Georgian Mythology Submitted Names

These names occur in the mythologies and legends of the Georgian people.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ADGILIS DEDAfGeorgian Mythology
Means "the mother of locality" or "place mother", from Georgian ადგილი (adgili) meaning "place" and დედა (deda) meaning "mother". In Georgian mythology, Adgilis Deda is the goddess of fertility and livestock portrayed as a beautiful woman with silver jewelry... [more]
AININAfGeorgian Mythology
Meaning unknown, though it is believed that her name is a corruption of the name Danina, derived from Georgian da and nana. Ainina is a Georgian goddess and in a pair with the deity Danina.
APSATmGeorgian Mythology
Meaning unknown. Apsat was the god of birds in Svan (a subgroup of the Georgian people) mythology.
BARBALEfGeorgian Mythology
Meaning unknown, though it is similar to the Sumerian and Akkadian epithet bibbiru meaning "shining, splendor". Barbale was the Georgian goddess of cattle, poultry fertility, the sun, women's fertility, and healing.
BERI-BERAmGeorgian Mythology
Meaning unknown. Beri-Bera was an agricultural god of fertility, harvests, and animals. He is worshiped in eastern Georgia with a festival held at the end of the year.
BOCHImGeorgian Mythology
Meaning uncertain, though it is thought to be related to the Georgian words for "male goat". Bochi is believed to be the Georgian patron saint of cattle.
DALIfGeorgian Mythology
Meaning unknown. Dali was the Georgian goddess of the hunt, mother of Amirani, and was believed to be extraordinarily beautiful. She lived on top of a mountain and protected animals, occasionally allowing hunters to hunt animals just so long as they don't hunt more than necessary... [more]
DANINAfGeorgian Mythology
Meaning unknown, though it is presumed to be a combination of Georgian da and nana. Danina--along with Ainina in a pair--is a Georgian goddess.
GHMERTImGeorgian Mythology
Derived from Georgian ღმერთი (ghmert'i), from Old Georgian ღმერთი ‎(ɣmerti), and ultimately from Proto-Kartvelian *ɣamort- meaning "God". Ghmerti is the supreme god in Georgian mythology and head of all the other deities... [more]
IAKHSARImGeorgian Mythology
Meaning unknown. Iakhsari was a mythical hero in Georgian mythology who aided Kopala in his adventures of slaying demons and monsters.
KAMARfGeorgian Mythology
Meaning uncertain. Kamar was the daughter of the Georgian god of nature and the god of the sky. She was seen as a symbol of divine fire and her beauty caused Amirani to kidnap her from heaven.
KOPALAmGeorgian Mythology
Meaning uncertain. Kopala was a God of lightning and a hero in Georgian mythology who slayed demons. Along with Iakhsari, he led a campaign to drive out the devils who were persecuting the humans living on the land... [more]
KVIRIAmGeorgian Mythology
Meaning uncertain, though it could be derived from Georgian კვირის (kviris) meaning "week". Kviria was a hero in Georgian mythology and a son of the gods who acted as a negotiator between the god Ghmerti and people... [more]
LAMARAfGeorgian Mythology
Meaning unknown. Lamara was a Georgian goddess and named "eye of the earth".
MAMBERImGeorgian Mythology
This is the name of the lord of wolves in Georgian mythology. He was worshiped in Svaneti and other mountainous regions.
MICHPAmGeorgian Mythology
Meaning unknown. Michpa was the Georgian patron god of cattle and other domestic animals who was worshiped in Svaneti in the winter.
MINDORT-BATONImGeorgian Mythology
Meaning uncertain. Mindort-Batoni was the god of valleys, fields, and wild flowers in Georgian mythology. He is also the father of Mindort-Brdzanebeli, the goddess of flowers.
Meaning unknown. Mindort-Brdzanebeli was the Georgian goddess of flowers and daughter of Mindort-Batoni. She was believed to flutter over plants and live off of pollen.
OCHOPINTREmGeorgian Mythology
Combination of ოჭო (ocho) which is related to the name of the god Bochi and პინტრე (pintre) which is related to the Greek god Pan. Ochopintre is the spirit of the forest and protector of wild animals... [more]
ROKAPImGeorgian Mythology
Meaning unknown. Rokapi was an evil spirit and the leader of the kudiani (a group of witches) in Georgian mythology. He was punished by Ghmerti and chained to a column underneath the earth, where he ate the hearts of humans that his kudianis would bring to him... [more]
TAMARfGeorgian Mythology
Meaning unknown. Tamar was the Georgian goddess of the sky who was portrayed as riding on a snake. She is identified with the goddess Lamara.
TETRI GIORGImGeorgian Mythology
Means "white George", from Georgian თეთრი (tetri) "white" combined with the name George. In Georgian mythology, Tetri Giorgi was a warrior god of the moon. His namesake later came to represent Saint George after the introduction of Christianity to Georgia.
ZADENmGeorgian Mythology
Variant transcription of Zadeni.
ZADENImGeorgian Mythology
Most likely derived from Persian یزدان (yazdân) meaning "god, divinity, angel". Zadeni (also transcribed as Zaden) was a pagan god of fruitfulness and the harvest in pre-Christian Georgian mythology.