Jewish Submitted Names

These names are used by Jews. For more specific lists, see Hebrew names and Yiddish names. See also about Jewish names.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Aava אהבה f Hebrew (Rare)
Variant transcription of Ahava.
Abadian m Judeo-Spanish
Judeo-Spanish form of Obadiah.
Abaye אביי m Hebrew
Means "little father" in Hebrew. The rabbi Nachmani (see Nachman) (c. 280 – c. 339) was known as Abaye, to differentiate him from his grandfather with the same name.
Abba m Ancient Aramaic, Hebrew, Jewish
Derived from Aramaic אבא (’abā’) meaning "father", which is ultimately derived from Proto-Semitic ʾab meaning "father".
Abbir אביר m Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Means "knight; strong, mighty" in Hebrew. It is also a variant transcription of Abir.
Abdel m Hebrew, Jewish
Hebrew name meaning "God’s servant/Slave." The Hebrew equivalent to the Arabic name Abdullah (same meaning) but uses the Hebrew name El for G-d rather than Allah in the Arabic language.
Aberah אבירה f Hebrew
Variant transcription of Abira.
Abeth f & m Hebrew (Americanized, Modern)
A shortened version of Elizabeth.
Abijam אֲבִיָּם‎ m Biblical, Biblical Hebrew, Hebrew
Means "father of the sea" or "my father is the sea" in Hebrew. Alternatively, it can also be a masculine variant of Abijah. This name was borne by the second king of Judah (who was also known as Abijah).
Abioud m Hebrew (Hellenized), Biblical Greek
Greek form of Abihu, as it first appeared in the Septuagint.
Abir אביר m Hebrew
Means "strong, mighty" in Hebrew (compare Adir), derived from the root of אבר (ʿabar) "to strive upward, mount, soar, fly" (allegedly the name also means "aroma"; cf... [more]
Abira אבירה f Hebrew
Feminine form of Abir.
Abiri m Jewish, Yiddish
Means "my hero" or "my strength" in Hebrew.
Abisha m & f Hebrew
Variant of Abijah.
Aboudi m Arabic, Jewish
Variant transcription of Abudi. When used in the Jewish culture, is transferred use of the surname Aboudi.
Aboutboul אבוטבול‎‎ m Jewish (Rare)
Meaning "drummer" or "drum maker/seller."
Abramuccio m Medieval Italian, Judeo-Italian, Medieval Jewish
Medieval Italian diminutive of Abramo, as -uccio is an Italian masculine diminutive suffix.
Abyad m Jewish, Judeo-Arabic
Refers to a person with fair skin from the Arabic word abyad.
Acer m Jewish
Medieval variant of Asher.
Achi אחי m Hebrew (Rare)
Means "my brother" in Hebrew.
Achidan אחידן, אחי-דן m Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Means "my brother judged" in Hebrew.
Achiezer m Hebrew
Means "my brother is a helper" in Hebrew.
Achiram אחירם, אחי-רם m Hebrew (Rare)
Means "my brother is exalted" in Hebrew.
Achishalom אחישלום, אחי-שלום f & m Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the names Achi and Shalom, meaning "my brother is a peace" or "my brother will bring peace" in Hebrew.
Achitophel אֲחִיתֹ֫פֶל m Biblical, Hebrew
Means "my brother is foolish" or "brother of foolishness" in Hebrew, derived from Hebrew ach "brother" and aph'el "to act foolishly". In the bible, this was the name of one of King David's most trusted advisors.
Achlama אחלמה f Hebrew (Rare)
Means "amethyst" in Hebrew.
Achva אחוה f Hebrew
Means "fraternity, comradeship, brotherhood" in Hebrew.
Ad עד f & m Hebrew (Rare)
Means "forever, eternal, eternity" in Hebrew.
Adaia f Hebrew, Spanish
Hebrew variant and Spanish form of Adaiah.
Adalai m Arabic, Hebrew
Variant of Adlai.
Adama אדמה f Hebrew (Rare), American
Means "Ground / Earth" in Hebrew. Also feminine form of Adam.
Adar אדר f & m Hebrew
Variant of Adara ("noble, exalted, praised"). Adar features in the Jewish calendar as the name of the twelfth month of the biblical year and the sixth month of the civil year, when Purim is celebrated ('thus girls born during this period often bear the name Adara').
Adaya עֲדָיָה f Hebrew
Variant transcription of Adaiah.
Adaya f Hebrew
Meaning: God's Jewel
Adayah עדיה f Hebrew
Variant of Adaiah.
Addar אדר m & f Hebrew (Rare)
Variant of Adar.
Adeena f Hebrew
Means "noble, gentle, delicate" in Hebrew.
Adel עָדאֶלְ f Yiddish, Hebrew
Means "an eternity with God" in Hebrew, from עַד (ʿaḏ) "an eternity" and אֵל (ʾēl) "God, the supreme deity, esp. the supreme God of Israel".... [more]
Aderet אדרת f Hebrew (Rare)
Aderet comes from Ezekiel 17:8, meaning "glorious" in the phrase לְגֶ֥פֶן אַדָּֽרֶת (legefen ’addaret) "a glorious vine", a symbol of reborn Israel.... [more]
Adiel עדיאל m & f Biblical, Hebrew
Means "ornament of God" or possibly "God passes by". This is the name of several characters in the Bible.
Adiella f Hebrew
The meaning of Adiella is “Adornment of the Lord”.
Adili עדילי, עדי-לי f Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of Adi 1 and Li 2 means "my jewel" or "my ornament" in Hebrew.
Adilya עדיליה f Hebrew
Adin עָדִין m & f Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Short form of Adina 1.... [more]
Adior עדיאור m & f Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Means "jewel of light" in Hebrew, from a combination of Adi 1 and Or.
Adiram אדירם m Hebrew (Rare)
Combination of Adir, meaning "strong, mighty", and Ram 1, meanings "exalted" in Hebrew.
Adiv אדיב m Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Means "kind, gracious, polite" in Hebrew.
Adiva אדיבה f Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Feminine form of Adiv.
Admiel m Hebrew, Spanish (Latin American, Rare)
Means "man of God" in Hebrew.
Admon m Hebrew
Means "red peony"
Adnot m Hebrew
Variant of Adnet.
Adonias m Hebrew (Hellenized), Biblical Greek
Greek form of 'Adoniyah (see Adonijah), as it first appeared in the Septuagint.
Adoram אדורם m Hebrew (Rare)
Variant of Adoniram.
Adrial m Hebrew
Variant of Adriel.
Ady עדי f & m Hebrew
Variant of Adi 1.
Afek אפק m & f Hebrew
This name is possibly a combination of the names Afik and Ofek
Afik אפיק m & f Hebrew
Means "channel" or "brook" in Hebrew.
Agabus m Hebrew
Means "locust" in Hebrew.
Agada אגדה f Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Means "legend" or "fairytale" in Hebrew.
Ahva f & m Hebrew
Ahva is from the Hebrew word, Ahava (ah-hav-ah.) Ahva is a twist on the more common, Ava. It sounds more exotic and lively. Ahva can be used for either gender.
Aidel f Yiddish
Means "cultured, refined, delicate" in Yiddish.
Aitan m Hebrew
Hebrew boys name meaning "strong"
Ajdla f Yiddish
Polish-Yiddish variant of Edla.
Alacer m Judeo-Provençal
Judeo-Provençal form of Eliezer.
Alef אלף m & f Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Alef is the first letter of the Hebrew Alphabet. ... [more]
Aleph m Swedish (Rare), Hebrew (Rare)
Variant of Alef. In the case of Natalie Portman's son, it refers to the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
Alia f Hebrew
Aliazar m Judeo-Provençal
Judeo-Provençal form of Eleazar.
Alin אָלִין f Hebrew (Modern)
Modern name, inspired from the French name Aline.
Alisa f Hebrew
Means "great happiness" in Hebrew.
Aljohar אלגוהר f Judeo-Spanish
Medieval Navarran Jewish name, probably derived from the Arabic phrase al Jawhari "the gem". This name was used by Jewish women in the medieval kingdom of Navarre, occurring in 14th- and 15th-century documents written by Jews in Hebrew or Ladino (Ladino being the everyday language of the Jews; it is akin to Spanish, but was written down using Hebrew characters).... [more]
Allegrezza f Judeo-Italian
Judeo-Italian name derived from Italian allegrezza, a poetic term for "joy; happiness".
Almogit f Hebrew
Strictly feminine variant of Almog.
Alroi m Hebrew
Common misspelling of Elroi.
Altadonna f Judeo-Italian (Archaic), Medieval Jewish
Derived from Italian alta, the feminine form of the adjective alto, meaning "high; deep; big; towering; elevated" and, when used in a poetic context, "grand; sublime; noble" and donna "woman; lady".
Aluma אלומה f Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Possibly from the (medieval) Hebrew word אֲלוּמָה (aluma) meaning "strong, brave" (which, in modern Hebrew, sounds like the word אֲלֻמָּה (alma) "sheaf"). It is sometimes associated with the word עלמה (alma) "a young girl, a damsel".
Alyza f Hebrew
"Joy," "Joyful," " God is my Oath," "noble," "exalted"
Amadh f Jewish, Judeo-Spanish
Judeo-Spanish name. Could come from Amada or be an Arabic name integrated into the language.
Amadio m Jewish, Judeo-Spanish
Judeo-Spanish form of Amadeo.
Amalya עָמָליָהּ f Yiddish, Hebrew
Means "labour of Yahweh" in Hebrew. This name could also be used as a Yiddish feminine form of Amal 2.
Amaris f Hebrew
Hebrew feminine form of Amariah.
Amasai m Hebrew, Biblical
Means "strong" or "burden bearer".
Ambar עמבר m & f Hebrew (Modern)
Combination of word "am" means "people; nation" with the name Bar
Amele f Yiddish
Possibly a form of Amalya.
Amidan m Hebrew (Rare)
Means "my people are righteous, my nation is just" in Hebrew.
Amidor m Hebrew
Means "my generation of people" in Hebrew.
Amiel m Biblical, Hebrew
Variant of Ammiel. Occurs in the Book of Numbers 13:12: Amiel, who represented the tribe of Dan, was one of the twelve spies sent out by Moses to survey the land of Canaan.
Amiezer m Hebrew
Means "my nation is my support" in Hebrew.
Amihai עמיחי m Hebrew
Alternate transcription of Amichai.
Amikam m Jewish
Means "my people has risen up" in Hebrew. This is a modern name.
Amior m & f Hebrew (Rare), Jewish (Rare)
Means "my nation is a light, my nation is a beacon" in Hebrew.
Amiram m Hebrew
Variant form of Amram. A known bearer of this name is the Israeli chemist and activist Amiram Goldblum (b. 1945).
Amiran m Hebrew
Variant form of Amiron.
Amiron m Hebrew
Means "my nation is a song" or "my people sings" in Hebrew, derived from Hebrew עַם (am) "nation, people" combined with Hebrew רֹן (ron) "singing, song" as well as "joyful sounds, shout of joy".
Amiti עמיתי f & m Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Means "my friend" or "my colleague" in Hebrew, usually used as a diminutive of Amit 2.
Ammi m Jewish, Biblical, Jewish Legend, Hebrew
Means "my people" in Hebrew. This is the name of a character in the Old Testament, Hosea's second son, who was originally named Lo-Ammi meaning "not my people" but was renamed Ammi "my people"... [more]
Amminadab עמינדב m Hebrew
Means "my people are generous" in Hebrew. This is the name of a minor character in Genesis.
Amraphel m Biblical, Hebrew
Means "one that speaks of dark things" or "he whose words are dark" in Hebrew, derived from Hebrew amár "to say" and aphél "dark, obscure". In the bible, this was the name of a king of Shinar.
Amschel m Yiddish
Variant of Amshel. This name was borne by several members of the famous Rothschild family, the most notable being Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812).
Amshel m Yiddish
Variant form of Anshel. It should be noted that there are also sources that claim that it is derived from Hebrew amsel or amzal meaning "thrush".
Anabeil f Jewish
In the Kabbalah, Anabeil can be called upon to cure stupidity.
Anael אָנָּאֵל m & f Judeo-Christian-Islamic Legend, Biblical, Hebrew
Biblical Hebrew name of uncertain meaning, possibly "God answers" (making it an equivalent of Anaiah, using el "God" as the second element as opposed to yah "Yahweh"); alternatively the first element may be related to chanah "favour, grace" (making it a relative of Hananiah and perhaps a form of Hanniel or Channiel)... [more]
Anai f Hebrew
Variation of Ana
Anathoth עֲנָתוֹת m Biblical, Hebrew
Apparently means "answer to prayers" in Hebrew, with the first element derived from Hebrew anáh "to answer". In the bible, Anathoth was one of the sons of Becher, who in turn was the son of Benjamin.
Annael אָנָּאֵל f & m Hebrew
Variant transcription of Anael.
Anog ענוג f & m Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Means "pleasured" in Hebrew, a poetic verbal of Oneg.
Anschel m Yiddish
German-Yiddish variant of Anshel.
Anshil m Hebrew
Hebrew Variation of Anshel
Antothijah עַנְתֹתִיָה m Biblical, Hebrew
Essentially a combination of Anathoth with yah "Yahweh", thus the meaning is effectively "prayers answered by Yahweh"... [more]
Arad ארד, ערד m Persian, Biblical, Hebrew
A name of an angel.... [more]
Arava עֲרָבָה f Hebrew
Modern Hebrew name meaning both "willow tree" and "desert" or "savanna, prairie". Traditionally the ערבה (aravah), a leafy willow branch, is used in a waving ceremony during the Jewish holiday of Sukkot... [more]
Aravah עֲרָבָה f Hebrew (Rare)
Variant transliteration of עֲרָבָה (see Arava).
Araziel m Hebrew, Judeo-Christian-Islamic Legend
Apparently means "light of God" or "moon of God" in Hebrew. This is the name of a fallen angel who was cast out of heaven by God for having relations with earthly women.
Arbel ארבל m & f Hebrew
Mount Arbel is a mountain in The Lower Galilee near Tiberias in Israel. From the lookout atop the mountain, one can see almost all of the Galilee into the Golan Heights including Safed, Tiberias and most of the Sea of Galilee.
Arela ארלה, אֶרְאֶלָּה f Hebrew
Feminine variant of Erel.
Argaman ארגמן f Hebrew
Means "purple, red" in Hebrew.
Aria אריה f Hebrew
Feminine form of Ari 1.
Ariela f Hebrew, Albanian, Croatian, Italian (Rare), Polish
Hebrew variant of Ariella, Polish feminine form of Ariel, Italian feminine form of Ariele as well as a Croatian and Albanian borrowing of the Italian name.
Arii f Hebrew
Feminine form of Ari 1.
Arioch m & f Biblical, Judeo-Christian-Islamic Legend, Hebrew
Meaning: "a fierce lion" or "lion-like" and "venerable".... [more]
Arioz אֲרִיעוֹז m Hebrew (Rare)
Means "strong lion" in Hebrew, combination of the names Ari 1 and Oz 2
Arisha אֲרִי שַׁ m Hebrew
Probably a form of the Hebrew name אֲרִי (‘Ari’) or אַרְיֵה (‘Arieh’) meaning “lion”.
Ariza f Spanish, Hebrew
Either transferred use of the surname Ariza or from a Hebrew word meaning "cedar panels".
Armon m Hebrew
Means "high place"
Arnan אַרְנָן m Hebrew, Biblical
Means "joyous" in Hebrew.
Arnon ארנון m Hebrew
From the name of a river mentioned in the Bible that most likely corresponds to the Wadi Mujib canyon stream in present-day Jordan. The name itself was possibly derived from a word meaning "noisy".
Aron m Hebrew
Hebrew form of Aaron
Arya אריה, ארי-יה m & f Hebrew (Rare)
means "the lion of god" in Hebrew (ari-lion, ya-god).
Arye אריה m Hebrew, Judeo-French
Hebrew variant of Aryeh and Judeo-French variant of Arie 2.
Asahel עשהאל m Hebrew
Means "made by God" in Hebrew. ... [more]
Ascher m Jewish
German form of Asher.
Aschur m Medieval Jewish, Jewish (Archaic)
Late medieval variant of Asher.
Asheera אשרה f Hebrew
Variant transcription of Ashira.
Ashira אָשִׁירָה, עֲשִׁירָה f Hebrew
Means "I will sing", directly from the Hebrew word in the Old Testament.... [more]
Asi אסי m & f Hebrew (Modern)
Diminutive of names like Asaf, Astar and other names that beginning with the same sound.
Asif אסיף f & m Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Means "collecting" or "harvest" in Hebrew.
Asiph m Hebrew
Variant of Asaph.
Aslia m Hebrew (Latinized), Biblical Latin
Biblical Latin form of Atsalyahu, as it first appeared in the Vulgate. Also compare Esli.
Asnat אָסְנַת f Yiddish, Hebrew
Variant transcription of 'Asenat. 'The Biblical pronunciation is "Asnat"; today, it is often pronounced "Osnat".'
Asser m Biblical Finnish, Judeo-Anglo-Norman, Judeo-Catalan
Judeo-Catalan, Judeo-Anglo-Norman and Finnish form of Asher.
Assia f Russian, Jewish
The name of Assia Wevill. She was the lover of Ted Hughes, the husband of Sylvia Plath.
Astar אסתר f Hebrew
Variant transcription of 'Ester.
Aster f Judeo-French, Judeo-Spanish, Judeo-Catalan
Old Judeo-Spanish form and Judeo-French variant of Esther via Greek aster, "star". It was already used in Judeo-Latin.
Astero אסטרו f Jewish, Judeo-Spanish, Judeo-Catalan, Greek, Judeo-Greek
Judeo-Spanish and Judeo-Greek variant of Esther.
Asterona f Jewish, Judeo-Spanish, Judeo-Catalan
Judeo-Catalan variant of Esther.
Astriel m & f Judeo-Greek
Fictional name intended to mean "star of god", from Greek ἀστήρ (aster) meaning "star" and Hebrew אֵל ('el) meaning "God".
Astruc m Judeo-Spanish, Judeo-Provençal, Medieval Jewish, Judeo-Catalan
Derived from Provençal astruc "lucky", ultimately from Greek aster "star" and thus having the extended meaning of "born under a good star".... [more]
Astruga f Judeo-Catalan, Judeo-Spanish, Judeo-Provençal, Medieval Jewish
Feminine form of Astruc. This name was also used as a Judeo-Spanish translation of Mazal.
Aterah f Hebrew (?)
Possibly a variation of the name Atarah.
Ateret עֲטֶרֶת f Hebrew
Etymology uncertain, possibly a variant form of Atara.
Athaiah m & f Biblical, Hebrew
Means "the Lord's time" in Hebrew. In the Bible, this was the son of Uzziah.
Atli אַת־לִי, אתלי f Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the word at ("you" in a Hebrew female pronoun) and the name Li 2. Making it relative to Liat.
Audélia f French, Jewish
Both a French elaboration of Aude and a variant of Odélia. In the Jewish community, however, this name is considered and used as a variant of Odelia 2.
Aure אור m & f Hebrew (Anglicized, Modern)
Variant of Or.
Aurel אוראל m & f Hebrew (Anglicized, Modern)
Variant of Orel.
Aviad m Hebrew
Means "my father forever".
Aviah f Hebrew (Rare)
Variant of Avia.
Avichai אביחי, אבי-חי m Hebrew
Variant of Avishai.
Avichai אֲבִיחַי m Hebrew
Combination of the names Avi and Hai means "my father is alive" in Hebrew. This name is not related to Avishai, a Hebrew name with different meaning of "my father is a gift".
Aviela אביאלה f English, Hebrew
Feminine form of 'Avi'el.
Aviella אביאלה f Hebrew (Rare)
Aviezer m Hebrew
Means "my father is help" in Hebrew.
Avigad אביגד, אבי-גד m & f Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the names Avi and Gad which possibly means "my father is the lucky one" in Hebrew. It's quite rare name in Israel.
Avigal f American, Yiddish, Hebrew
Yiddish form of Avigail.
Avigali f American, Yiddish, Hebrew
Yiddish form of Avigal.
Avigdor אביגדור m Hebrew (Rare), Judeo-Provençal
In the Bible, the name Avigdor was one of the 6 names of Moses mention in Midrash. In modern times, this name is used as a Hebrew form of Victor.
Aviguy אביגיא, אבי-גיא m Hebrew (Rare)
Means "my father is from the valley", either from Hebrew Avi means "my father" and Guy means "valley".... [more]
Avihai אביחי, אבי-חי m Hebrew
Combination of the names Avi and Hai means "my father is alive" in Hebrew.
Avihail אֲבִיחַיִל f & m Hebrew (Rare)
Modern Hebrew form of Abihail.
Avimor אֲבִימוֹר f & m Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the names Avi and Mor means "father of myrrh" in Hebrew.
Avinatan אֲבִינָתָן m Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the names Avi and Natan means "my father gave" or "gifted father" in Hebrew.
Avinoam אבינועם m Hebrew
Means "my father is pleasant" in Hebrew, from a combination of the names Avi and Noam.
Avinoy אֲבִינוֹי f & m Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Means "father of beauty" in Hebrew. Combination of the names Avi and Noy.
Avior אביאור m & f Hebrew (Modern)
Combination of the names Avi and Or means "my father is light" or "I'll bring the light" (from the word אביא means "I'll bring") in Hebrew.
Avioz אביעוז m Hebrew
Combination of the names Avi and Oz 2 means "my father has strength" in Hebrew.
Avir m Hebrew
Possibly a variant of Amir, meaning treetop.
Avira f Hebrew
Feminine form of Avir
Aviran אֲבִירַן m Hebrew
Combination of the name Avi, means "my father". And the word רַן (ran), means "to sing". The name means "my father sings" or "my father's happy song" in Hebrew.
Avisha f Hebrew
The name Avishai is a Hebrew Baby Names baby name. In Hebrew Baby Names the meaning of the name Avishai is: Gift from God.
Avivi f Hebrew
Alternate feminine form of Aviv.
Avivit אביבית f Hebrew (Modern)
Variant of Aviva, and a feminine form of Aviv.
Avri אברי m & f Hebrew, American (Rare)
Diminutive of Avraham.... [more]
Avriel אבריאל m & f Hebrew (Rare), English
Name of an angel in judaism, meaning unknown.
Avrom m Yiddish
Yiddish form of Abraham.
Avron m Italian, Jewish
Ancient Sicilian but now being used as a first name again; was taken from Sicily by Jews somewhere around 500 years ago (or longer), and became a Jewish sir-name (e.g., Arnon Avron the mathematician)... [more]
Avy m Hebrew
Variant of Avi.
Aya איה f Hebrew
Directly taken from Hebrew אַיָּה (ayá) meaning "honey buzzard".
Ayalon איילון m Hebrew
Modern Hebrew form of Ajalon.
Ayana עַיְנָה, עיינה f Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Tilt of the name Maayan, which means "fountain; spring of water" in Hebrew.
Aydel איידל f Jewish
Yiddish form of Adele, meaning "noble". See Eidel.
Ayna f Judeo-Spanish
Judeo-Spanish variant of Chana.
Aynna f Judeo-Spanish
Variant of Ayna.
Azai עזאי m Hebrew
Means "strength" in Hebrew.
Azari m Hebrew
Variant of Azariah.
Badana f Yiddish
Variant of Bodhana.
Badanna באַדאַנע f Yiddish
This is a Yiddish form of Theodora.
Baer m Yiddish
Variant of Ber.
Bailem m English, Hebrew, Yiddish
means "he who watches over his siblings." This name is usually given to the first son. Bailem is somewhat connected to Bailey.
Baillie ביילי f & m Hebrew
Banaias m Hebrew (Hellenized), Biblical Greek
Greek form of Benaiah, as it first appeared in the Septuagint.
Bar בַּר m & f Hebrew
Means "son" or "grain, cereal" in Hebrew.
Barabas m Hebrew (Rare), Literature, English (Puritan), Biblical
Variant form of Barabbas. In literature, this is the name of the main character in Christopher Marlowe's play "The Jew of Malta".
Barcelay m Judeo-Spanish
Judeo-Spanish form of Barsilai.
Bareket ברקת f Hebrew (Rare)
Means "emerald" in Hebrew (see Emerald).
Barel בראל m & f Hebrew
Means "son of God", from a combination of bar and El.
Barel בַּרְאֵל m & f Hebrew
Means "son of God" or "God has created" in Hebrew, a combination of the names Bar and El.
Barnabi m Hebrew
Hebrew form of Barnabas.
Barnebas m Hebrew
Hebrew variant of Barnabas.
Baronetta f Judeo-Italian (Archaic), Medieval Jewish
Possibly an adoption of the Italian title baronetta, the feminine form of baronetto, "baronetess; female baronet".
Barouch m Hebrew (Hellenized), Biblical Greek
Greek form of Baruch, as it first appeared in the Septuagint.
Bartal ברטל m & f Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
First name that also used as a last name, it's a combination of the names Bar and Tal.
Bartholomeo m Judeo-Italian
Judeo-Italian variant of Bartolomeo.
Baruh m Hebrew
Variant of Baruch.
Baruj m Jewish (Hispanicized, Rare), Spanish (Latin American, Rare)
Possibly a variant of Baruch. A notable bearer was Venezuelan immunologist Baruj Benacerraf (1920-2011), who was of Sephardi Jewish heritage.
Bascha f Yiddish
Variant of Basha.
Basel f Jewish, Yiddish
Yiddish form of Batya.
Basha f Jewish, Yiddish
Yiddish form of Batya.
Basseva f Judeo-Spanish, Judeo-French, Judeo-Anglo-Norman
Judeo-Spanish, Judeo-French and Judeo-Anglo-Norman form of Batsheva.
Bat בת f Hebrew (Rare)
Means "girl, daughter" in Hebrew.
Batchen בת-חן, בתחן f Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the names Bat and Chen 2 means "graceful girl" or "beautiful girl" in Hebrew.
Bathouel m Hebrew (Hellenized), Biblical Greek
Greek form of Bethuel and Pethuel, as it first appeared in the Septuagint.
Batia בתיה f Jewish
Variant transcription of Batya.
Batka f Jewish, Yiddish
Yiddish form of Batya.
Batkol בת-קול, בתקול f Hebrew (Rare)
Means "echo" (see Hed).... [more]
Bator בת-אור, בתאור f Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Means "girl of light", from a combination of Bat and Or.
Bava בבא m Hebrew
Bava or Baba is the name of various figures of the Talmud.... [more]
Bayla ביילא f Yiddish
Variant of Baila.
Becher m Jewish, Biblical
Means "first born."
Bechora f Jewish, Judeo-Spanish
Feminine form of Bechor.
Beeri בארי m & f Hebrew, Biblical Hebrew, Biblical
Hebrew name deriving from בְּאֵר be'er "well", "fountain" with suffix, meaning "my well".... [more]
Behira f Hebrew, American, Yiddish
Means "clear, bright" in Hebrew.
Beila f Judeo-French, Yiddish
Yiddish and Judeo-French equivalent of Bella.
Beile f Yiddish
Variant of Beila.
Beille f Yiddish, Jewish
French-Yiddish form of Baila and/or Beila.
Beja f Judeo-Spanish, Bosnian (Rare), Slovene (Rare)
Judeo-Spanish variant of Bella, also as a Bosnian and Slovene form.
Bela f Yiddish, Judeo-French
Yiddish variant of Bella and Beila and Judeo-French variant of Bele.
Belka f Yiddish
Diminutive of Beila and its variants.
Bellida f Judeo-Spanish
Diminutive of Bella.
Belluls f Jewish
From the Latin bellule (pretty, nice, well-formed), this is found in a Jewish catacomb in Rome as the name of a woman. It is possibly the precursor to such names as the Sephardic Bela and the Yiddish Shayna