Pictish Names

These names were used by the Picts of northern Britain.
Drest m Pictish
Variant of Drust.
Drust m Pictish
Pictish name probably derived from the old Celtic root *trusto- meaning "noise, tumult". This name was borne by several kings of the Picts, including their last king Drust X, who ruled in the 9th century.
Drustan m Pictish
Diminutive of Drust. This name was borne by a 7th-century Irish saint who was active among the Picts in Scotland.
Taran m Welsh Mythology, Pictish
Means "thunder" in Welsh, from the old Celtic root *toranos. It appears briefly in the Second Branch of the Mabinogi. The name is cognate to that of the Gaulish god Taranis. It was also borne by the 7th-century Pictish king Taran mac Ainftech.