Indian (Muslim) Submitted Names

These names are a subset of Indian names used more often by Indian Muslims. See also about Indian names.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Aafreen آفرین, आफ़रीन f Indian (Muslim)
Variant transcription of Afreen used by Muslims in India.
Aarah f Indian (Muslim), English
Variant of Aara, though it may also be used as a feminine form of Aaron.
Aarifa f Arabic, Indian (Muslim)
Feminine form of Arif.
Aasim عاصم m Urdu, Indian (Muslim)
Variant of Asim 1.
Abdunnur عبدالنور m Arabic, Indonesian, Turkish, Indian (Muslim)
Derives from Arabic عبدالنور (‘abd al-Nur) meaning "servant of the Light”.
Abuzar ابوذر m Tatar, Indian (Muslim), Pakistani, Chechen
Derived from Arabic أَبُو (ʾabū) meaning "father" and Persian زر (zar) "gold" or Arabic ذَرّ (ḏarr) "pounding, grinding, scattering".
Afrin আফরিন, آفرین f Bengali, Indian (Muslim)
Derived from Persian آفرین (âfarin) meaning "praise, acclamation".
Afshan افشاں, अफ़शां f Urdu, Indian (Muslim)
Derived from Persian افسانه (afsâne) meaning "tale, story" (see Afsaneh).
Ahamed अहमद, அகமது, আহমেদ m Indian (Muslim), Tamil, Bengali, Sinhalese
Variant of Ahmed, particularly used in South India and Sri Lanka.
Ahmaduddin أحمدالدين m Arabic, Pashto, Urdu, Indonesian, Malay, Indian (Muslim)
Combination of Ahmad and الدين (al-din) meaning “the religion” in Arabic
Alauddin علاء الدین, अलाउद्दीन, আলাউদ্দিন m Indian (Muslim), Bengali
Indian and Bengali form of Ala al-Din.
Alaudin علاء الدین, अलाउद्दीन m Indian (Muslim), Ingush
Indian and Ingush form of Ala al-Din.
Amyra f Muslim, Indian (Muslim)
Variant transcription of Arabic Amira 1.
Anjum انجم, अंजुम f & m Indian (Muslim), Urdu, Punjabi
Derived from Arabic أَنْجُم (ʾanjum) meaning "stars", the plural of نَجْم (najm) "star, celestial body" (see Najm).
Armaan ارمان m Arabic, Indian (Muslim)
Armaan is an arabic name also used in Pakistan. It means strong desire
Avish m & f Indian (Muslim)
Avish in Urdu and Punjabi means 'The Last Follower' or in Sri Lankan it means 'The God's Follower' this name is mostly used by Indians, Pakistans, Sri Lankans or people who speak Urdu.
Ayoob ایوب, अयूब m Arabic, Indian (Muslim), Persian
Variant transcription of Ayyub.
Bade m & f Indian (Muslim), Hindi
Likely a variant of Badr. It also means "big, older" in Hindi.
Chanduni f Indian (Muslim)
Meaning: Moonlight
Erfana f Indian (Muslim)
A feminine form of Erfan.
Faheem فہیم, फहीम m Arabic, Urdu, Indian (Muslim)
Arabic variant transcription of Fahim as well as the usual Urdu form.
Fazluna f Indian (Muslim)
derived from Arabic word meaning desert flower
Hajira ہاجرہ f Indian (Muslim), Urdu
Variant of Hajra.
Hasnain حسنین, हसनैन m Urdu, Indian (Muslim), Punjabi
Derived from Arabic حَسَن (ḥasan) meaning "handsome, beautiful" or "good, fine, well" (see Hasan).
Hina حنا, हिना f Urdu, Punjabi, Indian (Muslim)
Derived from the Arabic حناء (ḥinnāʾ), which refers to a dye taken from the Lawsonia inermis plant (called "henna" in English). In South Asian and Middle Eastern culture, it was traditionally used for body art and dying.
Iliyas الیاس, इलियास m Kazakh, Indian (Muslim)
Kazakh and Indian form of Ilyas (see Elijah).
Ilyaz m Turkish (Rare), Indian (Muslim, Rare)
Turkish and Indian form of Ilyas.
Irfana f Arabic, Bosnian, Indian (Muslim)
A feminine form of Irfan.
Jaleel جلیل, जलील m Arabic, Indian (Muslim), Urdu, African American
Variant transcription of Jalil.
Kamaliyyah কামলিয়য়াহ f Arabic, Indian (Muslim), Muslim
Khadeeja കദീജ f Dhivehi, Indian (Muslim), Malayalam
Dhivehi and Malayalam form of Khadija.
Maimoona میمونہ f Urdu, Dhivehi, Indian (Muslim)
Variant transcription of Maimuna.
Mardik f Indian (Muslim, Anglicized, Rare)
This name is a new 1987 name made by Albana Ezikiel.
Mohiuddin মহিউদ্দীন m Bengali, Indian (Muslim)
Bengali and Indian form of Mohy al-Din.
Moinuddin মইনুদ্দিন, मोइनुद्दीन, معین الدین m Bengali, Indian (Muslim), Urdu
Variant transcription of Muinad-din.
Moosa മൂസ, موسیٰ m Arabic, Dhivehi, Indian (Muslim), Malayalam, Urdu
Arabic alternate transcription of Musa as well as the Dhivehi, Malayalam and Urdu form.
Muhammadurrahman محمّدالرحمٰن m Indian (Muslim, Rare)
Combination of Muhammad and Rahman
Nafeesa نفیسہ, नफ़ीसा f Indian (Muslim), Urdu, Dhivehi
Variant transcription of Nafisa.
Nahida নাহিদা, ناہیدہ, नाहिदा f Bengali (Muslim), Indian (Muslim), Arabic
Possibly a variant of Nahid.
Naseeruddin m Indian (Muslim)
Variant spelling of Nasir al-Din. Means "helper of religion", derived from Arabic نصير (naseer) "helper" and دين (din) "religion".
Nausheen نوشین, नौशीन f Indian (Muslim), Urdu
Variant of Noushin.
Navida f Persian, Indian (Muslim)
Feminine form of Navid.
Nayab نایاب, नायाब f & m Urdu, Punjabi, Indian (Muslim)
Means "rare, unique" in Hindustani (Urdu and Hindi), ultimately from Persian نایاب (nâyâb).
Nazneen نازنین, नाजनीन, নাজনীন f Indian (Parsi), Indian (Muslim), Bengali
Parsi, Indian Muslim, and Bengali variant of Nazanin.
Nazriya f Indian (Muslim, Rare)
Possibly from Persian نظریه (nazariye), ultimately from Arabic نَظَرِيَّة (naẓariyya) "theory, theorem". A known bearer is Nazriya Nazim (1994–), a Muslim Indian actress from Kerala.
Ovais اویس, ओवैस m Urdu, Indian (Muslim)
Derived from Arabic أويس (uwais) meaning "wolf".
Owais اویس, ओवैस m Urdu, Indian (Muslim)
Urdu and Indian form of Uwais.
Parvez পারভেজ, پرویز, परवेज़ m Bengali, Urdu, Indian (Muslim)
Bengali, Urdu and Indian form of Parviz.
Proch m Indian (Muslim)
The meaning is unknown
Punisa f Indonesian, Indian (Muslim)
Meaning unknown. Probably a variant of Punita. Seems to be used more often in Muslim communities.
Rafik رفیق m Arabic (Maghrebi), Arabic (Egyptian), Indian (Muslim)
Variant transcription of Rafiq (chiefly Algerian and Egyptian) also used in India.
Ramayan m Indian (Muslim)
Relating to Ramadon,to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad according to Islamic belief.Meaning "Revolution".
Raqeeb رقیب, रक़ीब m Urdu, Indian (Muslim)
Derived from Arabic رَقِيْب (raqiyb) meaning "overseer, observer" or "rival, competitor".
Rasheeda رشیدہ, راشدہ, रशीदा f Arabic, Urdu, Indian (Muslim), Dhivehi
Arabic variant transcription of Rashida as well as the Urdu and Dhivehi form.
Saadiya f Western African, Indian (Muslim)
Form of Sa'dia used in Western Africa and India.
Saalim சலீம் m Dhivehi, Indian (Muslim)
Dhivehi and South Indian Muslim form of Salim.
Sabira f Indian (Muslim), Urdu, Kazakh, Kyrgyz
Derived from Arabic صَابِر (ṣābir) meaning "patient, steadfast".
Sabrina f Arabic (Rare), Indian (Muslim, Rare)
Means "patience" in Arabic, derived from Arabic صَبَرَ (ṣabara) meaning "to be patient, to have patience".
Saifulislam سيف الإسلام m Indian (Muslim), Arabic (Egyptian), Pakistani
From سيف الإسلام (Saif al-Islam) meaning “sword of Islam” in Arabic
Sajid ساجد, साजिद m Arabic, Urdu, Indian (Muslim)
Means "one who bows down (to God)" from Arabic سَجَدَ (sajada) meaning "to prostrate, to bow down".
Sajida f Indian (Muslim), Pakistani, Arabic
Means "one who prostrates", "one who is a devout worshiper".
Sakeena سکینہ, सकीना f Indian (Muslim), Urdu, Dhivehi
Variant transcription of Sakina.
Saqib ثاقب m Arabic, Urdu, Indian (Muslim)
From Arabic ثَاقِب‏ (ṯāqib) meaning "keen, insightful, sharp".
Shagufta شگفتہ, शगुफ़्ता f Indian (Muslim), Urdu
Derived from Persian شگفت (šegeft) meaning "surprise, wonder, amazement".
Shaila شیلا f Indian (Muslim)
Indian name meaning mountain. It is also seen used in Pakistan.
Shameel شامل m Indian (Muslim), Urdu, South African
Variant transcription of Shamil.
Shamim شميم, শামীম, शमीम m & f Arabic, Bengali, Urdu, Indian (Muslim)
Means " odor, scent" in Arabic.
Shamima শামীমা, شمیمہ, शमीमा f Arabic, Bengali, Urdu, Indian (Muslim)
Feminine form of Shamim.
Sheikh শেখ, शेख़ m & f Muslim, Bengali (Muslim), Indian (Muslim)
From the Arabic title for the leader of a tribe, an elder man, or an Islamic scholar.
Shuhaid m Arabic (Rare), Indian (Muslim)
Means "witness, martyr" in Arabic (see Shahid).
Suhair m & f Arabic, Indian (Muslim)
An alternative transcription of Suhar.
Tarique طارق, तारिक़, তারেক m Indian (Muslim), Bengali (Muslim)
Variant of Tariq.
Umaira عمیرہ f Arabic, Urdu, Indian (Muslim)
Feminine form of Umair.
Usaman عثمان, उसमान m Thai (Muslim), Indian (Muslim)
Thai and Indian form of Uthman.
Yakoob یعقوب, याकूब m Urdu, Indian (Muslim)
Variant transcription of Yaqub.
Yoonus യൂനുസ് m Indian (Muslim), Dhivehi, Sinhalese
Form of Yunus.
Zafarullah ظفر اللہ, ज़फ़रुल्लाह m Arabic, Urdu, Indian (Muslim)
Means "victory of God" from Arabic ظَفَر (ẓafar) meaning "success, victory" combined with Allah.
Zaheen ذہین m & f Urdu, Indian (Muslim)
From Urdu ذہین (zahīn) meaning "intellectual, sagacious, clever".
Zarin জারিন f Bengali, Indian (Parsi), Indian (Muslim), Malay
Variant transcription of Zareen.
Ziyauddin ضیاء الدین, ज़ियाउद्दीन m Arabic, Indian (Muslim)
Arabic alternate transcription of Ziya al-Din as well as the Indian form.
Zoyna f Indian (Muslim, Rare)
Variant transcription of Zaina.
Zuha زہ f Indian (Muslim), Urdu, Malay
Derived from Arabic ضُحَى (ḍaḥḥā) meaning "sacrifice, immolate" or "morning, forenoon".