Sinhalese Names

Sinhalese names are used by the Sinhalese people of Sri Lanka.
Amila අමිල m Sinhalese
Means "valuable" in Sinhala.
Anoushka අනුෂ්කා f Hindi, Sinhalese, Dutch (Rare)
Alternate transcription of Hindi अनुष्का or Sinhala අනුෂ්කා (see Anushka), as well as a Dutch variant of Annuska.
Anuradha අනුරාධ f Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Sinhalese
From the name of a constellation in Hindu astrology, meaning "causing success", from Sanskrit अनु (anu) meaning "after" and राधा (radha) meaning "success, prosperity".
Anushka අනුෂ්කා f Hindi, Sinhalese
Meaning uncertain, possibly inspired by the Russian name Annushka.
Chaminda චමින්ද m Sinhalese
Meaning unknown.
Chandana චන්දන f & m Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, Bengali, Sinhalese
Feminine form of Chandan, as well as the Sinhala masculine form.
Fathima ෆාතිමා f Indian (Muslim), Malayalam, Sinhalese
Form of Fatimah used by South Indian and Sri Lankan Muslims.
Gayan ගයාන් m Sinhalese
Possibly from Sinhala ගයනවා (gayanava) meaning "sing".
Indika ඉන්දික m Sinhalese
Means "Indian, person from India" in Sinhala.
Janaka ජනක m Sanskrit, Sinhalese
Means "father" in Sanskrit. This was the name of an ancient Indian king of Videha. In the Hindu epic the Ramayana he is the father of Sita.
Kasun කසුන් m Sinhalese
Means "gold" in Sinhala.
Nuwan නුවන් m Sinhalese
Possibly from Sinhala නුවණ (nuvana) meaning "wisdom" or නුවන (nuvana) meaning "eye".
Ruwan රුවන් m Sinhalese
From Sinhala රුවන (ruvana) meaning "gem".
Sameera 3 සමීර m Sinhalese
Sinhala form of Samir 2.
Sampath සම්පත් m Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Sinhalese
From Sanskrit सम्पत्ति (sampatti) meaning "success, wealth".
Sriyani ශ්‍රියානි f Sinhalese
From Sanskrit श्रेयस् (shreyas) meaning "best, superior".
Sujatha සුජාතා f Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Sinhalese
South Indian and Sinhala form of Sujata.
Tharindu තාරිඳු m Sinhalese
Means "moon" in Sinhala.
Thilini තිළිණි f Sinhalese
From Sinhala තිළිණය (tilinaya) meaning "gift, award".
Thusitha තුසිත f & m Sinhalese
Means "heaven" in Sinhala.