Gender Masculine
Pronounced Pron. /ˈnɛl.sən/(English)  [key·simplify]

Meaning & History

From an English surname meaning "son of Neil". It was originally given in honour of the British admiral Horatio Nelson (1758-1805). His most famous battle was the Battle of Trafalgar, in which he destroyed a combined French and Spanish fleet, but was himself killed. Another notable bearer was the South African statesman Nelson Mandela (1918-2013). Mandela's birth name was Rolihlahla; as a child he was given the English name Nelson by a teacher.

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesNélson(Portuguese)
Same SpellingNélson


People think this name is

classic   mature   formal   upper class   wholesome   strong   refined   simple   serious  

Name Days

France: February 3


Entry updated April 5, 2022