Filipino Submitted Names

Filipino names are used on the island nation of the Philippines.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ABDILLAH m Indonesian, Malay, Filipino, Maranao, Maguindanao
Indonesian, Malay, Maranao, and Maguindanao form of ABD ALLAH.
ABDULATIP m Filipino, Maguindanao, Dagestani, Avar, Kumyk, Indonesian (Rare)
Maguindanao, Dagestani and Indonesian form of ABD AL-LATIF.
ABDULAZIS m Filipino, Maranao, Maguindanao, Indonesian
Maranao, Maguindanao and Indonesian form of ABD AL-AZIZ.
Maranao form of ABD AL-KARIM.
Maranao form of ABD AL-MALIK.
ABDURAHMAN m Arabic, Indonesian, Filipino, Tausug, Bosnian
Arabic alternate transcription of ABD AL-RAHMAN as well as the Indonesian, Tausug and Bosnian form.
Tausug form of ABDUR RAZZAQ.
ABHIE f Filipino
Variant of ABBIE.
ABIAN m Filipino
Means "friend" in Bikol.
ABIGAEL f & m English, English (African), Spanish (Latin American), Filipino
Variant of ABIGAIL. Masculine usage is mostly restricted to Latin America and the Philippines (though it is still more often used as a feminine name in that part of the world).
ABUBACAR m Filipino, Maranao
Maranao form of ABU BAKR.
ABULKHAIR m Arabic, Kazakh, Maranao
Derived from Arabic أَبُو (ʾabū) meaning "father (of)" combined with خَيْر (ḵayr) meaning "goodness, good".
ACEL f Filipino
The name of the Philippine singer Acel Bisa-Van Ommen. It was probably created from her full given name Maria Cecilia.
ACMAD m Filipino, Maranao, Maguindanao, Indonesian
Maranao, Maguindanao and Indonesian form of AHMAD.
ADA f Filipino
From the Tagalog word ada "fairy", borrowed from Spanish hada with the same meaning.
ADORABELLA f English (American, Modern, Rare), Filipino (Rare)
This name can be a derivation of the Latin adjective adorabilis meaning "adorable, worthy of adoration" as well as be a combination of the names ADORA and BELLA.
AGANI m Ilocano, Filipino, Maranao
From Ilocano and Maranao agani meaning "harvest".
AIAN m Spanish (Latin American), Filipino
Possibly a form of AIA or AINA or IAN.
AIREEN f Filipino
Likely a phonetic variant of IRENE.
AISAH f Indonesian, Filipino, Maranao, Malay
Indonesian, Maranao and Malay form of AISHA.
AKMAD m Filipino, Maguindanao, Tausug, Indonesian
Maguindanao, Tausug and Indonesian form of AHMAD.
ALAB m Filipino
Means "blaze" in Tagalog.
ALAD m Filipino
"a fence" from Filipino dialect Ilocano.... [more]
ALADIN m Arabic, Filipino, Maguindanao, Indonesian, Bosnian
Arabic alternate transcription of ALA AL-DIN as well as the Maguindanao, Indonesian and Bosnian form.
ALAIZA f Basque, Filipino, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish (Latin American)
Taken from the name of a Marian church in the greater Álava area.... [more]
ALAMON m Tagalog, Cebuano, Filipino
From Tagalog alam (from Malay alam, ultimately from Arabic عَالَم‎ (ālam, “world, universe”) meaning "knowledge, learning, wisdom, understanding".
ALDIMAR m Filipino, Tausug
Meaning uncertain, possibly of Arabic origin.
ALDIR m & f Filipino
Meaning “smart but timid”
ALDRIX m South American, Filipino
Possibly a variant of ALDRIC, used rarely in South America and the Philippines.
ALECKS m Filipino
Variant of ALEX
ALERIE f Filipino (Rare)
Possibly a variant of ALARIE.
ALEXANDRITE f English (Rare), Filipino (Rare)
From the name of a chrysoberyl that displays a colour change depending on the light source, named after the Russian tsar Alexander II of Russia (1818-1881).
ALIH m Filipino, Tausug, Indonesian
Tausug and Indonesian form of ALI (1).
ALKAID m & f Filipino, Astronomy
Means "the leader", derived from Arabic قائد بنات نعش qā'id bināt naʿsh, meaning "leader of the daughters of the bier". This is the traditional name of the star Eta Ursae Majoris in the constellation Ursa Major.
ALLYANA f Filipino
Variant of ALIANA.
ALLYANNA f Filipino
Variant of ALIANA.
ALMAIRAH f Maranao
Possibly a variant of ALMIRAH.
ALMIRAH f Maranao, Maguindanao
Feminine form of AL-AMIR.
ALPHERATZ f Astronomy, Filipino (Rare)
Derived from Arabic surrat al-faras ("the navel of the mare"). This is a traditional name of the star Alpha Andromedae in the constellation ANDROMEDA.
ALYANNA f Filipino
Variant of ALIANA.
Variation of Alison with the popular feminine diminutive suffix -ette
ALYZZA f Filipino
AMABELL f Filipino
Variant of AMABEL.
AMANODIN m Maranao
Maranao form of Amanuddin.
AMANTE m Filipino, Italian
Derived from Latin AMANTIUS.
AMER m Filipino, Maranao, Maguindanao
Maranao and Maguindanao form of AMIR (1).
AMERA f Arabic, Maranao, Maguindanao
Alternate transcription of AMIRAH as well as the Maranao and Maguindanao form.
AMERAH f Maranao
Maranao form of AMIRAH.
AMERIL m Filipino, Maguindanao, Maranao
Meaning uncertain, probably of Arabic origin.
ANATALIA f Filipino, Spanish (Latin American)
Alteration of ANATOLIA, perhaps influenced by NATALIA. In some cases it may be a combination of ANA and Talia.
ANDOY m Filipino, Tagalog
Diminutive of ANDRÉS.
ANEWOR f Filipino
The reverse spelling of ROWENA.
ANGELICO m Italian, Filipino
Masculine form of ANGELICA.
ANGELING f Filipino, Tagalog
Diminutive of ANGEL, ANGELA, ANGELINA and similar names.
ANGELITO m Spanish (Rare), Filipino
Diminutive of ÁNGEL used particularly in the Philippines.
ANGGE f Filipino, Tagalog
Diminutive of ANGEL, ANGELA, ANGELINA and similar names.
ANISAH f Arabic, Indonesian, Malay, Filipino, Maranao, Thai (Muslim)
Arabic alternate transcription of ANISA as well as the Indonesian, Malay, Maranao and Thai form.
ANOK m Filipino
Means "wise ruler" in Tagalog.
APRILETTE f Filipino
Combination of the name APRIL and the diminutive suffix -ette.
APRILYN f Filipino
Combination of APRIL and the suffix -LYN
ARANDELA m & f Filipino
Spanish origin meaning a flat discus or a washer. In Serbian origin, Arandel meaning chief angel or archangel so adding the A in Arandel to form Arandela gives it a feminine characteristic meaning Female Archangel.
ARAW m & f Tagalog
Means "sun" in Tagalog.
ARCELI f Filipino
Possibly a combination of ARLENE and CELIA, or, more likely, a truncated form of ARACELI.
ARDY m Indonesian, Filipino
Meaning uncertain.
ARNEL m Croatian, Filipino, Spanish, Bosnian
Male name of uncertain origin, possibly a form of ARNOLD.
ARTHLYN f Jamaican Patois (Rare), Filipino (Rare)
Possibly intended as a feminization of ARTHUR.
ARTHURO m Filipino
Variant of ARTURO.
ASNAWI m Indonesian, Filipino, Maranao, Malay
From the name of medieval Arab writer and scholar Jamal al-Din al-Asnawi (1305-1370), whose name was derived from the Egyptian city of Esna.
ASTERIO m Filipino, Italian, Spanish
Italian and Spanish form of ASTERIUS.
ASTRUD f Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare), Filipino, Dutch (Rare), English (Rare)
A famous bearer is Brazilian vocalist Astrud Gilberto (1940-).
ASYONG m Filipino, Tagalog
Diminutive of IGNACIO, NICASIO and similar names.
ATANG f Filipino, Tagalog
Diminutive of RENATA.
AURING f Filipino, Tagalog
Diminutive of AURORA.
AVRIAL f Filipino
The meaning of this name has multiple but here’s just one- Intriguing, arousing the curiosity of others
AYEZZA f Filipino (Rare)
Meaning unknown.
AYIN f Filipino, English, Indonesian
Possibly from the Proto-Semetic *ʿayn- meaning "eye".
AYO m Ilocano, Filipino
From Ilocano ayo meaning "instinct, natural impulse".
AZIS m Indonesian, Malay, Filipino, Maranao, Albanian
Indonesian, Malay, Maranao and Albanian form of AZIZ.
AZIURA m Filipino (Modern)
taken from the word "Azure" which means 'bight blue' or 'sky blue'. It can also be the "Azure" that means 'heaven'.
AZUL f & m Spanish, Portuguese, Filipino, Apache
From Spanish and Portuguese azul meaning "blue."... [more]
BABYLYN f Filipino
Combination of BABY and the popular suffix -lyn.
BADRODIN m Filipino, Maguindanao, Indonesian (Rare)
Maguindanao and Indonesian form of BADR AL-DIN.
BADRUDIN m Indonesian, Filipino, Maguindanao
Indonesian and Maguindanao form of BADR AL-DIN.
BAGWIS ᜊᜄ᜔ᜏᜒᜐ᜔ m Filipino, Tagalog
Means "soft wing feather (of a bird)" in Tagalog.
BAHANDI m & f Cebuano (Rare)
Means "wealth, riches" in Cebuano.
BANAWAG m Filipino
Masculine form of LIWAYWAY.
BANOY m Filipino
Means "eagle" in Tagalog.
BASHER m Arabic, Maranao, Urdu
Alternate transcription of BASHIR as well as the Maranao form.
BATO m Cebuano, Filipino
From Cebuano bato meaning "a rock, pebble, stone or boulder; a gemstone".
BENAR m & f Filipino, Maranao
From Maranao benar meaning "true, truly".
BENICA f Filipino, African American
Feminine variant of BENJAMIN or Ben.
BENILDA f Filipino, Spanish, Polish (Rare)
Spanish variant and Polish form of the Germanic name BERNHILDE, which came into common usage thanks to the martyr and saint Benilde de Córdoba (known as Saint Benildis in English, died circa 853).... [more]
BERCHAN m Irish, Filipino
A well-known saint of the early Irish church was named Berchan the Prophet of Clonsast in King's Co., but often called Brachan by Metathesis. Often used as a surname.
BERNABE m Spanish (Latin American, Americanized, Rare), Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare), Filipino (Hispanicized, Rare)
Unaccented form of BERNABÉ used mainly in America and the Philippines. It's also used in Brazil.... [more]
BERTING m Filipino
From the name BERTO combined with the suffix -ing.
BETONG m Filipino, Tagalog
Diminutive of ALBERTO, ROBERTO and similar names.
BIGHANI f Filipino, Tagalog
From Tagalog bighani meaning "allurement, fascination, charming".
BIRING f Filipino, Tagalog
Diminutive of VIRGINIA.
BIYAYA f Tagalog, Filipino
From Tagalog biyaya meaning "grace".
BLESS f & m English, Filipino
From the English word bless meaning "to consecrate or confer divine favor upon".
BLESSICA f Filipino (Rare)
Possibly a combination of the English word bless meaning "to confer blessing upon" and the suffix -ica taken from names like JESSICA.
BOLAWAN f Maranao
Means "gold" in Maranao.
BRILLANTE m Spanish, Filipino
Means "brilliant, sparkly, gemstone" in Spanish. A notable bearer was Brillante Mendoza (1960-), a Filipino independent film director.
BUENSUCESO f & m Spanish (Rare), Filipino (Rare)
From a Spanish title of the Virgin Mary, Nuestra Señora del Buen Suceso, meaning "Our Lady of the Good Event," referring to the Purification of Mary and the Presentation of Jesus.... [more]
BUHAWI m Tagalog (Rare), Filipino (Rare)
From Tagalog buhawi meaning "cyclone, whirlwind, tornado"
BULAK f Cebuano
Means "flower" in Cebuano.
BULAKLAK ᜊᜓᜎᜃ᜔ᜎᜃ᜔ f Filipino, Tagalog
Means "flower" in Tagalog.
BULANON m & f Filipino
came from the visayan word bulan- meaning moon bulanon means fullmoon
BULAWAN f & m Cebuano
old term for gold, can also mean someone of with golden skin or tanned by the sun
BUSILAK ᜊᜓᜐᜒᜎᜃ᜔ f & m Filipino, Tagalog
Means "immaculate, clean" in Tagalog.
BUTCHOY m Filipino, Tagalog
Diminutive of BUTCH.
BUWAN f & m Tagalog
Means "moon" in Tagalog. It is not often used as a given name.
CALOY m Filipino
Diminutive of CARLOS.
CAMILITA f Spanish, Filipino
Diminutive of CAMILA.
CARITINA f Spanish, Spanish (Mexican), Filipino (Rare), Italian (Rare)
Spanish and Italian form of CHARITINE. This name is mostly used in Mexico.
CAROLENE f English (American, Rare), Filipino (Rare)
Variant of CAROLINE, influenced by names ending in the popular name element -lene.
CARTERIO m Italian (Archaic), Spanish (Latin American, Rare), Filipino (Rare)
Italian and Spanish form of KARTERIOS via its latinized form CARTERIUS.
CATRINA f Spanish (Latin American), Filipino
Either a Spanish form of KATRINA or taken from the Spanish word catrina "elegant".
CELING f Filipino, Tagalog
Diminutive of CELIA, CELESTE, MARCELA and names that start with or contain cel.
CHABETTIE f Filipino
Combination of BETTIE and the common Filipino prefix -cha.
CHANENA f Filipino
Combination of the given name NENA and the popular Filipino suffix Cha-.
CHARINA f Spanish, Filipino
Diminutive of ROSARIO.
CHECA f Filipino (Rare)
Filipino form of CHICA.
CHECHE f Filipino, Tagalog
Diminutive of CHERYL.
CHESA f Filipino
Meaning "celestial."
CHESKA f English, Filipino
Diminutive of FRANCESCA.
CHRISELDA f Afrikaans, South African, Filipino
Presumably a variant of GRISELDA, influenced by names beginning with "Chris-", such as CHRISTINE.
CHRYSALIS f & m English (Rare), Filipino (Rare)
From the word referring to the pupa of a butterfly or moth or the cocoon where the pupa is enclosed inside, derived via Latin from Ancient Greek χρυσαλλίς (khrusallís), from χρυσός (khrusós) meaning "gold."... [more]
CHUCHAY f Filipino, Tagalog
Diminutive of JESUSA.
CIELA f English (Modern, Rare), Filipino, Spanish (Latin American, Modern, Rare)
Either a modern variant of CIELO or a truncated form of names that end in -ciela.
CLAIRDELUNE f Filipino (Rare)
Means "moonlight" in french, this name is common but also rare in the island country of the Philippines.
CONSOLACION f Filipino, Spanish, Various
Unaccented form of CONSOLACIÓN, largely used in the Philippines.
CONSUELITO f & m Spanish (Latin American), Filipino (Rare)
Mostly feminine diminutive of CONSUELO. In the Philippines, this name is used on both genders.
CORA f Filipino, Tagalog
Short form of CORAZON.
CORAZON f Filipino, American (Hispanic), Various
Variant of CORAZÓN used outside Spain and Latin America.
Likely taken from the surname CORONACION.
CORY f Filipino
Diminutive of CORAZON. The first female president of the Philippines, Corazon Aquino, is popularly known as Cory Aquino.
COSAIN m Maranao
Maranao form of HUSAYN.
CRISING f Filipino, Tagalog
Diminutive of CRISTINA, CRISANTA and similar names.
CRISTALYN f Filipino
Combination of CRISTAL and the popular name suffix lyn.
CRISTITA f Filipino
Diminutive of CRISTA.
CZAR m Filipino
Derived from CAESAR via its Old Russian cognate tsĭsarĭ (tsar in modern Russian).
CZARINA f Filipino, English
Feminine form of CZAR.
DALING f Filipino, Tagalog
Diminutive of DALIA (1).
DALMACIO m Spanish, Galician, Cebuano
Spanish and Galician form of DALMATIUS.
DANELIA f Spanish (Latin American), English (Rare), Filipino (Rare)
Probably a shift from DANIELA. Regarding Latin American usage, it is mainly used in Nicaragua and neighbouring Honduras.
DANI m Filipino, Cebuano
From Cebuano dani meaning "persuade, win over, convince, captivate, allure".
DANILYN f Filipino
Combination of DANI (1) and LYNN.
DARI f Filipino
the history of this name is unknown, but the meaning is "grace, or to be graceful"
DARISAY f Ilocano, Filipino, Maranao
From Ilocano darisay meaning "of good quality, pure, clear" and from Maranao darisay meaning "greatness".
DARLING f & m English, Spanish (Latin American), Filipino
Transferred use of the surname DARLING, or else derived directly from the word.
DARNA f Filipino, Popular Culture
Darna is a fictional character and superheroine created by Filipinokomiks (Philippine colloquial term for comics) legend Mars Ravelo. In her more popular incarnations, she is a warrior from outer space manifesting herself through a girl from Earth, named NARDA.... [more]
DATIVA f Eastern African, Portuguese, Spanish, Filipino
Feminine form of Latin adjective datīvus meaning "giving." It is mostly used in Eastern Africa, mainly Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda.
DATIVO m Portuguese, Spanish, Filipino
Masculine form of DATIVA.
DATUALI m Filipino, Maguindanao
From the Philippine title datu meaning "chief, leader" and the given name ALI (1).
DAYANG f Malay, Tausug, Sama-Bajau
Means "young lady, lady-in-waiting" in Malay.
DAYAO m & f Cebuano
Dayaw has no exactly one translation in English language because it can mean extremely beautiful or friendly or strong... [more]
DAYLINDA f Filipino, Cebuano
Meaning uncertain.
DELING f Filipino, Tagalog
Diminutive of DELIA (1), ADELA, ADELINA and similar names.
DENMARK m English (American), Filipino
Name borne by Denmark Vesey, freed slave.... [more]
DHORA f Filipino
Likely a variant of DORA.
DIAYA f Ilocano, Filipino
From Ilocano diaya meaning "gift, gift giving, offering".
DIDANG f Filipino, Tagalog
Diminutive of CÁNDIDA.