Medieval Latin Submitted Names

Medieval Latin names were used in the Middle Ages by users of Latin, which at this point was mainly a scholarly and liturgical language.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Abbatissa f Medieval Latin (Rare), Medieval English (Rare)
Directly taken from Latin abbatissa, "abbess". While this was more usually found as a title, there are a handful of English occurrences of it used as a given name.
Abbo m Medieval German, Medieval Latin
Derived from Proto-Germanic *abô, "husband, man" or a diminutive of names beginning with Old High German alb "elf", such as Alberich. This is the name of a 10th century French saint.
Adaldus m Medieval Latin, Frankish
Latinized form of Adald
Bonifazius m Medieval Latin
Bonifazius means “good fate” (from Latin “bonum” = good + “fatum” = fate), but folk law changed the meaning to “well-doer” or “doer of good deeds” (from Latin “bonum” = good + “facere” = to do).
Crispina f Ancient Roman, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Sicilian, Medieval Latin
Feminine form of Crispinus. A notable bearer was the 2nd-century Roman empress Bruttia Crispina, the wife of Emperor Commodus. This name was also borne by a 4th-century Christian martyr from North Africa.
Humilis m Late Roman, Medieval Italian, Medieval Latin
Means "humble" in Latin, from humilis meaning "low". Used by an Italian saint of the same name.
Onoria f Medieval Latin
Onoria is of latin derivation, meaning "honor"... [more]
Pangaea f & m Medieval Latin
Derived from the name of the continent before the Continental Drift. “Pangaea” was the supercontinent that was made from all seven continents we know before they split apart over 320 million years ago.
Percipia f Medieval French, Medieval Latin
Derived from Latin percipere "to obtain, to gain; to perceive, to learn, to feel".
Rosea f Medieval Latin
Variation of the name 'Rosa' meaning, Rose.
Tamisa f Medieval Latin
Tamisa is the Latinized name the Romans gave to the river Thames in England. The ancient Brittons named Thames after the Celtic goddess of dark water, Tamesis.
Unica f Medieval Latin, Medieval English
Directly taken from Latin unica "unique, sole, singular".
Unus m Medieval Latin, Medieval German (Latinized)
Directly taken from Latin unus "one".
Ursulina f English (Rare), German (Swiss, Rare), Spanish (Latin American, Rare), Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare), History (Ecclesiastical), Medieval Latin
Diminutive or extended form of Ursula, as -ina is an Italian feminine diminutive suffix (from Latin -īna meaning "belonging to"). This essentially makes the name a double diminutive of Ursa... [more]
Valpurga f Italian, Medieval Latin
Italian and Latin variant of the name Walburga.
Zylvia f Medieval Latin
Zylvia. as a girls' name is a Latin name, and the name Zylvia means "woods, forest". Zylvia is an alternate spelling of Sylvia (Latin).