Cheyenne Submitted Names

Cheyenne names are used by the Cheyenne people of the United States.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Aénȯhea'eotse m Cheyenne
Means "attacking/charging hawk", from the Cheyenne aénohe 'hawk' and -a'eotse 'attack/charge'.
Ahtunowhiho m New World Mythology, Cheyenne
Derived from Cheyenne ȧhtóno'e "under, below" and vé'ho'e "trickster, spider, white man". This is the name of a Cheyenne god who lives under the ground.
Áméóhné'e f Cheyenne
Means "walks along woman", from Cheyenne -ameohe "go by quickly" and -e'é indicating the feminine.
Avo-naco m Cheyenne (Anglicized)
From the Cheyenne name Ávoonenáhkohe meaning "starving bear" or "lean bear".
Ho'néhevotoomáhe m Cheyenne
Means "wolf robe" in Cheyenne.
Honiahaka m Cheyenne
Means “little wolf” in Cheyenne.
Hotóa'ôxháa'êstaestse m Cheyenne
Means "tall bull" in Cheyenne.
Kâhamâxéveóhtáhe m Cheyenne
Means "wooden leg" in Cheyenne.
Ma’ome f Cheyenne
Means "ice" in Cheyenne.
Mȧsėhávoo'xénéhe m Cheyenne
Means "crazy Roman nose" or "crazy hook nose" in Cheyenne.
Mis-stan-stur f Cheyenne
Means "owl woman" in Cheyenne.
Mo'ôhtavetoo'o m Cheyenne
Means "black kettle" in Cheyenne.
Nahcomence m Cheyenne
Means "bark" in Cheyenne.
Ó'kôhómôxháahketa m Cheyenne
Means "little coyote" in Cheyenne.... [more]
O-kuh-ha-tuh m Cheyenne
Meaning, "making medicine."
Vóhko'xénéhe m Cheyenne
Means "Roman nose" or "hook nose" in Cheyenne.
Vóóhéhéve m Cheyenne
Means "morning star" in Cheyenne.