Friulian Submitted Names

Friulian names are used in the Friuli region of Italy.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ANUTE f Friulian
Friulian name related to Anna.
JACUM m Friulian
Friulian form of Iacomus (see James).
LISSANDRI m Friulian
Friulian form of Alexander.
MIRA f Italian, Friulian
Feminine form of Roman Mirus.
MIRIA f Friulian
Variant of Mira.
MIRVANA f Friulian
Of uncertain origin and meaning. This name has been in use from the 8th century onwards.
NEVA f Friulian, Tuscan
Variant of Nives.
ODERICA f Friulian
Feminine form of Odorico.
PIERI m Friulian
Friulian form of Peter.
TUONE m Italian, Friulian, Dalmatian, South Slavic
Short form of Antonio. A notable bearer was Tuone Udaina (1823 – June 10, 1898), the last speaker of Dalmatian language.
ZIROLAMO m Friulian
Friulian and Ladinian form of Girolamo.