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What a terrible spelling of a pretty name.
Luvbug86  7/8/2019
NO ONE's name is ZOWIE, that's pronounced zoh weeeeeeee! I absolutely believe whoever has this name's parents are very very very very very stupid! I would strongly recommend changing your name if it is Zowie. Zoe is the correct version.
zoe_the_unicorn2  2/15/2019
Yuck. This sounds like some cartoon character's catchphrase. "Zowie!"
kayisforkeen  9/25/2018
For some reason, 'Z' and 'W' don't mix together well...
mememan28  8/23/2018
This spelling ruins the beautiful name Zoe.
Kidwins9  2/21/2016
Zowie is Olie's sister on the children's show, Rolie Polie Olie.
silly_rabbit  11/28/2015
This is an ugly misspelling. No wonder Zowie Bowie changed his name.
bananarama  8/2/2009
ZOWIE! This name surprised me. :)
kool_babe14  5/8/2009
Such a trashy spelling.
vomiting  3/13/2009
Zowie looks ridiculous. I mean come on, what's wrong with Zoe? Why do people have to butcher this beautiful name with ugly, creative spellings such as Zowie and Zoie, it just doesn't make sense. Spelling a name in a different way doesn't make it unique, it just makes it look silly and as if the parents were too stupid to spell.
― Anonymous User  12/26/2008
What's with all of the hate, I love this spelling. Zoe is too boring (and looks like ZOH instead of ZO-ee), and Zoey looks as if it's missing something. I used to like Zooey (which I believe is a unisex spelling), but I have a feeling that if I ever named my child that, their name would be mispronounced a lot as ZOO-ee, and possibly have zoo jokes made about them. However, I really like this spelling--especially the "w" in it, though lot of people seem to dislike it.
― Anonymous User  7/13/2008
A hideous, tacky, and childish spelling of a name that sounds quite harsh and youthful as it is.
slight night shiver  5/13/2008
I think it's cute, but the W in there makes me want to pronounce it like it rhymes with "Wow-ee". And I am also reminded of those hilarious "sound-effect" words they used to flash up on the screen during the old Batman episodes whenever Batman would be fighting the evildoers. You know, "Biff! Sokk! Kapow! Zowie!"
Star Sister  9/1/2007
Zoe is a lot nicer. This spelling just adds way too much to a lovely simple name. Plus it looks like something you'd find in a comic book or something.
― Anonymous User  6/19/2007
I don't actually care too much for this name in any spelling (even though I've had several friends named Zoe), but I especially dislike this spelling. I don't know. It just makes me think of my best friends hyper mixed breed dog (named Zoe).
WritersEye  6/19/2007
I most definitely would stick to the original spelling! I don't really like most modern names. Some are ok, but the whole "be original by spelling things differently" trend is beyond me. This name just looks silly.
scarletquillraven  2/19/2007
It sounds like what people used to yell when they were excited: "Zowie!"

I cannot stand these Modern English names or their spellings! They look ridiculous and they have no substance or dignity.
gaelruadh19  1/20/2007
I hate all of these modern names, they are just stupid, and they look stupid too.
bellaboo  10/18/2006
I love this name. This is my new name per se. I have went by ZoWie for years. I was about 12 when I started using the name.
mandazowie  1/18/2006
A famous bearer of this name is David Bowie's son Zowie Bowie (who has now changed his name to Joe I believe).
cyndi  4/19/2005
Actually Cindy, the name of David Bowie's son is Duncan Zowie. He used to go by the name of Joe, but he now uses his given first name, so now he's known as Duncan Jones. (David Bowie's real name is David Robert Heyward-Jones.)
Charlie1977  5/11/2006
As previously mentioned, David Bowie's son is named Zowie Duncan Howard Bowie Jones, and he now goes by Duncan Jones. They gave him two middle names "in case he didn't like his kooky name." I remember reading that Angie, David Bowie's wife, picked it because it meant something in an African language, but I seriously doubt that.

I kind of like this spelling as a pseudonym, even though I usually hate kre8tiv names.
MoonAgeDaydreamer  12/25/2008

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