Portuguese (African) Submitted Names

These names are a subset of Portuguese names used more often in Africa (in regions where Portuguese is spoken as a first or second language). See also about Portuguese names.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Admeto m Italian (Rare), Portuguese (African, Rare), Theatre
Italian, Portuguese and Spanish form of Admetus.
Alcínia f Portuguese (African)
Portuguese elaboration of Alcina.
Apolinário m Portuguese (African), Louisiana Creole (Rare)
Portuguese and Louisiana Spanish form of Apollinaris.
Aquino m American (Hispanic, Rare), Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare), Spanish (Philippines), South American (Rare), Portuguese (African, Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Aquino. Likely in some cases it has been used as a given name in honour of the 13th-century saint Thomas Aquinas.
Bendito m Portuguese (African)
Means "blessed" in Portuguese.
Creusa f Greek Mythology (Latinized), Roman Mythology, Portuguese (Brazilian), Portuguese (African), Italian (Rare)
Latinized form of Greek Κρέουσα (Kreousa) meaning "princess", from κρέων (kreon) "king, royal" (compare Kreon). This was the name of the first wife of Aeneas, who was killed in the sack of Troy and then appeared to her husband as a ghost, encouraging him to move on without her and seek a new city.
Edilson m Portuguese (Brazilian), Portuguese (African), Spanish (Latin American)
Possibly a variant of Edison inspired by the name element adal, meaning "noble".
Egas m Medieval Portuguese, Portuguese (African)
Medieval Portuguese name, probably of Visigothic origin. It is likely from Proto-Germanic *agjō meaning "blade" (compare Ago and Egon).
Elizeth f Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare), Portuguese (African, Rare), Spanish (Latin American, Rare)
Possibly a contraction of Elizabeth used in Latin America and Angola; also compare Lizeth. A famous bearer of this name was Elizeth Cardoso (1920-1990), a Brazilian singer and actress... [more]
Fiambre f & m Portuguese (African)
Europe and Africa. Isnt more used.
Gerson m Catalan (Rare), Portuguese (Brazilian), Portuguese (African), Judeo-Provençal
Catalan and Judeo-Provençal form of Gershon and African and Brazilian Portuguese variant of Gérson.
Inocência f Portuguese (African)
Portuguese feminine form of Innocentius (see Innocent).
Inocêncio m Portuguese (African)
Portuguese form of Innocentius (see Innocent).
Ireneu m Catalan, Corsican, Sicilian, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Portuguese (African), Galician
Catalan, Corsican, Sicilian, Galician and Portuguese form of Ireneus.
Josimar m Portuguese (Brazilian), Portuguese (African)
Variant of Josmar. A famous bearer of this name, who popularized the use of Josimar as an independent name, is the Brazilian soccer player Josimar Higino Pereira.
Lindalva f Portuguese (Brazilian), Portuguese (African)
Contraction of Linda and Dalva. This name was borne by Blessed Lindalva Justo de Oliveira.
Neurite f Portuguese (African)
Of unknown origin and meaning.... [more]
Ofelio m Portuguese (African), Spanish (Mexican)
Likely a masculine form of Ofelia.
Rosiliria f Portuguese (African, Rare)
Possibly from Portuguese rosa "rose" and lírio "lily" (cf. Alíria).
Senhorinha f Portuguese (Brazilian), Portuguese (African, Rare)
Diminutive of Portuguese senhora "mistress, lady".
Stiviandra f Obscure, Portuguese (African, Rare)
Stiviandra Oliveira (born 1989) is an Angolan model and winner of Miss Angola 2006.
Tomázia f Portuguese (Brazilian), Portuguese (African), Hungarian
Portuguese feminine form of Tomás and Hungarian feminine form of Tamás.
Valdemiro m Portuguese (Brazilian), Portuguese (African)
Portuguese form of Waldemar. Also compare Valdomiro. A known bearer of this name is the Brazilian evangelical pastor Valdemiro Santiago (b... [more]
Xadreque m Portuguese (African)
Portuguese form of Shadreck. It is mostly used in Mozambique.
Zenilda f Portuguese (Brazilian), Portuguese (African)
Combination of and Nilda or else a variant of Zeneide.
Zinha f Portuguese (African)
Likely a short form of names ending in -zinha such as Mariazinha and Florazinha.