Indian (Parsi) Submitted Names

Parsi names are used by the Parsi people of India.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Anaisha f Indian (Parsi)
Anaisha means “day” in Sanskrit and is used in Parsi and Zoroastrian communities.
Bapsi f Indian (Parsi)
Meaning unknown. This is borne by Bapsi Sidhwa (1938-), a Pakistani American novelist of Gujarati Parsi descent.
Hufriya f Indian (Parsi)
Persian Origin... [more]
Kashmira f Indian, Indian (Parsi)
Feminine form of Kashmir. This is the name of the female protagonist of Salman Rushdie's novel Shalimar the Clown (2005).
Mahpari f Persian, Indian (Parsi)
From the Persian elements mah "moon" (see Mahin) and pari "fairy" (see Parisa).
Mahzarin f Indian (Parsi)
Means "golden moon" from Persian ماه (māh) "moon" and زرین ‎(zarin) "golden".
Nazneen f Indian (Parsi), Indian (Muslim), Bengali
Parsi, Indian Muslim, and Bengali variant of Nazanin.
Nickdale m Indian (Parsi)
Persian Origin ... [more]
Phiroz m Indian (Parsi)
Alternate transcription of Phiroze.
Phiroze m Indian (Parsi)
Parsi form of Firouz.
Shawronya f Indian (Parsi)
Beautiful goddess of virtue and femininity
Shazneen f Indian (Parsi)
Most likely of Persian origin.
Shirinbanu f Persian, Indian (Parsi)
Means "sweet lady" in Persian.
Sudabeh f Persian, Indian (Parsi)
Means "having lustrous profit". In the 11th-century Persian epic the 'Shahnameh' this is the name of a queen who seduces and tricks her stepson Prince Siavash.
Ysamotika m Indian (Parsi)
From the Scythian *Zamapatika meaning “landlord”.
Zarin f Bengali, Indian (Parsi), Indian (Muslim), Malay
Variant transcription of Zareen.