Afrikaans Submitted Names

Afrikaans names are used by Afrikaans speakers in the countries of South Africa and Namibia.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Abigajil f Swedish (Rare), Afrikaans (Rare), Danish (Rare), Biblical Norwegian, Biblical German
Variant of Abigail used in the Norwegian translation of the Bible.
Aletta f Dutch, Swedish (Archaic), Afrikaans, Icelandic (Modern, Rare), Hungarian
Archaic Swedish diminutive of Alhet and Dutch variant of Aleida as well as a Hungarian adoption of the Dutch name... [more]
Alinda f Dutch, Afrikaans, Finnish, Swedish (Rare), Hungarian, Gascon
Dutch, Afrikaans, Finnish, Swedish and Hungarian contracted form of Adelinda and Gascon contracted form of Aidelina.
Aliza f Hungarian, Basque, Dutch, Flemish, Afrikaans
Basque form of Alice, Hungarian variant of Alíz and Dutch and Afrikaans variant of Alisa.
Alouette f English (Modern, Rare), Dutch (Rare), Afrikaans (Rare), Spanish (Mexican, Rare)
Derived from French alouette "lark, skylark". Alouette is a popular Quebecois children's song, commonly thought to be about plucking the feathers from a lark. Although it is in French, it is well known among speakers of other languages as many US Marines and other Allied soldiers learned the song while serving in France during World War I and took it home with them, passing it on to their children and grandchildren.... [more]
Amoré f Afrikaans (Modern)
Afrikaans form of Amore.
Ampie m Afrikaans
Diminutive of Abraham.
Andricia f Afrikaans (Rare)
Possibly a variant of Andriesia.
Andrietta f Swedish (Rare), Afrikaans (Rare), Romansh
Swedish and Afrikaans variant of Andriette and Romansh feminine form of Andriu.
Aneke f Afrikaans
Variant of Anneke.
Anje f Dutch, Afrikaans, Flemish
Diminutive of An.
Ankia f Afrikaans
Variant of Ankie.
Annaleen f Afrikaans
Contraction of Anna and names ending in -leen, such as Heleen and Magdaleen.
Anneline f Afrikaans, Dutch, Dutch (Antillean), French (Archaic), Danish, Norwegian
Dutch and Afrikaans variant of Annelien as well as a Danish and Norwegian combination of Anne 1 and Line (and thus a cognate of Annelien) as well as a Danish, Norwegian and archaic French diminutive of Anne 1 found up to the 1700s in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region.
Anoeschka f Dutch (Rare), Afrikaans (Rare)
Variant of Anuschka. This is borne by Namibian author Anoeschka von Meck (1967-).
Anzél f Afrikaans
Variant of Anzelle.
Anzelle f Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Ancelle.
Arina f Hungarian, Dutch, Afrikaans
Hungarian contracted form of Adriána and Dutch and Afrikaans contracted form of Adriana.
Azelle f French (Rare), Afrikaans (Rare)
Possibly a feminization of Azel.
Azille f Afrikaans
Variant of Azelle.
Bartho m Dutch, Afrikaans
Short form of Bartholomeus. Notable bearers of this name include the Dutch actor Bartho Braat (b. 1950) and the South African writer Bartho Smit (1924-1986).
Behati f Afrikaans
Possibly an Afrikaans variant of Beata. It is the name of Namibian fashion model Behati Prinsloo (b. 1989).
Berna f Hungarian, German (Bessarabian), Dutch (Rare), Flemish (Rare), Afrikaans
Short form of Bernadett and Bernadetta as well as a Dutch and Afrikaans short form of names beginning with the element Bern-.
Burger m Dutch (Rare), Afrikaans (Rare), West Frisian (Archaic)
Dutch, Afrikaans and West Frisian form of the ancient Germanic name Burghar.... [more]
Burry m Afrikaans, Dutch (Rare)
Diminutive of masculine given names that contain the Germanic element burg meaning "fortress", such as Burghard... [more]
Carelia f Afrikaans, Spanish (Mexican), Spanish (Latin American), Danish (Archaic)
Afrikaans feminine form of Carel and Spanish and Danish variant of Karelia.
Carike f Afrikaans
Feminine form of Carel.
Cecile f Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Cécile.
Cézanne f & m English, Afrikaans
From the French artist, Paul Cézanne. This name is sometimes used as a feminine name by Afrikaners in South Africa due to its similarity to Suzanne.
Chanique f African American (Rare), Afrikaans
Variant of Shanique, the spelling perhaps influenced by Chanel.
Charl m Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Charles.
Charle m Afrikaans, Norman
Cotentinais Norman and Afrikaans form of Charles.
Chriselda f Afrikaans, South African, Filipino
Presumably a variant of Griselda, influenced by names beginning with "Chris-", such as Christine.
Christien f Dutch, Afrikaans, Flemish
Dutch and Afrikaans form of Christine.
Chriszette f Afrikaans
Compound name of Christine and Suzette.
Coenie m Afrikaans
Diminutive of Coenraad. This name is borne by South African rugby player Coenie Oosthuizen (1989-) and South African musician Coenie de Villiers (1956-).
Constand m Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Constant.
Corlia f Afrikaans
Contracted form of Cornelia.
Criske f Afrikaans
Merging of the names Christen and Marike.
Dané f Afrikaans
Variant of Danaë.
Danie m Afrikaans
Diminutive of Daniël.
Dawie m Afrikaans
Diminutive of Dawid.
Dewald m Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Dietbald.
Dilivio m Afrikaans (Rare), Dutch (Surinamese, Rare)
Since this name is also found written as Di Livio, it is probably a combination of the Italian preposition di meaning "of" with the given name Livio... [more]
Dirkie m Afrikaans
Diminutive of Dirk.
Dolinde f French (Archaic), Dutch (Rare), Afrikaans (Rare)
Archaic French vernacular form of Adelinde found in the Poitou-Charentes region. Today, the name is occasionally found in the Netherlands and in Afrikaans-speaking South Africa... [more]
Dorkas f Biblical German, Biblical Dutch, German, Afrikaans, Dutch, Flemish
German, Afrikaans and Dutch form of Dorcas.
Dricky f Afrikaans
Diminutive of Hendrika.
Eghard m Germanic, Afrikaans
The first element of this name is derived from ag, an uncertain element for which several etymologies have been proposed. The most widely accepted explanation is that it comes from Proto-Germanic *agjo meaning "sharp, pointed"... [more]
Elizette f Afrikaans
Diminutive of Elize.
Elizma f Afrikaans
Contraction of Elizabeth Maria.
Elna f Afrikaans
Contraction of Elisabeth and Helena.
Elsabe f Afrikaans
Afrikaans variation of Elizabeth.
Elsina f Dutch (Rare), English (American, Rare), Afrikaans
Dutch diminutive of Elisabeth as well as a feminine form of Ale 2.
Elzabé f Afrikaans
Variant of Elsabe.
Elze f Dutch, German (East Prussian), Afrikaans
Dutch variant spelling and East Prussian German and Afrikaans form of Else.
Elzette f Afrikaans
Contraction of Elizette and diminutive of Elze.
Emmarentia f Afrikaans
Variant of Emerentia influenced by Emma.
Erco m West Frisian (Rare), Dutch (Rare), Afrikaans (Rare)
Variant spelling of Erko, which is most likely a diminutive of Erk. Also compare Ercken and Herko, which is a variant of Herke.
Esegiël m Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Ezekiel.
Esias m Medieval Romansh, Afrikaans
Medieval Romansh and Afrikaans form of Isaiah via Esaias.
Esra m Biblical German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian (Rare), Icelandic, Faroese, Afrikaans
German, Afrikaans and Scandinavian form of Ezra.
Estia f Greek Mythology (Italianized), Greek (Rare), Afrikaans
Modern Greek and Italian form of Hestia.
Etienne m Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Étienne.
Evangelique f Afrikaans (Rare), English (American, Rare)
Cognate of Évangélique, which is usually used in non-francophone regions and countries.
Everhard m Dutch, Afrikaans, German
Dutch, Afrikaans and German form of Everard.
Fanie m Afrikaans
Diminutive of Stephan and Stephanus.
Fanus m Afrikaans
Short form of Stefanus.
Francois m Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of François.
Franselle f Afrikaans
Feminine form of Frans.
Frikkie m Afrikaans
Diminutive of Frederik.
Genevé f Afrikaans
Variant of Geneve.
Gerhardus m Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Gerard.
Gerrie m Afrikaans
Diminutive of Gerhardus.
Giljon m Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Chilion.
Giniel m Afrikaans
Giniel de Villiers is a South African rallye driver and winner of Rallye Dakar 2009.
Grizelda f American (South, Rare), Hungarian (Rare), Afrikaans (Rare), Kashubian
Hungarian and Kashubian form and English and Afrikaans variant of Griselda. The English usage may have been influenced by Grizel.
Hannalie f Afrikaans
Contraction of Hanna and Elisabeth.
Hannchen f Afrikaans, German (Rare)
Hannchen is a German diminutive of Johanna, Hanna, Hannelore, or another name containing *hann*.... [more]
Hanneke f Dutch, Flemish, Afrikaans
Diminutive form of Hanne 1.
Hanneleen f Dutch, Flemish, Afrikaans
Combination of Hanne 1 and Leen.
Hanneli f Finnish, Estonian, Afrikaans
Finnish variant of Hannele and Afrikaans variant of Hannelie.
Hannelie f Afrikaans
Contraction of Hanne 1 and Elisabeth.
Hannelize f Afrikaans
Contraction of Hanne 1 and Elize.
Hansie m Afrikaans
Short form of Johannes.
Henrico m Dutch (Modern), Afrikaans
Variant of Hendrik influenced by Enrico.
Hilka f Low German, German (Rare), Frisian, Dutch (Rare), Afrikaans
Originally a diminutive of names beginning with or containing the element hild-, used as a given name in its own right.
Igmar m Afrikaans
Afrikaans. Combination of his mother and fathers name. Siegfried and Marieta. Ig and Mar. Combined Igmar
Imka f Dutch, Afrikaans, German
Diminutive of Ime 2.
Izette f Afrikaans
Variant of Isette.
Jak m Afrikaans
Variant of Jaak.
Jakkie m Afrikaans
Diminutive of Jacob.
Jakobus m Afrikaans, Biblical German, Medieval German
Afrikaans and German form of Jacobus.
Jancke f Afrikaans
Variant of Janke.
Janita f Dutch, Flemish (Rare), Afrikaans
Feminine diminutive of Jan 1.
Jannie m Afrikaans
Diminutive of Johannes.
Japie m & f Dutch (Rare), Afrikaans
Diminutive of Jaap.
Jeanique f French (Rare), Dutch (Rare), Flemish (Rare), French (Belgian, Rare), Afrikaans (Rare)
Blend of Jeanne with any feminine name ending in -ique, such as Monique and Véronique... [more]
Jeremia m Dutch (Rare), Flemish (Rare), Afrikaans, Finnish, Swedish (Rare), Norwegian (Rare)
Dutch, Afrikaans, Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian variant of Jeremias.
Jesaja m Biblical, Swedish (Rare), Dutch, Biblical German, Afrikaans
Dutch, German, and Swedish form of Isaiah.
Joesoef m Indonesian, Afrikaans (Rare)
Indonesian variant transcription of Jusuf (based on Dutch orthography) and Afrikaans form of Joseph.
Johanika f Afrikaans (Rare)
Diminutive of Johanna (compare Johanneke).
Jolette f English, Afrikaans
Likely a combination of the name Jo and the suffix -lette.
Jomarie f Afrikaans
Contraction of Johanna Maria.
Jona m Croatian, Serbian, Swedish, Norwegian (Rare), Sorbian, Afrikaans
Croatian, Serbian, Sorbian, Afrikaans and Scandinavian form of Jonah.
Jonnie m Afrikaans
Diminutive of Johan.
Jopie m & f Dutch (Rare), Afrikaans
Diminutive of Joop for men and of the related name Johanna for women.
Jorica f Dutch (Rare), Afrikaans
Feminine form of Joric.
Jorika f Dutch (Rare), Afrikaans
Feminine form of Jorik.
Josua m German, Afrikaans, Swedish, Romansh
German, Afrikaans, Romansh and Swedish form of Joshua.
Juané f Afrikaans
Feminine variant of Juane.
Jutka f Hungarian, Dutch (Rare), Afrikaans (Rare)
Originally a Hungarian diminutive of Judit and a Dutch diminutive of Judith, occasionally used as a given name in its own right.
Karlien f Flemish, Afrikaans, Dutch (Rare)
Dutch and Afrikaans form of Carline.
Katryn f Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Katrijn.
Kobie m Afrikaans
Diminutive of Jacobus.
Kornelis m Dutch, Flemish, Afrikaans
Dutch and Afrikaans variant of Cornelis.
Landi f Afrikaans
Short from of Yolandi. This name is borne by South African model Landi Swanepoel (b. 1979).
Laurienne f French (Rare), French (Quebec, Rare), Afrikaans (Rare), Dutch (Rare), Flemish (Rare), French (Belgian, Rare)
French form of Lauriana, which is occasionally used in non-francophone countries.
Laurika f Afrikaans, Slovak
Afrikaans elaboration and Slovak diminutive of Laura. Laurika Rauch is a South African singer who performs in both Afrikaans and English.
Leandri f Afrikaans
Possibly a variant of Leandra.
Len m Afrikaans
Variant of Leen.
Lené f Afrikaans
I've heard a suggestion that the meaning of the name might be "pool" or another body of water of some kind, but this is difficult to confirm as there is no reference to a language from which it originates, or it could be the short form of Magdalene or Helene with an acute on the last e, a popular stylisation among Afrikaans people.
Lente f Dutch, Flemish, Afrikaans
Derived from Dutch and Afrikaans lente "spring (the season)".
Lenthe f Dutch, Flemish, Afrikaans
Variant of Lente, which was probably influenced by names such as Benthe and Jenthe.... [more]
Lienkie f Afrikaans
Diminutive of Lien.
Lieze f Flemish, Dutch (Rare), Afrikaans
Dutch and Afrikaans variant of Liese.
Liezel f Afrikaans
Variant of Liesel.
Lodewikus m Afrikaans
Afrikaans (i.e. South African) form of Ludovicus, inspired in its spelling by the Dutch name Lodewijk.
Lodewyk m Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Lodewijk.