Gaulish Names

These names were used in ancient Gaul (modern France) by Gaulish people. See Old Celtic names for a broader list.
Brennus m Gaulish (Latinized)
Latinized form of a Celtic name (or title) that possibly meant either "king, prince" or "raven". Brennus was a Gallic leader of the 4th century BC who attacked and sacked Rome.
Bricius m Gaulish (Latinized)
Latin form of Brice, probably ultimately of Gaulish origin.
Dumnorix m Gaulish
Means "king of the world" from Gaulish dumnos "world" and rix "king". This was the name of a 1st-century BC chief of the Gaulish tribe the Aedui.
Epponina f Gaulish (Latinized)
Probably related to the name of the goddess Epona. Epponina was the virtuous wife of the 1st-century Gallo-Roman rebel Julius Sabinus.
Vercingetorix m Gaulish
Means "king over warriors" from Gaulish wer "on, over" combined with kingeto "marching men, warriors" and rix "king". This name was borne by a 1st-century BC chieftain of the Gaulish tribe the Arverni. He led the resistance against Julius Caesar's attempts to conquer Gaul, but he was eventually defeated, brought to Rome, and executed.