Isoko Submitted Names

Isoko names are used by the Isoko people of southern Nigeria.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Adigheji m Isoko (Rare)
Means "pillar of the house" in Isoko.
Akonawe m Isoko
Means "let the teeth laugh" in Isoko.
Edoghogho m & f African, Isoko, Edo
This name which means "Day of Joy," originates from the Isoko and Edo ethnolinguistic groups of Southern Nigeria which is located on the West Coast of Africa. Broken down, it means: "Ede - Day" and "Oghogho - joy" (Which is also very common as a name in both these cultures) When combined however, it morphs into the spelling: "Edoghogho" meaning "Day of Joy" or "The Day of Joy." Phonetically, it can be pronounced "Ed-o-ghor-ghor" with the "r" silent.
Evioghene f & m Isoko, Urhobo, Nigerian
It is a name beared by the isoko uhrobo language speaking people in Delta state, Nigeria.... [more]
Irorezi f Isoko (Rare)
Means "good thoughts" in Isoko.
Ogheneoboakpororo m Isoko, Urhobo, Nigerian
Its origin is isoko and uhrobo, in Delta state, Nigeria. ... [more]