Pictish Submitted Names

These names were used by the Picts of northern Britain.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Acha f Pictish, Anglo-Saxon, Medieval Scottish
The name of a Deiran princess who later married king Æðelfrið of Bernicia.
Alpia f Pictish
Possible 7th century Pictish princess. Etymology unknown.
Bridei m Pictish, History
Name of seven Kings of the Picts.
Brudus m Pictish, History
Brudus was a leader of the Picts.
Causantín m Pictish
Pictish form of Constantinus (see Constantine).... [more]
Coblaith f Medieval Irish, Pictish
Believed to mean "victorious sovereignty", from Old Irish cob "victory" and flaith "ruler, sovereign, princess". This name was relatively common in the early Irish period... [more]
Conchenn f Pictish, Medieval Scottish, Old Celtic
Borne by a 6th century woman of a reportedly Pictish or Dal Riatan family.
Derile f Pictish
Relation of a Pictish king.
Domelch f Pictish
Mother of a 6th century Pictish king
Drostan m Pictish
Diminutive of Drust. This name was borne by a 7th-century Irish saint who was active among the Picts in Scotland.
Drusticc f Pictish
6th century Pictish princess. Feminine variant of the name Drust. Older form or variant of the name Trista
Ligach f Pictish, Old Irish, Old Celtic
Of uncertain etymology. Name borne by the daughter of Máel Muire ingen Cináeda (died 913CE), a 9th century Pictish princess, and Flann Sinna (847-916CE), king of Mide and a High King of Ireland.
Lonceta f Pictish, Old Celtic, Celtic Mythology
Of uncertain etymology. Name borne by a legendary ancestress of the Picts.
Maithgemm f Pictish, Old Celtic
Borne by a 6th century woman from a probable Pictish family.
Nadbroicc f Pictish
Legendary figure reported to be Pictish
Naiton m Pictish
Naiton (Naiton in Bede) II.E. Pict mentioned in the Ulster annals -8th c.
Nectudad f Pictish, Old Celtic
Presumed to be a feminine name, found on a mediaeval Pictish cross slab.
Nehhtonn ᚅᚓᚆᚆᚈᚑᚅᚅ m Pictish
Pictish form of Nechtan.
Onuist m Pictish
Pictish form of Angus.
Rieinmelth f Old Celtic, Medieval Scottish, Pictish, Brythonic
A woman connected with Oswiu/Oswi, who grew up in Dál Riata/Pictland
Talorc m Pictish, History
Name of several Pictish kings.
Uuen m Pictish
Pictish form of Eógan
Uurguist m Pictish
Pictish form of Fergus
Vipoig m Pictish
Name of a mythical Pictish king