baby_girl_beautie's Personal Name List

Name M/F Remark
Avalon f  because it's edgy and cute. - Lindel 
Candace f  - Ruben 
Dahlia f  because it's gorgeous and encourages mystery like "The black dahlia" - Lindel 
Demi f  Dami - Mariah 
Evangeline f  because it means "Like an Angel" - Lindel 
Grace f  Lila Grace? I think it sounds pretty... - Stephanie 
Jessamine f  First name that popped in my head XD - *artofalinea (DA) 
Jesse f  Jesse is a pretty name I think. :) - Beth 
Jody f  Lol. Charles was saying you guys should name her jody like we're naming our baby boy and they'd be best friends lol. - Alisha and Charles 
Kari 1 f  Kairi - ~DannyDetroit 
Keiko f  Because it means blessing (and yours is one for sure) - Lindel 
Kyra f  just because. - Lindel 
Lily f  - Ruben 
Masha f  - georgetenfour (DA) 
Nicole f  - Ruben 
Nikki f  - Armin