Names Categorized "modern Turkish"

This is a list of names in which the categories include modern Turkish.
Aleyna f Turkish (Modern)
From Arabic علينا ('alayna) meaning "on us", a word from the Quran.
Belinay f Turkish (Modern)
Means "reflection of the moon on a lake" in Turkish.
Buğlem f Turkish (Modern)
Meaning unknown.
Çınar m Turkish (Modern)
Means "plane tree" in Turkish (genus Platanus), derived from Persian چنار (chenar).
Eslem f Turkish (Modern)
Possibly from Arabic أسْلَمَ (aslama) meaning "to submit".
Hiranur f Turkish (Modern)
From Arabic حراء (Hira), the name of the cave where the Prophet Muhammad received his first revelation, combined with نور (nur) meaning "light".
Tuana f Turkish (Modern)
Meaning unknown, possibly of Persian origin.