Medieval Italian (Tuscan) Submitted Names

These names were used by medieval Italian peoples in Tuscany.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Agnolo m Medieval Italian (Tuscan)
Variant of Angiolo. A bearer of this name was Agnolo di Tura, an Italian chronicler from the 14th century AD.
Argenta f Italian (Rare), English (Rare), Medieval Italian (Tuscan)
Derived from Latin argenta meaning "silver".
Austina f English (Rare), Medieval Italian (Tuscan), Sicilian, Corsican (Rare)
Originally a Tuscan contracted form of Augustina and a Sicilian variant of Agustina, in the English-speaking world this name is now generally understood as a feminization of Austin.
Baccio m Medieval Italian (Tuscan)
Diminutive of names that end in -accio which is preceded by a "B sound", such as Bartolomeaccio, Bartolaccio, Iacobaccio, Bindaccio or Fortebraccio.
Beltramino m Medieval Italian (Tuscan)
Diminutive of Beltramo, the Tuscan form of Bertram.
Berlinghiero m Medieval Italian (Tuscan)
Tuscan form of Berengar. This name was borne by Berlinghiero of Lucca, the artist of 'Madonna and Child' (c. 1230).
Bonizella f Italian (Rare, Archaic), Medieval Italian (Tuscan), History (Ecclesiastical)
Feminine form of Bonizone. The Blessed Bonizella or Bonizzella Cacciaconti (1235-1300) was a Sienese widow who devoted her time and money to the poor after the death of her husband, Naddo Piccolomini.
Cristofana f Medieval Italian (Tuscan)
Tuscan medieval feminine form of Cristoforo.
Dolfin m Venetian (Archaic), Medieval Italian (Tuscan)
Derived from the Latin name Delphinus, which meant "of Delphi". Delphi was a city in ancient Greece, the name of which is possibly related to Greek δελφύς (delphys) "womb".
Duccio m Medieval Italian (Tuscan), Italian (Tuscan)
Medieval masculine given name recently fashionable in Tuscany. It is a short form of Andreuccio, Leonarduccio (diminutive of Leonardo), Bernarduccio (diminutive of Bernardo), Armanduccio (diminutive of Armando) and other given names ending in -duccio.... [more]
Gerita f Medieval Italian (Tuscan)
Diminutive of names ending in -gera.
Gualfredo m Medieval Italian (Tuscan)
Tuscan form of both Walahfrid and Walfrid (see Waldfrid), as Germanic Wal- is typically transformed into Gual-.
Lion m Venetian, Ligurian, Medieval Italian (Tuscan)
Venetian and Ligurian form of Leone 1.
Mafeo m Venetian (Archaic), Medieval Italian (Tuscan)
Archaic Venetian and Tuscan form of Matteo.
Rambaldo m Venetian (Archaic), Medieval Italian (Tuscan)
From the Ancient Germanic Ragimbald, comprised of ragin "advice" and bald "bold".
Steffanus m Medieval Latin, Medieval Italian (Tuscan, Latinized), Medieval Baltic (Latinized)
Variant of Stephanus found in 14th-century Latin documents from Italy and Latvia.
Veniera f Medieval Italian (Tuscan)
Tuscan feminine form of Venerio.