Medieval Italian (Tuscan) Submitted Names

These names were used by medieval Italian peoples in Tuscany.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
AUSTINA f English (Rare), Medieval Italian (Tuscan)
Possibly originally a contracted form of AUGUSTINA (compare AUSTIN's origins), in the English-speaking world this name is now generally understood as a feminization of AUSTIN.
BACCIO m Medieval Italian (Tuscan)
Diminutive of names that end in -accio which is preceded by a "B sound", such as Bartolomeaccio, Bartolaccio, Iacobaccio, Bindaccio or FORTEBRACCIO.
BONIZELLA f Italian (Rare, Archaic), Medieval Italian (Tuscan, ?)
The Blessed Bonizella or Bonizzella Cacciaconti (1235-1300) was a Sienese widow who devoted her time and money to the poor after the death of her husband, Naddo Piccolomini.
CRISTOFANA f Medieval Italian (Tuscan)
Tuscan medieval feminine form of CRISTOFORO.
DUCCIO m Medieval Italian (Tuscan), Italian (Tuscan)
Medieval masculine given name recently fashionable in Tuscany. It is a short form of ANDREUCCIO, Leonarduccio (diminutive of LEONARDO), Bernarduccio (diminutive of BERNARDO), Armanduccio (diminutive of ARMANDO) and other given names ending in -duccio.... [more]
GERITA f Medieval Italian (Tuscan)
Diminutive of names ending in -gera.
GUALFREDO m Medieval Italian (Tuscan)
Tuscan form of both WALAHFRID and Walfrid (see WALDFRID), as Germanic Wal- is typically transformed into Gual-.
MAFEO m Venetian (Archaic), Medieval Italian (Tuscan)
Archaic Venetian and Tuscan form of MATTEO.
NERI m Medieval Italian (Tuscan)
Medieval diminutive of RANIERI. "Recently fashionable in Tuscany."
RAMBALDO m Venetian (Archaic), Medieval Italian (Tuscan)
From the Ancient Germanic Ragimbald, comprised of ragin "advice" and bald "bold".
ZANOBI m Medieval Italian (Tuscan)
Tuscan variant of ZENOBIO. Saint Zenobius of Florence (known in Italian as San Zanobi/Zenobio) (337–417) is venerated as the first bishop of the city.
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