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Gender: Feminine
Usage: Breton, French
French form of Breton Annaig, a diminutive of Anna.
Gender: Feminine
Usage: English (Rare)
Pronounced: AV-ə-lahn
From the name of the island paradise to which King Arthur was brought after his death. The name of this island is perhaps related to Welsh afal meaning "apple", a fruit that was often linked with paradise.
Gender: Masculine & Feminine
Usage: English
Pronounced: AY-və-ree, AYV-ree
From a surname that was itself derived from the Norman French form of the given names Alberich or Alfred.
Gender: Feminine
Usage: Biblical
Other Scripts: יָעֵל(Ancient Hebrew)
Pronounced: JAY-əl(English) JAYL(English)
From the Hebrew name יָעֵל (Ya'el) meaning "ibex, mountain goat". This name appears in the Old Testament belonging to the wife of Heber the Kenite. After Sisera, the captain of the Canaanite army, was defeated in battle by Deborah and Barak he took refuge in Heber's tent. When he fell asleep Jael killed him by hammering a tent peg into his head.
Gender: Feminine
Usage: Arabic (Maghrebi), Bengali, Uzbek, Maranao, Maguindanao, Popular Culture
Other Scripts: نعيمة(Arabic) নাইমা(Bengali) Наима(Uzbek Cyrillic)
Pronounced: na-‘EE-mah(Arabic)
Alternate transcription of Na'ima primarily used in Northern Africa as well as the Bengali, Uzbek, Maranao, and Maguindanao form of the name.

In the case of Naima Mora, she was named after a composition by John Coltrane. The composition is named after Coltrane's wife Juanita Naima Grubbs who has adopted the Arabic name.

Gender: Feminine
Usage: Basque
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