Medieval Spanish Submitted Names

These names were used by medieval Spanish peoples.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ADOSINDA f Ancient Germanic (Gothic), Medieval Spanish
Visigothic name possibly derived from the Germanic elements aud "wealth" and sinþs "path". This was the name of an 8th-century queen of Asturias, Spain. It was also borne by the maternal grandmother of the 10th-century Galician saint Rosendo (as well as a sister of his).
AZNARO m Medieval Spanish
Spanish form of Aznar.
BEATRIS f Russian (Rare), Medieval Occitan, Medieval Spanish, Medieval Flemish, Czech (Rare), Breton
Russian, Breton, medieval Spanish and medieval Occitan form of Beatrix as well as a Czech variant of that name.
BERNALDO m Medieval Spanish
Possibly a Spanish form of Bernwald or a variant of Bernardo.
CASTELLANA f Medieval Italian, Medieval Spanish, Medieval Catalan
Directly taken from Latin castellana "a (female) castellan; a damsel" as well as "of or pertaining to a castle".
CRISTOVAL m Medieval Spanish
Medieval Spanish variant of Cristóbal.
DOMENGA f Medieval Spanish, Medieval Basque
Medieval Spanish and Medieval Basque form of Dominica.
ERMENGARDA f Medieval Occitan, Medieval Spanish
Occitan and Spanish form of Ermingard.
FALCONA f Medieval Spanish
Derived from Old High German falco "falcon".
FERRANDO m Medieval Italian, Aragonese, Medieval Spanish
Spanish variant and Medieval Italian and Aragonese form of Fernando.
FLAÍN m Medieval Spanish
Derived from Latin Flavinus.
GILO m Medieval French, Medieval Italian, Medieval Spanish, Medieval Catalan
Short form of various names beginning with Proto-Germanic *gailaz "merry, excited; beautiful; lush, lustful".
GRAVIEL m Medieval Spanish, Medieval Portuguese
Medieval Spanish and medieval Portuguese variant of Gabriel.
ILDUARA f Medieval Portuguese, Medieval Spanish, Medieval Galician
A regional Medieval Latin name, from a Suevic or Gothic name, reconstructed in Proto-Germanic as *Hildiwarō, composed of the elements hild "battle" and warin "to guard, protect".
INESO m Medieval Spanish
Masculino de Inés... [more]
IÑIGUEZ f Medieval Spanish
Possibly derived from the masculine given name Íñigo.
MADELENA f Medieval Portuguese, Medieval Spanish
Medieval Portuguese and medieval Spanish variant of Magdalena.
MARCULFO m Medieval Italian, Medieval Spanish
Italian and Spanish form of Marculf.
MARQUESSA f Medieval Spanish
Derived from Old French markis, marchis "marquis", ultimately from Old High German marka "march; fortified area along a border".
MENCIA f Medieval Spanish, Medieval Basque
Of uncertain origin and meaning. Current theories include a derivation from Gallo-Latin Mincius, which itself may be contracted from Minicius or Minucius, or a variant of Minthius.
MONNIA f Medieval Spanish
Possibly an adoption of Basque Munia.
ORDOÑO m Medieval Spanish
Of unknown meaning and origin. Possibly ultimately from Latin Fortunius meaning "fortunate". First found in Asturias, and the name of several medieval kings there and in Leon.
ORECA f Medieval Spanish
Medieval Spanish variant of Urraca.
POLO m Spanish, English, Italian, English (American), Medieval Spanish, Medieval Italian
This name likely roots from Paolo or Paulo, and Polo is a variant of both. It can be used in association with the sport also, but very rarely is.
RECAREDO m Medieval Spanish (Rare)
Medieval Spanish form of Reccared.
REYHER m Medieval Spanish (Spanish, Rare)
There is a River by the name of REYHER! It's location is close to the city of Prague. Once belonged to Orissa. River is still there!
SANCIA f Medieval Spanish, Gascon
(Medieval) Spanish and Gascon form of Sanctia.
SANDALIUS m Medieval Spanish (Latinized)
The name of a 4th century martyr from Cordoba. The name is also recorded as Sandulf, a Germanic name formed from the name elements SAND "truth" and WOLF "wolf".
SERVUSDEI m Medieval Spanish
From Latin servus dei "servant of God".... [more]
TARESA f Medieval Spanish
Medieval Spanish form of Teresa.
TEGRIDA f Medieval Spanish
Medieval Spanish variant of Tigris.
TODA f Medieval Basque, Medieval Spanish, Medieval Portuguese
A famous bearer of this name is Queen Toda of Navarre.
URRACA f Medieval Spanish, Medieval Basque
Derived from Spanish urraca "magpie", ultimately from Latin furax "thievish". Several medieval queens of Navarre bore this name.
VELASQUITA f Medieval Spanish
Feminine diminutive of Velasco. Velasquita Ramírez was an 11th-century queen consort of León as the first wife of King Bermudo II.
YNES f Medieval Spanish
Medieval Spanish form of Inés.