Gaulish Names

These names were used in ancient Gaul (modern France). See Ancient Celtic names for a broader list.
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BRENNUS m Gaulish (Latinized)
Latinized form of a Celtic name (or title) that possibly meant either "king, prince" or "raven". Brennus was a Gallic leader of the 4th century BC who attacked and sacked Rome.
BRICIUS m Gaulish (Latinized)
Latin form of BRICE, probably ultimately of Gaulish origin.
Means "king over warriors" from Gaulish ver "on, over" combined with cingeto "marching men, warriors" and rix "king". This name was borne by a chieftain of the Gaulish tribe the Arverni. He led the resistance against Julius Caesar's attempts to conquer Gaul, but he was eventually defeated, brought to Rome, and executed.
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