El is a Beth's Personal Name Lists

Name M/F Remark Rating
Adam m  Emmanuel. (NB I wouldn't use many of these combos irl.) 
Alan m  Beckett or Stuart (though Stuart and Alan together may be too dated) 
Alma 1 f  Lauretta (another down-home Marian name) 
Amy f  Jessamine, Lavinia, or Veronica (names that share the name Amy's dignity but balance its shortness) 
Anastasia f  Mae or Maeve (to balance its length) 
Beatrice f  Marina, Marine, or Marie ("Beatrice" means "voyager") 
Beatrix f  Marie, Lorraine 
Blythe f & m  Amity (too corny for reality, but cute) 
Brendan m  Conleth/Conley (another Irish saint's name, whose rareness Brendan balances) 
Catherine f  Alexis, after St. Catherine of Alexandria (because I don't like the name Alexandra), Alicia (sounds all right) 
Cecilia f  Claire (another saint's name; its plainness moderates Cecilia's ornateness, and its meaning "light" balances Cecilia's meaning "blind") 
Cecily f  Clare, as above. 
David m  Alphonse, Ambrose, Anselm, Gregory, or Laurence. David is a good common name which will cover a multitude of obscure guilty-pleasure names. 
Dominic m  Edward, Michael, James, or Andrew 
Edward m  Benedict, Dominic, Jerome, Lawrence, Lewis, Martin, or Vincent. Edward is another good versatile name. 
Elisabeth f  Alphonsa 
Eva f  Mae, Marie, or Regina, because the Virgin Mary is "the New Eve" (see also Adam Emmanuel). 
Francis m & f  Xavier 
Isabel f  Ruth (Isabel Rose would sound nice too, but Ruth's comparative harshness balances Isabel's sweet airy sound) 
John m  Bosco, Henry, or Paul - there are many St. Johns you can honor with a double name 
Joseph m  Henry or Martin 
Judith f  Rosanna. Its sweetness moderates Judith's harshness; it's not another Old Testament name, but it sounds similar enough to Susanna to work. 
Lawrence m  Edward, Jude, Justin, Philip 
Lillian f  Ivy - doubly botanical 
Lucy f  Veronica (V balances L's littleness, L balances V's flamboyance, and they're both saints' names) or Vivian (similar) 
Madeleine f  Sophie (after St. Madeleine Sophie Barat) 
Madeline f  Alexis (because it sounds great), Sophia (classic) 
Marion 1 f  Ivy (a very versatile middle name), Lillis 
Martin m  Avery (because a martin is a bird and "Avery" sounds like "avian"), Xavier (because it sounds similar to Avery but is another saint's name), Laurence or Louis (they just sound good) 
Mary f  Azalea or Adelaide (after St. Marie-Azelie Martin - Azelie is a variant of Alice/Adelaide, but it also sounds similar enough to Azalea) 
Nicholas m  Edward, Jude (the catchy, common-man option) or Anselm (the "I hate feeling like a snob for liking 'Anselm' so I'm hiding it behind a more normal name" option) 
Nora 1 f  Penelope (Nora balances out Penelope's length and ambiguity) 
Peter m  Damian 
Philip m  Henry, Martin, Andrew, or Bartholomew 
Robert m  Bellamy (after St. Robert Bellarmine), Louis, or Xavier 
Rosamund f  Ivy (it just goes with a bunch of names) 
Simon 1 m  Theophanes (because Simon is a variant of Simeon, the man who had a theophany and blessed Jesus in the Temple) , Theodore (like Theophanes, but sane), or Timothy (sounds all right) 
Sophia f  Kahlia (because Sophia means wisdom and Kahlia means beauty and the love of those things go together) or Madeline (after St. Madeleine Sophie) 
Stephen m  Ambrose, Laurence, Malachy, Matthias, or Timothy. 
Sylvia f  Madeline, Lorraine 
Theodore m  Ambrose. They flow well together and have similarish vibes/connotations. The vibes/connotations may be snobbish but oh well. 
Theresa f  Benedicta (after T. Benedicta of the Cross) or Avila/Aveline (after T. of Avila) 
Thomas m  Beckett after St. Thomas Becket, or Jerome after Tom & Jerry (I am kidding) 
Vincent m  Paul (after a saint) or Lewis