South African Submitted Names

These name are used in the Republic of South Africa.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Abafile f & m Zulu
Means "they are not dead" or "undead" in Zulu.
Abdool m Mauritian Creole, South African
Variant transcription of Abdul.
Abigajil f Swedish (Rare), Afrikaans (Rare), Danish (Rare), Biblical Norwegian, Biblical German
Variant of Abigail used in the Norwegian translation of the Bible.
Abongile m & f Xhosa
Means "thankfulness" or "grateful" in Xhosa.
Achmat m Indonesian, South African
Indonesian form of Ahmad as well as the usual form used by South African Muslims.
Akahlulwa m & f Xhosa (Modern)
Means "undefeated, unbeatable", possibly taken from the title of the gospel song ‘Akahlulwa lutho uuJesu’.
Akani m Tsonga
Means "build, build together" in Xitsonga.
Akeelah f South African (Rare), English (Modern, Rare), Arabic
Variant of Akilah, notably used in the 2006 movie 'Akeelah and the Bee'
Aletta f Dutch, Swedish (Archaic), Afrikaans, Icelandic (Modern, Rare), Hungarian
Archaic Swedish diminutive of Alhet and Dutch variant of Aleida as well as a Hungarian adoption of the Dutch name... [more]
Alinda f Dutch, Afrikaans, Finnish, Swedish (Rare), Hungarian, Gascon
Dutch, Afrikaans, Finnish, Swedish and Hungarian contracted form of Adelinda and Gascon contracted form of Aidelina.
Aliza f Hungarian, Basque, Dutch, Flemish, Afrikaans
Basque form of Alice, Hungarian variant of Alíz and Dutch and Afrikaans variant of Alisa.
Alouette f English (Modern, Rare), Dutch (Rare), Afrikaans (Rare), Spanish (Mexican, Rare)
Derived from French alouette "lark, skylark". Alouette is a popular Quebecois children's song, commonly thought to be about plucking the feathers from a lark. Although it is in French, it is well known among speakers of other languages as many US Marines and other Allied soldiers learned the song while serving in France during World War I and took it home with them, passing it on to their children and grandchildren.... [more]
Aluwani m & f Venda
Means "be prosperous" or "grow up" in Tshivenda.
Alzena f Indonesian (Rare), South African (Rare)
Possibly derived from Arabic النِسَاء‎ (an-nisāʾ) meaning "the woman".
Amandla f & m Xhosa, Zulu
Means "power, strength" in Xhosa and Zulu.... [more]
Amazie f & m Zulu
Happy and beloved
Amile m Zulu
something keeping a structural holding making sure things are balanced in life.
Amogelang m & f South African, Sotho, Tswana
Means "welcome, receive or accept the child or situation".
Amohelang m Sotho
Means "receive" in Sotho.
Amoré f Afrikaans (Modern)
Afrikaans form of Amore.
Ampie m Afrikaans
Diminutive of Abraham.
Amukelani m & f African, Tsonga
Means "acceptance" in Tsonga.
Amukelo m & f Tsonga
Means "acceptance" in Xitsonga.
Amyoli f South African
Name of South African origin, meaning "sweet and calm".
Andisiwe f & m Xhosa
Means "expanded, increased" or "extension" in Xhosa.
Andricia f Afrikaans (Rare)
Possibly a variant of Andriesia.
Andrietta f Swedish (Rare), Afrikaans (Rare), Romansh
Swedish and Afrikaans variant of Andriette and Romansh feminine form of Andriu.
Andronica f South African, Ancient Greek (Latinized)
Feminine form of Andronicus. This is also the Latinized form of Andronika.
Andronika f Ancient Greek, Greek (Rare), Greek (Cypriot, Rare), Bulgarian (Rare), Albanian (Rare), South African
Feminine form of Greek Andronikos and Bulgarian Andronik. This name was borne by Andronika 'Donika' Arianiti (1428-1506), also known as Donika Kastrioti, the wife of Albanian national hero Skanderbeg, leader of a revolt against the Ottoman Empire.
Andzani m & f Tsonga
Means "multiply, grow" in Xitsonga.
Andzile m & f Tsonga
Means "multiplied and increased" in Xitsonga.
Aneke f Afrikaans
Variant of Anneke.
Anele m & f Zulu
Means "be enough; be sufficient; be adequate" in Zulu.
Anje f Dutch, Afrikaans, Flemish
Diminutive of An.
Ankia f Afrikaans
Variant of Ankie.
Annaleen f Afrikaans
Contraction of Anna and names ending in -leen, such as Heleen and Magdaleen.
Anneline f Afrikaans, Dutch, Dutch (Antillean), French (Archaic), Danish, Norwegian
Dutch and Afrikaans variant of Annelien as well as a Danish and Norwegian combination of Anne 1 and Line (and thus a cognate of Annelien) as well as a Danish, Norwegian and archaic French diminutive of Anne 1 found up to the 1700s in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region.
Anoeschka f Dutch (Rare), Afrikaans (Rare)
Variant of Anuschka. This is borne by Namibian author Anoeschka von Meck (1967-).
Anzél f Afrikaans
Variant of Anzelle.
Anzelle f Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Ancelle.
Aphelele m & f Xhosa, Zulu
Means "complete, whole, all present" in Xhosa and Zulu. Often given to the last child to be born in a family.
Arabang f Sotho
Means "reply" in Sotho.
Arenaya f Sotho
Means “He (God) gave us” in Sesotho.
Areneha f Sotho (Rare)
Means "he gave us".
Areneha f Sotho (Modern)
He gave us, God being the ‘He’
Arina f Hungarian, Dutch, Afrikaans
Hungarian contracted form of Adriána and Dutch and Afrikaans contracted form of Adriana.
Artwell m Shona, English (African), Ndebele
Zimbabwe origin meaning 'Creative' or 'Excellent Creation'.
Atepekoungo m Zulu, Esan, Kongo, Mossi, Tooro, Yao
First used by King Atepekoungo of the Kingdom of Äsikoluboru in modern day Zïare.
Atlantis f & m English (Modern, Rare), South African (Rare)
Taken from the name of the mythological place of the Atlantis, derived from the Greek Ἀτλαντὶς νῆσος meaning “island of Atlas.”
Avhatendi m & f Venda
Means "they do not believe" in Tshivenda.
Awonke m & f Xhosa
Means "united" or "we are all here" in Xhosa, often given to the last-born child in a family.
Axhoba m Xhosa
Means "they are armed".
Ayakha f & m Xhosa
Means "they build" in Xhosa.
Azelle f French (Rare), Afrikaans (Rare)
Possibly a feminization of Azel.
Azille f Afrikaans
Variant of Azelle.
Azwianewi m & f Venda
Means "something that cannot be told" in Tshivenda.
Azwihangwisi m & f Venda
Means "unforgettable" in Tshivenda.
Babsie f South African
Short and familiar form of Barbara.
Bafana m Zulu
Derived from Zulu abafana, the plural form of umfana, meaning "boy, young man."
Banele m Ndebele
Means "boys are enough" in Ndebele.
Bartho m Dutch, Afrikaans
Short form of Bartholomeus. Notable bearers of this name include the Dutch actor Bartho Braat (b. 1950) and the South African writer Bartho Smit (1924-1986).
Basambilu f Tsonga
From the Xitsonga basa meaning "clean, white, pure" and mbilu meaning "heart".
Basani f Tsonga
Means "be clean, be white" in Xitsonga.
Basetsana f Sotho
Means "ladies" in Sotho.
Beauty f English, Popular Culture, South African
From the English word "beauty", ultimately derived from Latin bellus, "beautiful". See also Belle and Bella.
Behati f Afrikaans
Possibly an Afrikaans variant of Beata. It is the name of Namibian fashion model Behati Prinsloo (b. 1989).
Bekebeke f Zulu
Means "glittering" in Zulu.
Bekezela f Ndebele
Means "be patient" in Ndebele.
Berlina f Indonesian, South African, Filipino, Dutch (Rare)
Clearly feminine form of Berlin or a simplified form of Berlinda.
Berna f Hungarian, German (Bessarabian), Dutch (Rare), Flemish (Rare), Afrikaans
Short form of Bernadett and Bernadetta as well as a Dutch and Afrikaans short form of names beginning with the element Bern-.
Bhekani m Zulu, Ndebele
Means "look" in Zulu and Ndebele.
Bheki m Zulu
"The person that's broadminded, able to think further about future needs and wants".
Bhekisisa f Zulu
Means "to be careful, cautious" in Zulu.
Bhekithemba f Zulu
Means "look for hope" in Zulu.
Bhekizifundiswa m Zulu
Means "watch the educated ones" in Zulu.
Bhekizizwe m Zulu
Means "look after the nations" in Zulu.
Bhekumbuso m Zulu (Rare)
Means "look after the kingdom", from Zulu bheka "look after" and umbuso "kingdom, dominion".
Bokamoso m & f South African, Sotho
Means "future".
Bokang f Sotho
Means "praise" or "rejoice" in Sotho.
Bongi f Xhosa, Southern African
Short form of Sibongile. This was borne by South African singer and songwriter Angela Sibongile "Bongi" Makeba (1950-1985), the only child of singer Miriam Makeba... [more]
Bonginkosi m Zulu
Means "thanksgiving" in Zulu.
Bron m English (Rare), South African (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Bron. Otherwise, it could be a short form of LeBron or Bronson.
Buang f Sotho
Means "speak" or "chat" in Sesotho.
Buchule m & f Xhosa
Means "intelligence, skill" in Xhosa.
Burger m Dutch (Rare), Afrikaans (Rare), West Frisian (Archaic)
Dutch, Afrikaans and West Frisian form of the ancient Germanic name Burghar.... [more]
Burry m Afrikaans, Dutch (Rare)
Diminutive of masculine given names that contain the Germanic element burg meaning "fortress", such as Burghard... [more]
Busisiwe f Zulu
Means "blessed" in Zulu.
Butho m Ndebele
Means "soldier" in Ndebele.
Cacile f Ndebele
Means "clear" in Ndebele.
Calvinia f South African
Feminine form of Calvin.
Carelia f Afrikaans, Spanish (Mexican), Spanish (Latin American), Danish (Archaic)
Afrikaans feminine form of Carel and Spanish and Danish variant of Karelia.
Caria f English (Rare), South African
Possibly a variant of Carrie or Cara, or from the ancient place name Caria... [more]
Carike f Afrikaans
Feminine form of Carel.
Cashile f Zulu (Rare)
Possibly derived from cashisa meaning "conceal, hide."
Caster f South African
Possibly a variant of Castor.
Cebisa f & m Xhosa, Southern African
Means "to suggest, to give advice" in Xhosa.
Cecile f Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Cécile.
Cetshwayo m Zulu
Means "advised" in Zulu. This was the name of a Zulu King,
Cézanne f & m English, Afrikaans
From the French artist, Paul Cézanne. This name is sometimes used as a feminine name by Afrikaners in South Africa due to its similarity to Suzanne.
Chanique f African American (Rare), Afrikaans
Variant of Shanique, the spelling perhaps influenced by Chanel.
Charl m Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Charles.
Charle m Afrikaans, Norman
Cotentinais Norman and Afrikaans form of Charles.
Cheslin m South African
Transferred use of the surname Cheslin.
Cheyeza m & f Tsonga
Means "bright" in Xitsonga.
Chezelle f Afrikaans, French
South African name, probably derived from the French, it might be from a place name in France, derived from the Occitan, meaning "hill". Or accordingly to another theory it may mean "house of her".
Chriselda f Afrikaans, South African, Filipino
Presumably a variant of Griselda, influenced by names beginning with "Chris-", such as Christine.
Christien f Dutch, Afrikaans, Flemish
Dutch and Afrikaans form of Christine.
Chriszette f Afrikaans
Compound name of Christine and Suzette.
Coenie m Afrikaans
Diminutive of Coenraad. This name is borne by South African rugby player Coenie Oosthuizen (1989-) and South African musician Coenie de Villiers (1956-).
Collen m South African
Either a variant of Colin 2 or a transferred use of the surname Collen.
Confidence f English (Puritan), South African
Meaning, "the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust." From late Middle English, from Latin confidentia, from confidere ‘have full trust.' Referring to the confidence one may have in God.
Constand m Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Constant.
Corlia f Afrikaans
Contracted form of Cornelia.
Criske f Afrikaans
Merging of the names Christen and Marike.
Dakalo m & f Venda
Means "happiness" in Tshivenda.
Dané f Afrikaans
Variant of Danaë.
Danie m Afrikaans
Diminutive of Daniël.
Dawie m Afrikaans
Diminutive of Dawid.
Dela f Zulu (Rare)
Dela. in Zulu it means to become whole, to feel complete and satisfied.
Dewald m Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Dietbald.
Didiza f Zulu
Means "flutter" in Zulu.
Dilivio m Afrikaans (Rare), Dutch (Surinamese, Rare)
Since this name is also found written as Di Livio, it is probably a combination of the Italian preposition di meaning "of" with the given name Livio... [more]
Dineo f Sotho
Means "gifts" or "talents" in Sotho.
Dirkie m Afrikaans
Diminutive of Dirk.
Dolinde f French (Archaic), Dutch (Rare), Afrikaans (Rare)
Archaic French vernacular form of Adelinde found in the Poitou-Charentes region. Today, the name is occasionally found in the Netherlands and in Afrikaans-speaking South Africa... [more]
Donation m South African, English (Puritan)
From the word donation, meaning "an act or instance of presenting something as a gift, grant, or contribution."
Dorkas f Biblical German, Biblical Dutch, German, Afrikaans, Dutch, Flemish
German, Afrikaans and Dutch form of Dorcas.
Dricky f Afrikaans
Diminutive of Hendrika.
Dyondzani m Tsonga
From the Xitsonga dyondza meaning "learn".
Dyshiki f South African
South African meaning One who Likes Candy
Dzunani m Tsonga
From the Xitsonga dzuna meaning "praise".
Dzunisani m & f Tsonga
Means "praise, praise together" in Xitsonga.
Eghard m Germanic, Afrikaans
The first element of this name is derived from ag, an uncertain element for which several etymologies have been proposed. The most widely accepted explanation is that it comes from Proto-Germanic *agjo meaning "sharp, pointed"... [more]
Ekuseni f Zulu
Means "in the morning" in Zulu.
Elizette f Afrikaans
Diminutive of Elize.
Elizma f Afrikaans
Contraction of Elizabeth Maria.
Elna f Afrikaans
Contraction of Elisabeth and Helena.
Elsabe f Afrikaans
Afrikaans variation of Elizabeth.
Elsina f Dutch (Rare), English (American, Rare), Afrikaans
Dutch diminutive of Elisabeth as well as a feminine form of Ale 2.
Elzabé f Afrikaans
Variant of Elsabe.
Elze f Dutch, German (East Prussian), Afrikaans
Dutch variant spelling and East Prussian German and Afrikaans form of Else.
Elzette f Afrikaans
Contraction of Elizette and diminutive of Elze.
Ḓembe m & f Venda
Means "miracle" in Tshivenda.
Emmarentia f Afrikaans
Variant of Emerentia influenced by Emma.
Enanela f Zulu
Means "rejoice" in Zulu.
Endlani m & f Tsonga
From the Xitsonga endla meaning "make, create, do".
Enelo f Tsonga
Possibly from the Xitsonga enela meaning "enough".
Enzokuhle m & f South African, Zulu, Xhosa
Means "to do good" in Zulu and Xhosa.
Erco m West Frisian (Rare), Dutch (Rare), Afrikaans (Rare)
Variant spelling of Erko, which is most likely a diminutive of Erk. Also compare Ercken and Herko, which is a variant of Herke.
Esasa f Zulu
Means "be happy" in Zulu.
Esegiël m Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Ezekiel.
Esias m Medieval Romansh, Afrikaans
Medieval Romansh and Afrikaans form of Isaiah via Esaias.
Esihle f & m Zulu, Xhosa, Southern African
Means "beautiful, good" in Zulu and Xhosa.
Esra m Biblical German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian (Rare), Icelandic, Faroese, Afrikaans
German, Afrikaans and Scandinavian form of Ezra.