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This is a list of names in which the meaning contains the keywords whale or shark or fish or seal or dolphin.
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Means "little fish" in Yiddish.
MINA (2)fHinduism, Indian, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil
Means "fish" in Sanskrit. This is the name of the daughter of the Hindu goddess Ushas as well as the daughter of the god Kubera.
MINAKSHIfHinduism, Indian, Hindi
From Sanskrit मीन (mina) meaning "fish" and अक्षि (akshi) meaning "eye". This is another name of the Hindu goddess Parvati.
MINALIfIndian, Hindi
Means "fish catcher" in Sanskrit.
PHOCASmAncient Greek (Latinized)
Latinized form of the Greek name Φωκας (Phokas), which meant "a seal" from Greek φωκη (phoke). This was the name of an early saint and martyr from Asia Minor. Sentenced to death for being a Christian, he is said to have given his killers lodging and then dug his own grave before he was executed.
QILLAQmNative American, Greenlandic
Means "seal hide" in Greenlandic.
Means "little seal", derived from Irish rón "seal" combined with a diminutive suffix.