Very unique. Not bad either.
Dashing and elegant.
Oh, wow! This is a unique version of Sofia/Sophia! I love it!
Zsófia Kovács (born Apr 6, 2000) is a gymnast, representing Hungary at the 2016 Olympics.
With 38 089 bearers, Zsófia is the 34th most common feminine name in Hungary. (01/01/2016).
Zsófia Torma (1840 – November 14, 1899) is a Hungarian archaeologist, anthropologist and paleontologist.
Zsófia Polgár is a Hungarian-born chess player who now lives in Canada. She is sometimes known by the familiar form of her name, Zsófi, and in some contexts by the anglicised form Sofia. She is an International Master, and is the middle sister of Grandmasters Susan and Judit Polgar.

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