Venetian Submitted Names

Venetian names are used in the Veneto region of Italy by speakers of Venetian. See also about Italian names.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ALVISA f Venetian
Feminine form of ALVISE.
ANZOLA f Venetian (Archaic)
Venetian form of ANGELA. (Cf. ANGIOLA.)
ASUNZSION f Venetian
Venetian form of Assunzione.
DOLFIN m Venetian (Archaic), Medieval Italian (Tuscan)
Derived from the Latin name Delphinus, which meant "of Delphi". Delphi was a city in ancient Greece, the name of which is possibly related to Greek δελφύς (delphys) "womb".
ISEPPA f Venetian
Feminine form of ISEPPO and Venetian variant of GIUSEPPA.
ISEPPO m Venetian
Venetian form of GIUSEPPE.
JIJO m Venetian
Cognate of LOUIS.
JUXEPE m Venetian
Venetian form of JOSEPH.
ŁUCA m Venetian
Venetian form of LUKE.
MAFEO m Venetian (Archaic), Medieval Italian (Tuscan)
Archaic Venetian and Tuscan form of MATTEO.
POLIUTA f Venetian (Rare)
Italian feminine form of POLYEUKTOS.
RAMBALDO m Venetian (Archaic), Medieval Italian (Tuscan)
From the Ancient Germanic Ragimbald, comprised of ragin "advice" and bald "bold".
SIMA f Venetian
Venetian form of CYMA.
TODERINA f Genoese (Archaic), Venetian (Archaic)
Diminutive of Todera, as -ina is an Italian feminine diminutive suffix. In other words, this name is the feminine equivalent of TODERINO.... [more]
TODERINO m Venetian (Archaic)
Diminutive of TODERO, as -ino is an Italian masculine diminutive suffix.
TODERO m Venetian (Archaic), Literature
Venetian form of TEODORO. In literature, Todero is the name of the main character of Sior Todero brontolon (1761-1762), a Venetian-language play written by the Italian playwright Carlo Goldoni (1707-1793).
VITAŁE m Venetian
Venetian form of VITALE.
ZANETTA f Venetian (Archaic)
Venetian diminutive of GIOVANNA. This was name borne by Maria Giovanna "Zanetta" Farussi (1707-1776), mother of the famous adventurer Giacomo Casanova.
ZANNI m Italian, Venetian
A Venetian form of GIANNI. Zanni or Zani is a comic figure in the 'Commedia dell'arte', which is the origin of the English word zany.
ZILIA f Venetian (Archaic)
Venetian short form of CECILIA.
ZOIA f Venetian
Venetian form of GIOIA.
ZORZE m Venetian (Archaic)
Venetian form of GIORGIO.
ZORZI m Venetian (Archaic), Medieval Italian, Sardinian
Variant of GIORGI. Used as a surname in modern day.