American (Hispanic) Submitted Names

These names are a subset of American names used more often by Hispanic Americans.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Adamaris f Spanish (Latin American), American (Hispanic), English
Either a combination of Ada 1 and Maris 2, or a combination of the prefix a with Damaris, or from Latin adamō meaning "I love truly, earnestly, deeply or greatly; covet".
Adilene f American (Hispanic), Spanish (Mexican)
This name appears in the 1986 song Adilene by Los Yonic's (or Los Yonics), a Mexican Grupero band.
Aideliz f Spanish (Caribbean, Modern, Rare), American (Hispanic, Modern, Rare)
Meaning uncertain. It was brought to some public attention in 2008 by Puerto Rican beauty pageant contestant Aideliz Hidalgo (1986-), who competed on the reality television series/beauty pageant Nuestra Belleza Latina 2008.
Ailyn f Filipino, Spanish (Latin American, Modern), American (Hispanic, Modern)
Possibly an Hispanic variant of Eileen. A known bearer is Spanish singer Ailyn (1982-), real name Pilar Giménez García.
Alamar m Germanic, Portuguese (Brazilian), American (Hispanic)
The first element of this name is derived from Gothic alls "all" or from Gothic alhs (alah in Old High German) "temple." The second element is derived from Old High German mâri "famous."
Alemania f American, American (Hispanic)
Alemania is an alternate Latin name for Germany (and the Spanish name of the country).... [more]
Amaira f Indian, Hindi, Arabic, American (Hispanic)
Variant transcription Amirah.
Amisadai m & f Biblical (All), American (Hispanic)
Meaning "the Almighty is my relative" or "people of the Almighty" in Hebrew. His son Ahiezer was chief of the Tribe of Dan at the time of the Exodus (Numbers 1:12; 2:25).
Analisa f Spanish (Latin American), American (Hispanic), Spanish (Rare), Romansh (Rare)
Spanish contraction of Ana and Lisa and Romansh variant of Annalisa.
Aquino m American (Hispanic, Rare), Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare), Spanish (Philippines), South American (Rare), Portuguese (African, Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Aquino. Likely in some cases it has been used as a given name in honour of the 13th-century saint Thomas Aquinas.
Aracelys f American (Hispanic, Rare)
Variant of Aracelis in which by it: a variant of Araceli.
Arcely f American (Hispanic, Rare), Spanish (Latin American, Rare)
Variant of Araceli with the spelling more or less phonetical in English nature.
Arely f Spanish (Mexican), American (Hispanic, Modern)
Possibly an Hispanic feminine variant of Areli (which is a masculine name in the Old Testament). Also compare Yareli.
Arisbeth f Spanish (Mexican), American (Hispanic, Rare)
Possibly an altered form of Elizabeth, used primarily in Mexico.
Armelda f American (Hispanic, Americanized, Rare, ?)
Armelda means "battle" or "warrior"
Aztlan m & f Aztec and Toltec Mythology, Nahuatl (?), American (Hispanic, Rare), Mexican (Rare)
Aztlan is the mythical homeland of the Aztec peoples. In their language (Nahuatl), the roots of Aztlan are the two words: aztatl tlan(tli) meaning "heron" and "place of". The homeland was said to have many heron birds and may have been translated to 'place of white-ness' or even 'brightness' (as used by some Chicanos) because of the large population of the white feathered birds living there... [more]
Baleria f American (Hispanic, Rare)
Variant of Valeria reflecting the Spanish pronunciation of the name.
Barcelona f American (Hispanic)
Barcelona is a city in Spain. It is the capital and largest city of Catalonia, as well as the second most populous municipality of Spain.
Bethzy f Spanish (Mexican), Spanish (Latin American), American (Hispanic)
Latin American variant of Betsy. This name was brought to public attention by Bethzy Zamorano, a contestant on the Mexican reality television series Bailando por un Sueño... [more]
Bolivia f American (Hispanic, Rare)
From the name of the country in South America. The country got its name from the surname Bolívar, in honour of the revolutionary Simón Bolívar.
Brasilia f American (Hispanic)
From the capital of Brazil or a feminine form of Brasil.
Bricio m Spanish, American (Hispanic)
Spanish form of Bricius. It can also be a short form of Fabricio.
Brunita f American (Hispanic)
Spanish diminutive of Bruna.
Caracosa f Judeo-Italian (Archaic), American (Hispanic, Modern, Rare)
Derived from Italian cara, the feminine form of the adjective caro, "beloved, dear; precious" and cosa "thing".
Carbonero m American (Hispanic, Modern, Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Carbonero.... [more]
Casillas m American (Hispanic)
Transferred use of the surname Casillas.... [more]
Castillo m American (Hispanic)
Transferred use of the surname Castillo.
Chastelyn f American (Hispanic, Rare)
Possibly derived from a surname which was itself derived from Old French chastelain meaning "castle-keeper, castellan", either an occupational or status name for the governor or constable of a castle... [more]
Chayanne m & f American (Hispanic, Modern), Spanish (Latin American, Modern), Portuguese (Brazilian, Modern, Rare)
Variant of Cheyenne. This name was popularized by Puerto Rican singer Chayanne (1968-) (real name Elmer Figueroa Arce).
Colombia f American (Hispanic)
From the name of the Latin American country.
Coraima f Spanish (Modern), American (Hispanic, Modern)
Probably an elaboration of Cora with influence from Roraima.... [more]
Corazon f Spanish (Philippines), American (Hispanic), Various
Variant of Corazón used outside Spain and Latin America. A famous bearer is Corazon Aquino, the first female president of the Philippines, from 1986-1992 and widow to assassinated senator Benigno Aquino, Jr.
Corpus f & m Spanish, American (Hispanic, Rare), English (American, Rare)
Borrowed from Latin corpus meaning "body," more specifically referring, in this case, to the Body of Christ (Corpus Christi). This name, sometimes used with the full name Corpus Christi, is usually given to children born on or around the feast day of Corpus Christi.
Dalett f American (Hispanic)
This is the name of the third child and youngest daughter of Mexican-American singer Larry Hernandez.
Debanhi f Spanish (Mexican, Rare), American (Hispanic, Rare)
Possibly an Hispanic variant of Devany. This is chiefly used in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico.
Deluvina f Spanish (Latin American, Rare), American (Hispanic, Rare)
Perhaps a combination of Della and Lavina. This was borne by Deluvina Maxwell (died 1927), a Native American slave and the girlfriend of American outlaw Billy the Kid at the time of his death.
Derufino m American (Hispanic, Rare)
Possibly a variant of Rufino.
Dominguez m American (Hispanic)
Transferred use of the surname Dominguez.
Emilianys f American (Hispanic)
Comes from the name Emilio meaning child of god
Eridani f & m Spanish (Mexican, Rare), American (Hispanic, Rare), Astronomy
Epsilon Eridani is the fifth-brightest star in Eridanus, a constellation in the southern sky.
Esequiel m American (Hispanic)
Hispanic variant of Ezekiel.
España f American (Hispanic, Rare)
From the Spanish form of the European country Spain.
Espinoza m & f American (Hispanic), Various
Transferred use of the surname Espinoza.
Estcia f American (Hispanic, Rare)
Very rare combination of Esther and Lucia.
Evaluna f Various, American (Hispanic, Modern)
Combination of Eva and Luna. This was used by Argentine-born Venezuelan singer-songwriter Ricardo Montaner for his daughter born in 1997.
Giovana f Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish (Latin American), Italian (Archaic), American (Hispanic)
Portuguese and Hispanic variant of Giovanna as well an Archaic Italian from, making it the Archaic feminine form of Giovani.
Gonzalez m American (Hispanic)
Transferred use of the surname Gonzalez.
Greidys f American (Hispanic, Rare)
Possibly a combination of the popular phonetic elements grei (from the English name Grace) and dys (from Gladys)... [more]
Hanoi m & f American (Hispanic)
From the capital of Vietnam.
Hennessy f & m English (Modern, Rare), American (Hispanic, Modern, Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Hennessy. It is the name of a brand of cognac (which is a type of brandy) that is frequently referenced in rap music lyrics.... [more]
Himmer m American (Hispanic)
Transferred use of the surname Himmer.
Ibiza f American (Hispanic, Rare)
From the name of the Spanish island located in the Mediterranean Sea off the east coast of Spain.
Isela f Spanish (Latin American), American (Hispanic)
Elaborated form of Isel as well as a truncated form of Marisela and Gisela... [more]
Isella f Italian (Rare), Spanish (Latin American), American (Hispanic)
Italian diminutive of Isa 2 as well as a Latin American variant of Isela.
Ismary f Spanish (Latin American, Rare), American (Hispanic, Rare), Medieval English, English (Archaic)
Spanish variant of Ismaria as well as a Medieval English vernacular form and Early Modern English variant of Ismeria.
Ivaly f English (American), American (Hispanic)
Of uncertain origin and meaning.... [more]
Ivelys f Spanish (Latin American), American (Hispanic)
Variant of Ivelise using the suffix -lys, found in Marlys, Coralys and similar names.
Janelys f American (Hispanic, Modern)
A variant of the Zapotec name Nayeli. It means "loved".
Jaruby f American (Hispanic)
Meaning: "Perfection"... [more]
Joyvaline f American (Hispanic)
Possible variation of Jovelyn.
Juanpablo m American (Hispanic)
Variant of Juan Pablo used in Spanish-speaking regions of the United States.
Laisha f African American (Rare), American (Hispanic, Modern), Spanish (Mexican), Dhivehi
Possibly a combination of the popular prefix la with the name Aisha. This is borne by the Mexican telenovela actress Laisha Wilkins (1976-).
Lluvia f Spanish (Modern), Spanish (Mexican), American (Hispanic)
From Spanish lluvia meaning "rain."
Lluvy f American (Hispanic, Rare), Spanish (Latin American, Rare)
Short form of Lluvia. Bearer Lluviana "Lluvy" Gomez (1983-) was a contestant on the fourth season of the reality show America's Next Top Model.
Madrigal f & m American (Hispanic, Rare)
Transferred from the Spanish surname Madrigal... [more]
Magdala f Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish (Latin American), American (Hispanic), Biblical Hebrew, Literature
From the biblical, historic village on the Sea of Galilee, whose name meant "tower" in Hebrew. It is where Mary Magdalene was from.... [more]
Marbely f Spanish (Latin American), American (Hispanic)
Likely derived from a combination of Mar- (any name with that pattern, e.g. María) and -bel (mainly stemming from Isabel), suffixed with -ly(s).
Marisabella f American (Hispanic, Modern, Rare, ?), Italian (Modern, Rare)
Contacted variant of Mariaisabella or an elaboration of Marisabel in the style of Isabella... [more]
Markey m & f American (Hispanic)
means kind
Martika f English (American, Rare), African American, American (Hispanic)
From a diminutive of Marta. This name was popularized in the late 1980s and early 1990s by the American singer and actress Martika (1969-), born Marta Marrero to Cuban immigrants, whose stage name was also her nickname.
Mayahuel f Aztec and Toltec Mythology, Spanish (Mexican, Rare), American (Hispanic, Rare)
Possibly means "that which surrounds the maguey plant" in Nahuatl, from ‘metl meaning "maguey (species Agave americana)" and yahualli "round". In Aztec religion this was the name of a goddess who personified the maguey plant.
Mayauel f American (Hispanic, Rare), Spanish (Mexican, Rare)
Variant of Mayahuel. This is borne by a (male) glass artist from California, United States: Mayauel Ward (1956-).
Meregilda f American (Hispanic, Rare)
Possibly an altered form of Hermenegilda.
Meridiana f English (Rare), American (Hispanic, Rare), Literature
According to Walter Map's 12th-century work De nugis curialium (Courtiers' Trifles), Pope Sylvester II owed his powerful position in the Catholic Church to the influence of a succubus named Meridiana.... [more]
Merysol f Spanish (Latin American, Anglicized, Modern, Rare), American (Hispanic, Modern, Rare)
Variant of Marysol (see Marisol), reflecting the English pronunciation.
Millianet f American (Hispanic, Rare)
The meaning of my name is a mix of my mom, and my grandmas name. History, unknown.
Moncerath f Spanish (Latin American), American (Hispanic)
Variant of Monserrat. Moncerath was given to 5 girls in 2004 according to the SSA.
Myosotis f Italian (Rare), Spanish (Latin American, Rare), American (Hispanic, Rare)
Derived from the Greek μυοσωτίς meaning "mouse's ear," referring to the leaves of flowering plants belonging to a genus more commonly known as forget-me-nots.
Navas m American (Hispanic)
Transferred use of the surname Navas.