Ojibwe Submitted Names

Ojibwe names are used by the Ojibwe people of Canada and the United States.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Aanakwad m & f Ojibwe
Just means "cloud." inini (man) or ikwe (woman) can be added to gender the name. Adjectives can also be added, like "meskwa," which means red.
Aazhawigiizhigokwe f Ojibwe (Anglicized)
Meaning, "goes across the sky woman" or "the hanging cloud."
Abedabun f Ojibwe
Possibly means "she/he sees in the distance" in Ojibwe, from Ojibwe waabi "she/he has vision, sees" and debaabam "see at a distance".
Abequa f Ojibwe
Variant of Abeque.
Abeque f Ojibwe
Possibly means "she stays at home" in Ojibwe, from Ojibwe abi "s/he is at home, sits in a certain place" and ishkwii "s/he stays behind" or nazhikewabi/anzhikewabi "s/he lives alone, is home alone, sits alone".
Ah-shah-way-gee-she-go-qua f Ojibwe
Meaning, "hanging cloud."
Anang f & m Ojibwe
Means "star" in Ojibwe.
Anangokaa f & m Ojibwe
Meaning: Plenty of Stars; There are many stars; Many Stars; There is an abundance of Stars; Star Abundance
Animikii m Ojibwe, New World Mythology
Means "thunder", from the Ojibwe animikiikaa "there is thunder". ... [more]
Ashwiyaa f Ojibwe
Means "arms oneself"in Ojibwe.
Asiniiwin m Ojibwe
Meaning, "rocky boy" or "stone child."
Bamewawagezhikaquay f Ojibwe
Meaning, "woman of the sound (the stars make) rushing through the sky" in Ojibwe.
Biidaaban f Ojibwe
Loosely translated from Anishinaabemowin (the Ojibwe language) it is a name meaning "daybreak," "the approach of dawn," "dawn is coming." ... [more]
Chibenashi m Ojibwe
Meaning, "big little bird."
Damashkawizii f Ojibwe
Means "Lady of Strength."
Gaa-binagwiiyaas m Ojibwe
Meaning, in various translations, "which the flesh peels off," "Sloughing Flesh", "Wrinkle Meat", or "Old Wrinkled Meat".
Kah-ge-ga-gah-bowh m Ojibwe
Means "he who stands forever" in Ojibwe.
Kahkewāquonāby m Ojibwe
Meaning, "sacred waving feathers."
Ka-wa-zauce m Ojibwe
Ojibwe word for "little child".
Kechewaishke m Ojibwe
Means "great renewer" in Ojibwe.
Kiiwedinaashik m & f Ojibwe
I know Kiiwedin, or Giiwedin means North, or North wind, but I do not know the meaning of aashik.
Maemaengwahn f Ojibwe
Means "butterfly" in Ojibwe, from the Ojibwe memengwaa "butterfly".
Medweganoonind m Ojibwe
Means "who is heard spoken to" in Ojibwe.
Meegwun m Ojibwe
From Ojibwe miigwan "feather". This is borne by Meegwun Fairbrother, a Canadian actor of Ojibwe descent.
Meskwaopwaganikwe f Ojibwe
Anishinaabek (Ojibwe) name meaning "red pipe woman." Meskwa means red, opwagan means pipe, and ikwe means woman. inini can replace ikwe to make it a male name.
Naawakamig m Ojibwe
Means "in the center of the universe" in Ojibwe.
Naawakamigookwe f Ojibwe
Meaning, "centered upon the ground woman."
Namid m Ojibwe
Means "star dancer" in the Ojibwe language
Nanabush m Ojibwe (Anglicized)
Anglicized variant of Nanabozho.
Nee-gon-we-way-we-dun m Ojibwe
Meaning, "thunder before the storm."
Nenaa'angebi m Ojibwe
Means "beautifying bird" in Ojibwe.
Niigi'o f Ojibwe
Wife of Chief Nenaa'angebi.
Nodin m Ojibwe
Means "wind" in Ojibwe.
Ogimaawaatigookwe f Ojibwe
Aninishinaabek (of the Ojibwe, Ottawa, and Potawatomi) name meaning poplar tree woman
Ontonagon f & m Ojibwe
Located in the state of Michigan, this Upper Peninsula county, which features the Porcupine Mountains, is named after the Ontonagon River. The name is said to be derived from an Ojibwe language word Nondon-organ, meaning "hunting river"... [more]
Ozaawindib m Ojibwe
Meaning, "yellow head." The original bearer was a "two spirit" and thus the name may be considered gender neutral.
Peezhickee m Ojibwe
From Ojibwe bizhiki meaning "buffalo".
Ti-bish-ko-gi-jik m Ojibwe
Meaning, "looking into the sky."
Waabaanakwad m Ojibwe
Meaning, "white cloud."
Wabanquot m Ojibwe
Means "white cloud", from Ojibwe waabaanakwad 'white cloud'.... [more]
Wabun-inini m Ojibwe
Meaning, "man of dawn."
Wah-wah-teh-go-nay-ga-bo m Ojibwe
Meaning, "standing in the northern lights."
Waubojeeg m Ojibwe
Means "white fisher" in Ojibwe.
Way-me-tig-o-zhe-quay f Ojibwe
Found academic translation is "French woman". This Ojibwe woman was married (young) to a French fur trader...
Winneboujou m Ojibwe
Frenchified variant of Nanabozho.