it's wrong but I disagree. I think it is better that people have different names, spellings, and opinions.
Zoey Joy Webster is the daughter of John and Alyssa of the TV show “Bringing Up Bates”.
I love the name Zoey! It's my middle name and if I had a daughter she would be a Zoey! It is elegant and sweet. Zo-Zo is also a sweet nickname!
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Zoey who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 264th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
No y please.
Bringing Up Bates star Alyssa (Bates) Webster recently named her daughter Zoey Joy.
I like it but the y is crappy.
My name is also Zoey with a 'y' and I was born in 1972 so I was also wondering if I was the first one to have it spelt this way. It was completely unique for most of my life. I absolutely LOVE it and I thank my Mum for choosing to add a 'y' for me. ❤️️.
People who prefer the Zoe spelling, and I'm one, do so because it's the original spelling. Adding the Y makes it look like a gimmicky nickname. And saying that people don't know how to pronounce "Zoe" insults people's intelligence. The name "Chloe" has revived recently, and the "problem" doesn't seem to have come up in that instance. Most people who tune in to reality know how names are pronounced; for the rest, consider it a learning experience.
I'm currently pregnant and my daughter's name will be Zoey. With the Y. Zoey is a unique, futurist name. Without the Y it sounds like So.
I like this name. For those who are saying Zoey is a childish name, I don't get how Zoe is more mature, because it's just a different spelling. I like Zoey more than Zoe because Zoe looks like it rhymes with Joe, and Zoey looks like it rhymes with Joey... Makes sense to me.
I prefer Zoe, as this spelling looks too cute and immature. I don't love the name anyway; not a fan of the OH-ee sound.
I named my Tuxedo kitty "Zoey" and this name fits her perfectly!
My name is Zoey and it's never once occurred to me that people might think it's childish. I had no idea people thought of it that way! I am curious about something though; My mom heard this name on Rabbit Ears Radio when she was pregnant with me. They were telling the story of King Midas, and his daughter's name is Zoë. She'd never heard or seen the name before, but she loved it and its meaning so much that she picked it for me. But because she had been unfamiliar with it, she sort of made up the spelling: Z-O-E-Y. I was born July 16th, 1995, and I'm just wondering if anyone knows any Zoey's with a "y" that are older than that, since the spelling first cropped up in 1995! It'd be a pretty cool claim to fame to say that I'm the first Zoey with a "y."
I think Zoey with a 'y' is rather unique and beautiful. With the name spelled Zoe it looks rather plain and unattractive. Adding the y makes it more pleasing to look at while adding a spunky twist to the classic name :)
My daughter is called Zoey, and its with a Y because personally I like it better then Zoe. I don't think it's childish and it's unique as I've not really heard of Zoey's much. We have a few nicknames for her Zozo, Zoooieeee, and Zoolander. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but it's unique and spunky which is exactly my daughter down to a tee.
I like this spelling and the spelling Zoe, but only those two spellings. I hate Zoey 101 though.
Makes me think of Zoey 101 and the character Zoey in Pokémon who is the rival of Dawn. I prefer the spelling Zoe.
Zoey (and Zoe, to a slightly lesser extent) has always seemed unluckily infantile to me. Zoie is a bit better. All forms considered, Zooey is my favorite.
Well, this isn't a particularly famous bearer, but Zoey was the name of a doe from "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: the Movie," who serves as a substitute for Clarice in that adaption of the story. I love both Clarice and Zoey, and this name reminds me of the color yellow, for whatever reason, and sounds whimsical. It is on my list of names to perhaps one day use.
Zoe is a nice name when spelled correctly. It doesn't need that stupid Y attached to it.
Zoey Deutch (born 1994 in Los Angeles, California) is an American actress. She is the daughter of actress Lea Thompson and director Howard Deutch.
An overly-cutesy version of the lovely Zoe. The -y ending completely ruins the name.
My name is Zoe, and I admit that while I love the name, I loathe and detest this spelling. It is childish and looks disgustingly Americanized. I'm rather disturbed at the rate that this name is catching up with "Zoe", what I believe to be the proper spelling, at such an alarming rate.
I absolutely love this name. I think it's quirky and pretty. Whenever I use this name for a character, she always has crazy dyed hair, a lot of ear piercings, and a sweet persona. I prefer it with a 'y' at the end because it looks like it would sound like zo-ee but the Zoe spelling just looks like it would be pronounced zo to me.
I kinda like this spelling, but it's definitely not 'unique'.
I believe "Zoey/Zoe" spelt any way is a beautiful name. I also think it is very creative to name a child and change the spelling, it makes them very unique. I know an "Emily" spelt "Emmelie" and I think it's pretty.
Someone said that this spelling of Zoey (sorry, I don't know how to do the trema) is defecation. I think it's a cool, American spelling. If I used it, I wouldn't be using the Y to be unique, I would use it because it would rhyme with Joey (my dad's name) and start with a Z like Zandry (my little sister's name). I love this name, and I like this spelling better than Zoe. I do think it is trashy to spell names in a way to be "unique", but I don't think it's wrong to spell your child's name like you like it.
Zoey Redbird is the name of the main character from the book series House of Night.
I like this name. It is a unique name. It means "life" in Greek.
I like Zoe better than this spelling. Also makes me think of Jamie Lynn Spear's character from "Zoey 101" - she is snotty and bratty on that show in my opinion. On the other hand I hope I didn't offend or deter anyone from using this name on my opinion. If you like this name or like the show then that's cool. :)
I prefer this spelling to Zoe.
I like this spelling a whole lot better than Zoe. Zoe looks like it's pronounced ZOH.
A famous bearer is Zoey from the Japanese anime show "Mew Mew Power". She is half human, half cat.
I love this name, whatever the spelling. My name is Zoiee. Spelled with two e's instead of two o's. I personally really like it. Very very unique.
This name has a whole lot of spunky with just a hint of attitude. `Spunky` because of the way it's spelled, and the `attitude` comes from the pronunciation AND the Z letter.
This is my nickname, I enjoy it but I prefer Zoe.
I think Zoë looks ridiculous without the tréma, and even more ridiculous with a "y" on the end. People say they add the "y" just to make it so people can pronounce it easier. Instead, why not just spell it properly with the tréma?
Zoey is a J-pop singer from Japan.
Zoey is the name of a Pokemon character.
I like this name. But I wouldn't personally name my daughter this.
The lady I know of who named her daughter Zoey spelled it this way to avoid pronunciation problems and she didn't like having to put the 2 dots above the name Zoe. I think this spelling is great.
Zoey is an excellent name. I love it. Anybody who doesn't must be crazy!
Are you out of your mind?! This looks "zoo"ey to me.

Honestly, what is wrong with these parents? Why do they think that altering the spellings of perfectly good names will somehow make it "unique"? It's pathetic and it's defecation on a perfectly good name.
Zoey is my name and I like it with a y!
I dislike this spelling, it just looks too carried on and long. I don't know why people change the spelling of nice, proper and strong names, it's just tacky.
I think Zoey's an awesome name! I want it to stay unique though.
Spelled ZOE it is *soooo* much nicer.
I like this name better spelled 'Zoey' as oppossed to 'Zoe'.
Jamie Lynn Spears plays Zoey on Zoey 101. It's an awesome name.
I think that Zoey is a really awesome and unique name. My best friend's name is Zoey and I think her name is just as unique as her! =)
For most of my life I considered this male because of the J.D. Salinger's novel "Franny & Zooey".
This is a very unique name. My best friend is named Zoey. :)
I kind of like this name. It's cute, unique, and fun. If I ever had a daughter, I probably wouldn't name it Zoey though. But it's still a cool name!

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