Names Categorized "princess"

This is a list of names in which the categories include princess.
Amira 1 f Arabic
Alternate transcription of Arabic أميرة (see Amirah).
Amirah f Arabic
Feminine form of Amir 1.
Ariana f Portuguese, English (Modern)
Portuguese form of Ariadne. This name steadily grew in popularity in America in the last few decades of the 20th century. A famous bearer is the American pop singer Ariana Grande (1993-).
Emira f Bosnian
Bosnian form of Amirah.
Gulmira f Kyrgyz, Kazakh
From Kyrgyz and Kazakh гүл (gul) meaning "flower", ultimately from Persian گل (gol), combined with Arabic أميرة (amira) meaning "princess".
Princess f English (Modern)
Feminine equivalent of Prince.
Salvatrix f Late Roman
Feminine form of Salvator.
Sophonisba f Phoenician (Latinized), History
From the Punic name 𐤑𐤐𐤍𐤁𐤏𐤋 (Ṣapanbaʿl) probably meaning "Ba'al conceals", derived from Phoenician 𐤑𐤐𐤍 (ṣapan) possibly meaning "to hide, to conceal" combined with the name of the god Ba'al. Sophonisba was a 3rd-century BC Carthaginian princess who killed herself rather than surrender to the Romans. Her name was recorded in this form by Roman historians such as Livy. She later became a popular subject of plays from the 16th century onwards.
Tuathflaith f Old Irish
From Old Irish túath "people, country" and flaith "ruler, sovereign, princess".