Names Categorized "top 10 in Hawaii - 2008"

This is a list of names in which the categories include top 10 in Hawaii - 2008.
Alana f English, Breton
Feminine form of Alan.
Kai 3 m & f Hawaiian
Means "sea" in Hawaiian.
Kaimana m & f Hawaiian
From Hawaiian kai "ocean, sea" and mana "power". It is also Hawaiian meaning "diamond", derived from the English word diamond.
Kalani m & f Hawaiian
Means "the heavens" from Hawaiian ka "the" and lani "heaven, sky, royal, majesty".
Kalena f Hawaiian
Hawaiian form of Karen 1.
Keanu m & f Hawaiian
Means "the cool breeze" from Hawaiian ke, a definite article, and anu "coolness". This name is now associated with Canadian actor Keanu Reeves (1964-).
Kiana 1 f Hawaiian, English
Hawaiian form of Diana. It was brought to wider attention in the late 1980s, likely by the Hawaiian fitness instructor Kiana Tom (1965-), who had a television show on ESPN beginning in 1988.
Leilani f & m Hawaiian
Means "heavenly flowers" or "royal child" from Hawaiian lei "flowers, lei, child" and lani "heaven, sky, royal, majesty".
Maile f Hawaiian
From the name of a type of vine that grows in Hawaii and is used in making leis.
Malia f Hawaiian, English (Modern)
Hawaiian form of Maria. This name experienced a spike in popularity in 2009, due to the eldest daughter (born 1998) of the new American president Barack Obama.