Nigerian Submitted Names

Nigerian names are used in the country of Nigeria in western Africa.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Aare m Yoruba
Means "commander" in Yoruba. Aàrẹ is a title, usually in the military of the Yoruba warriors company. The leader of the company from a clan takes the title when they join up with a coalition.
Áárónì m Yoruba
Yoruba form of Aaron.
Abadi m Ijaw
Means "a big sea" in Ijaw.
Abadibo f & m Ijaw
Means "a person from the sea" in Ijaw.
Abagbe f Nigerian
The meaning of Abagbe is we begged to have this one to lift up
Abasiama m & f Ibibio, Efik
Means "it is God that loves" or "God's love" in Ibibio and Efik.
Abayomi m & f Yoruba
Means "he came to bring me joy and happiness" or "I would have been mocked" in Yoruba. It is a name given to a child born after a number of unfortunate or near unfortunate circumstances. It is often called in full as Àbáyòmí Olúwaniòjé meaning "I would have been mocked, if not for God".
Abdullahi m Somali, Nigerian
Form of Abdullah used in Somalia and Nigeria.
Abegunde m & f Yoruba
Means "The one who came with the masquerade" in Yoruba.
Abeke f Yoruba
Means "one begged to care for" in Yoruba.
Aberuagba m & f Yoruba
Means "the one who respects elders" in Yoruba, derived from a meaning "one person", bẹrù meaning "fear, be afraid" and àgbà meaning "elder".
Abi f Nigerian
Means "owner" in Izere.
Abiona f & m Yoruba
Means "born during a journey" in Yoruba.
Abisade m & f Yoruba
Means "born into royalty" in Yoruba.
Abiso m Yoruba
Means "given" or "acquired" in Yoruba.
Aboderin m Yoruba
Means "one who walks in the company of hunters" in Yoruba.
Abuchi m & f Igbo
Means "song of God" in Igbo.
Achike m Igbo
Means "take the things of the world easy" in Igbo.
Ada m Idoma
Means "father" in Idoma.
Adaego f Igbo
Means "daughter of money" in Igbo.
Adakole m & f Idoma
Idoma name meaning "father of the house", "head of family", or "head of the home". This name is usually given to the firstborn male or female child in Idoma households.
Adaku f Igbo
Means "daughter of wealth" in Igbo.
Adamma f Igbo
Means "daughter of beauty" in Igbo.
Adamu m Amharic, Swahili, Hausa
Amharic, Swahili, and Hausa form of Adam.
Adaobi f Nigerian
Means first Daughter of The Family.
Adaora f Igbo
Means "the people's daughter" in Igbo.
Adebimpe f Yoruba
Means "the crown is complete" in Yoruba.
Adebisi f Yoruba
Means "the crown has given birth to more" in Yoruba. This is the name of the (Nigerian) mother of British musician Seal Samuel.
Adedamola m Yoruba
Means "my crown mixed with blessing" in Yoruba.
Adedoyin f & m Yoruba
Means "the crown is now honey" in Yoruba.
Adefunke f Yoruba
Means "the crown has given me to cherish" in Yoruba.
Adelakun m Nigerian, Yoruba
Means "the crown opens the womb" in Yoruba.
Adeleke f Yoruba
Means "crown achieves happiness" in Yoruba.
Adelola f Yoruba
The name origin came from Nigeria with the name meaning: "The crown brings honour"
Adelowo m Nigerian, Yoruba
Means "the crown has honour" or "the crown has respect" in Yoruba.
Ademurewa f & m Yoruba
Means "the crown brought goodness" in Yoruba.
Adeniji m Yoruba
Means "the crown has fame" in Yoruba.
Adeniyi m Yoruba, Nigerian
Means "the crown is precious" in Yoruba.
Adeoti m Yoruba
Means "royalty does not fade" in Yoruba, derived from adé meaning "crown, royalty", (k)ò meaning "does not" and tí meaning "fade, be blemished".
Adepero f Nigerian, Yoruba
Means "the crown pacifies" or "the crown calms" in Yoruba.
Aderonke f Yoruba
Means "crown has found something to pet" in Yoruba.
Adesimbo f Yoruba
Means "noble birth" in Yoruba.
Adesina f Yoruba
Means "the crown has opened the way" in Yoruba.
Adesola f Yoruba
Means "the crown honored us" in Yoruba.
Adesua f Edo
Variant of Adesuwa.... [more]
Adesuwa f Edo
Means "in the midst of prosperity" in Edo.
Adetula m Yoruba
Means "royalty survived again" in Yoruba.
Adetule m Yoruba
Variant of Adetula.
Adetutu f & m Yoruba
Means "the crown is gentle" in Yoruba.
Adewonuola m & f Yoruba
Royalty enters wealth
Adewumi m & f Yoruba
Means "royalty attracts me" in Yoruba.
Adewuyi m & f Yoruba (Modern)
Means "royalty is prestigious" in Yoruba.
Adeya f Nigerian (Americanized)
Adeya means "a gift from God has come.“
Adeyinka f & m Yoruba
Means "the crown surrounds me" in Yoruba.
Adia f Igede, Swahili
Means "queen" in Igede and "(valuable) gift" in Swahili, from Hausa adia "gift".
Adiaba f Efik
Means "first daughter" in Efik.
Adiahaudo f Ibibio
Means "first daughter of a second son" in Ibibio.
Adigheji m Isoko (Rare)
Means "pillar of the house" in Isoko.
Adim m & f Efik
Adole m Idoma
Means "father of the house" in Idoma.
Aduke f Yoruba
Means "one (people) struggle(d) to care for" in Yoruba.
Adunni f Yoruba
Means "sweet to have" in Yoruba, composed by a meaning "a person", dun meaning "sweet" and ni meaning "have".... [more]
Affiong f Efik
Variant of Effiong.
Afiah m Efik
Means "fourth son" in Efik.
Afianwan f Ibibio
Means "fair lady" in Ibibio.
Afuluchianya m Igbo
Means "does one see God?" in Igbo.
Agbani f Nigerian
Meaning unknown.
Aghadinuno m Igbo
Means "war is in the house" in Igbo.
Ahamefuna m & f Igbo
Means "may my name not be lost" in Igbo.
Aidevo f Yoruba
Means "no one can change my destiny but God" in Yoruba.
Aina f Yoruba
Means "difficult birth" in Yoruba.
Ainose f & m Esan
Means "no one is greater than God" in Esan.
Ajaero m & f Igbo
Taken from the Igbo phrase ana aja gi n’ihu ana ero gi n’azu, meaning "they praise you to your face and mock you behind your back".
Ajani m & f Jamaican Patois, Yoruba
Means "one (we) fought to have" in Yoruba.
Ajoke f Yoruba
Means "jointly beloved" in Yoruba.
Ajonathan f Nigerian (Americanized, Rare)
The long version of Ajani, often seen in the mountain regions of Chimborazo
Akachukwu m Igbo
Means "hand of God" in Igbo.
Akande m Yoruba, Nigerian
means "first born"
Akanimoh m & f Efik
Means "greater than wealth" in Efik.
Akeredolu m & f Western African, Yoruba
Means "one who becomes prominent at a young age" or "he who reduces (humbles) himself in order to become king" in Yoruba.
Akhere m & f Western African, Esan
Means "the younger twin" in Esan.
Akin m Yoruba
Means "the brave one" in Yoruba.
Akinbolade m Yoruba
Means "bravery comes with wealth" in Yoruba.
Akinfela m Yoruba
Means "bravery expands the coast of wealth" in Yoruba.
Akintunde m Yoruba
Means "bravery returns" in Yoruba.
Akobundu m Igbo
Means "wisdom is life" in Igbo.
Akonawe m Isoko
Means "let the teeth laugh" in Isoko.
Akpadiaha m Ibibio
Means "first son of first daughter" in Ibibio.
Akpo m & f Edo
Means "short person" in Edo.
Akpoebi f & m Western African, Ijaw
Means "life is good" in Ijaw.
Akpomatunemibofa m & f Ijaw
Means "nobody has a knowledge of the world" in Ijaw.
Akpomofa f & m Ijaw
Means "the world is not as you think of it" in Ijaw.
Aku m Igbo
Means "wealth" in Igbo.
Akunna f Igbo
Means "father's wealth" in Igbo, from aku meaning "property, wealth" and nna meaning "father".
Akuwueziuka f & m Igbo
Means "prosperity is a good talk" in Igbo.
Akwa m Efik, Ibibio
Means "elder, senior" in Efik and Ibibio.
Akwaowo m Ibibio
Means "great man" in Ibibio.
Alabrah m Ijaw
Means "how long" in Ijaw.
Aladeinyefa f & m Ijaw
Means "nothing is superior to royalty" in Ijaw.
Alaere f Ijaw
Means "queen, woman of substance" in Ijaw.
Alafia f & m Yoruba
Means "peace" in Yoruba.
Alaowei m Ijaw
Means "noble man" in Ijaw.
Alata f Ijaw
Means "royal wife" in Ijaw.
Alatari m & f Ijaw
Means "king's love" or "love of royalty" in Ijaw.
Alawo f & m Yoruba
Alawo means "white, green" in Yoruba.... [more]
Alayingi f Ijaw (Rare)
Means "royal mother" in Ijaw.
Alazidei m Ijaw
Meaning "I have given birth to royalty" in Ijaw.
Alazimo f & m Ijaw
Means "born into royalty" in Ijaw.
Albarka f Hausa
Feminine form of Barak 2.
Alera f & m Ogoni
Means "enough" or "it is enough" in Khana.
Alika f Nigerian
Means “most beautiful” in Nigerian.
Altine f Hausa
From the Hausa word Lī̀tìnîn "Monday". This name is traditionally given to girls born on Monday.
Amaitari m Ijaw
Means "the town loves me" in Ijaw.
Amakama m Ijaw
Means "feast for the town" in Ijaw.
Amakedi m Ijaw
Means "look upon the town" in Ijaw.
Amaku m & f Efik
Of Eniong Origin
Amarachukwu f Nigerian, Igbo
Means "God's grace" in Igbo. (See Amara and Chukwu).
Amari m African, Yoruba, Western African
A noted bearer was a Damel of Cayor, Amari Ngoné Ndella, who ruled from 1790 AD to 1809 AD. The Kingdom of Cayor was one of the largest of most powerful kingdoms in what is now Senegal, existing from 1549 AD to 1879 AD.
Ambo m & f Efik
Amenaghawon f & m Western African, Edo
Literally translated to "the water you shall drink" in Edo, from the proverb Amen na gha won ighi le se omwan rhae, meaning "the water you shall drink will surely come to be", implying that what is destined to be, will be.
Amogechukwu f Igbo
Means "no one knows God's timing" in Igbo.
Amoke f & m Yoruba
Means "loving stroke" in Yoruba.
Anazia f African American (Modern), Nigerian
Transferred use of the surname Anazia.
Andino m & f Efik, Ibibio
Means "God the giver" in Ibibio and Efik.
Anekwe m Igbo
Means "let the gods not agree to bad things" in Igbo.
Aniamaowo f Efik
Means "who likes you" in Efik.
Aniebietabasi m & f Ibibio
Means "Who is like god?" in Ibibio.
Aniefiok m & f Nigerian, Ibibio
Means "who knows tomorrow?" in Ibibio.
Aniekan m & f Efik
Diminutive of Aniekanabasi.
Aniekanabasi m & f Western African, Ibibio, Efik
Means "who is greater than God?" in Ibibio and Efik.
Aniekpeno m & f Ibibio
Means "Who would have given me?" in Ibibio.
Anietie m Efik
Means "who could you compare to God?" in Efik.
Aniyom m & f Efik
Anjolaoluwa f Yoruba
Enjoying the blessings/wealth of God
Anuoluwapo m & f Yoruba
Means "God's mercy is plenty" in Yoruba.
Anwilika f Igbo
Means "joy is greater" in Igbo.
Anya-kati m & f Afizere
Means "favour" in Afizere.
Anyim m Nigerian
A notable bearer is Anyim Pius Anyim, a Nigerian politician.
Aondongu m Tiv
Means there is a God
Apaadi m Yoruba
Means "hell" in Yoruba.
Apapa m Ijaw
Means "groundnut" in Ijaw.
Arachie m & f Igbo
Possibly means "to have chosen a portion ahead of another; to supplant" in Igbo.
Aralola f Yoruba
Means "family is wealth" in Yoruba.
Archibong m Efik
Anglicised version of the Name Asibong.... [more]
Aret f Efik
Means "born on a market day" in Efik.
Armed m Indonesian, Nigerian
Indonesian and Nigerian form of Ahmed.
Aruk f Efik
Of Eniong Origin
Arukubu f & m Ijaw
Means "a child born in a canoe" in Ijaw.
Arziki f Hausa
Means "wealth, riches; prosperity" in Hausa.
Asabi f Yoruba
Means "one selected for birth" in Yoruba.
Asanye m & f Efik
Asari f Efik
The name Asari, which is originally an Efik name, means "choosy","selective".
Aseyiowu m Yoruba
Means "success" in Yoruba.
Asheazi f Eggon
A beautiful woman, precious woman
Ashilame m Nigerian, Eggon
Means "he saves me" in Eggon.
Asian m & f Ibibio
Means "one who is proud" in Ibibio.
Asisat f Nigerian
The name of the professional woman football player Asisat Oshoala, playing for FC Barcelona.
Atai m & f Efik
Atepekoungo m Zulu, Esan, Kongo, Mossi, Tooro, Yao
First used by King Atepekoungo of the Kingdom of Äsikoluboru in modern day Zïare.
Ateri f Nigerian, Eggon
Means "victory" in Eggon.
Atiba m & f Yoruba
Means "understanding" in Yoruba.
Atsen m Afizere
Atsen which means"Visitor" is a male given name among the Afizere people of Nigeria. who are predominantly in Jos Plateau and Bauchi State Nigeria.
Atsi m Afizere
Means "priest" in Afizere.
Awaran m & f Ijaw
Means "a child born during the august break in the rainy season" in Ijaw.
Awugoco m & f Agatu
Means "wonder of God" in Agatu.
Ayaba f African American (Rare), Yoruba (Rare), Nigerian (Rare), African (Rare)
From the Yoruba ayaba meaning "queen".
Ayakpo f & m Ijaw
Meaning "new world or life" in Ijaw.
Ayamma f Efik
Means "will you love me?" in Efik.
Ayanfeoluwa f & m Yoruba
It means the Lord's beloved
Ayanmo m & f Yoruba
Means "fate" in Yoruba.
Ayanti m & f Efik
Means "will you remember me?" in Efik.
Ayebatonye m & f Ijaw
Means "what God has destined" or "destiny" in Ijaw.
Ayebaye m & f Ijaw
Means "God's property" in Ijaw.
Ayibaemi f & m Ijaw
Means "God exists" in Ijaw.
Ayibaifie f Ijaw
Means "God's own time" in Ijaw.
Ayibanua f & m Ijaw
Means "thank God" in Ijaw.
Ayibatonbara f & m Ijaw
Means "the will of God" in Ijaw.
Ayinde m & f Yoruba
Means "we gave praises and he came" in Yoruba.
Ayobami m & f Yoruba
Means "joy has met me" in Yoruba.
Ayodeji m Yoruba
Means "joy has become two" in Yoruba.
Ayofela m & f Yoruba
Ayofela means Joy enlarges/increases ... [more]
Ayoka f Yoruba
Means "one we rejoice to pluck" in Yoruba.
Ayomidele m & f Yoruba
Means "my joy has come home" in Yoruba.
Ayoola m & f Yoruba
Means "the joy of success" in Yoruba.
Ayotundun f Yoruba
Means "joy is sweet" in Yoruba.
Azibo m Nigerian
Azibo means “youth” in Nigerian. It also means “Earth” in Egyptian.
Azu m Igbo
Means "fish" in Igbo.
Azubike m Igbo
Variant of Azubuike.
Azuka m Igbo
Means "the past is greater" or "my back is greater" in Igbo.
Azumi f Hausa
Means "month of fasting" in Hausa, traditionally given to girls born during Ramadan.
Babatope m & f Yoruba
A responsible father.
Bada m Yoruba
Possibly from Yoruba meaning "togerher with" and meaning "mix". It is likely a short form of another name.
Bade m Nigerian
The use of the name in Nigeria is likely due to the Bade Emirate, a traditional state in Yobe State, Nigeria, the home of the Bade people.
Bamikole m Yoruba
Bankole m Western African, Yoruba
Means "build my house for me" in Yoruba.
Baridakara f & m Ogoni
Means "God answers prayer(s)" in Khana.
Baridilo m & f Ogoni
God is with me
Barikpoa m Ogoni
Means "God save" in Khana.
Bariledum m Ogoni (Modern)
Means "God is alive" in Khana.
Barinedum m & f Ogoni
Khana, Gokana, Ogani: "God give life".
Barisua f & m Ogoni
Means "God knows" in Khana.
Batifeori m Yoruba (Rare)
Means "how we want it to be" in Yoruba.
Bebebomobo f & m Ijaw
Means "interpreter" in Ijaw.
Beduna m Nigerian, Ngas
The name BEDUNA is from plateau state Nigeria which means "is it bad?" It's a question name, when someone utter a word that is not good and didn't come to pass then you can ask him BEDUNA "is it bad?"
Bejide m Yoruba
Means "(one that) come(s) with rain" in Yoruba.
Beke m & f Ijaw, Ogoni
Means "America" or "American" in Khana and "English" in Ijaw.
Bekeara f Ijaw
Means "Englishwoman" in Ijaw.
Bekes f Ijaw
Short form of Bekeara.
Beleuzi f & m Ijaw
Means "first born" in Ijaw.
Beredugo f & m Ijaw
Means "judgement" in Ijaw.
Beritda m Ngas
BERITDA in Ngas language of plateau state means."""it turns out to be good?... [more]
Betabasi m & f Ibibio
Means "wait for god" in Ibibio.
Bi m Nigerian
Bura short form of Bitrus.
Bibinidei f Ijaw
Means "I have believed or accepted" in Ijaw.
Biboye f Ijaw
Means "destiny" in Ijaw.
Bidemi m & f Yoruba
Means "born awaiting me" in Yoruba.
Biebele f & m Ijaw
Means "joyful" in Ijaw.
Bimpẹ f Yoruba
Means "one who is gorgeous and beautiful" in Yoruba.
Bimpɛ f Yoruba
Beninese variant of Bimpẹ.
Binta f Hausa
From the Arabic بِنْت‎ (bint) meaning "daughter".
Biodun m & f Yoruba
Means "born during a festival" in Yoruba.
Bisi m & f Yoruba
Short form of names containing bisi, such as Adebisi.
Bmidɛlɛ f Yoruba
Beninese variant of Bmidele.
Bmidele f Yoruba
Means "follow me home" in Yoruba.
Bobolayefa f Ijaw
Means "nothing can be compared to my own" in Ijaw.
Bobomiegha f Ijaw
Means "I didn't do it on my own" in Ijaw.
Bodisere f Ijaw
Means "she likes to come to the world" in Ijaw.
Bokidara m & f Ibibio
Means "accept with joy" in Ibibio.
Bola f Yoruba
Short form of Bolanle, meaning "wealth coming". It is composed of bo ("come, coming") plus ǫlà ("riches, wealth").
Bolade m & f Yoruba
Means "comes with wealth" in Yoruba.
Bolouikie m & f Ijaw
Means "think of the future" in Ijaw.
Boluwaji m & f Yoruba
Means "wakes up with the lord" in Yoruba.
Boluwatife f Yoruba
Means "as god wishes, one who follows the will of god" in Yoruba.
Bomo f & m Ijaw
Means "praise" in Ijaw.
Boukazi m & f Ijaw
Means "a child born in a bush" in Ijaw.
Buboupakumo f Ijaw
Means "don't grow alone" in Ijaw.
Bukunmi m & f Yoruba
Means "add to me" in Yoruba.
Bunmi m & f Western African, Yoruba
Means "(God) gave me" in Yoruba.
Burabari f & m Ogoni
Means "God's will" in Ogoni.
Busayo m & f Yoruba
Means "added joy" in Yoruba.
Busola m & f Yoruba
Means "added wealth" in Yoruba.
Buwozi m & f Ijaw
Means "a child whose feet came out first before the head during birth" in Ijaw.
Chat f Nigerian
F, Bajju name from nigeria; it means, love or like
Chekwubechukwu m & f Igbo
Means "hope in God" in Igbo.
Chetanna m & f Igbo
Means "remember the father" in Igbo.
Chiazam f & m Igbo
Means "God answered me" in Igbo.
Chiazo m & f Igbo
Means "God saves" in Igbo.
Chibuifem m & f Igbo (Latinized, Rare)
Means "God is my light" in Igbo.
Chibuzor f & m Igbo
Means "God is the way" in Igbo.
Chidera m Igbo
Means "God is here" in Igbo.
Chidili m Igbo
Means "God be with me" in Igbo.
Chidiomimi m Igbo
"God is Mysterious"... [more]
Chidirim f & m Igbo
Means "God is With me" in Igbo.
Chiedozie m Igbo
Means "God will repair" in Igbo.
Chiejina m & f Igbo
Means "let the night not come" in Igbo.
Chiekwe m & f Igbo
Means "Chi 2 has allowed it" in Igbo.
Chiemeela m Igbo
This is a name that is given among the Igbos usually it has a celebratory undertone to it. It is formed by joining two words "CHI-EMEELA" - "God thank you" Chi-God and Emeela-thank you/well done Usually it is given to baby boys when the parents are satisfied or do not wish to have more children, especially if the gender of the child was sought after.
Chigbata m Nigerian
Igbo man and he is from Anambra state,Nigeria
Chikairanyelu f Igbo
Means "We’ve committed it to God" / "In God’s hands" in Igbo.
Chikamara m & f Igbo
Means "God knows best" or "God is wisdom" in Igbo.
Chikanma f & m Igbo
Means "God is the best" in Igbo.
Chikodinaka f African, Igbo
Means "in God's hands" in Igbo.
Chikwendu m Igbo, African
Means "God agrees to life", taken from the Igbo phrase o buru na chukwu kwe ndu ga-adi "if god agrees there will be life".
Chimamanda f Igbo
Means "my God will not fail me" in Igbo. A famous bearer is Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.
Chimdindu m Igbo
Means "my God is alive" in Igbo.