Brythonic Submitted Names

These names were used by the ancient Britons. See Ancient Celtic names for a broader list.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Artognou m Brythonic
Derived from Proto-Brythonic *arθ “bear”, ultimately from Proto-Celtic *artos, and *gnọw “knowledge”, ultimately from Proto-Celtic *gnāwos.
Bleiddudd m Ancient Welsh
Welsh form of the Brythonic name *Bledjojüd- meaning "wolf lord", from Proto-Brythonic *blėð meaning "wolf" (Welsh blaidd) and *jʉð meaning "lord" (Welsh udd).
Briamail m Medieval Welsh, Brythonic
Old Welsh form of the Brythonic name *Brigomaglos, which was composed of the Proto-Celtic elements *brigos, *brigā meaning "might, power" and *maglos "chief, noble".
Catuvellaunus m Brythonic
"The One Who mnos Leads welnā in Battle katu".
Conmarch m Breton (Archaic), Ancient Welsh, Medieval, Medieval French
Old Breton con, Middle Welsh kyn "(war)hound, elevated one" + Old Welsh, Old Breton march "stallion, steed".
Cynedyr m Ancient Welsh
Character that appears in Arthurian Romance
Dumnagual m Medieval Welsh, Brythonic
Old Welsh cognate of Gaelic Domhnall, derived from a Celtic name composed of the elements *dubnos meaning "world" and *‎walos "prince, chief".
Eiludd m Ancient Welsh
Welsh form of the old Celtic name *Elujüd- meaning "many lords", from Proto-Celtic *ėl meaning "second, other; all" and *jʉð meaning "lord" (Middle Welsh udd "lord"; compare Bleiddudd, Gruffudd, Maredudd)... [more]
Frwdwr m Ancient Welsh
Derived from the Middle Welsh ffrwd meaning "stream" and dwfr, dwr meaning "water".
Gwynllyw m Ancient Welsh
From Welsh gwyn "white" and llyw "leader". This was the name of a Welsh king, also known as Woolos.