Biblical French Submitted Names

These names appear in French versions of the Bible. See also about biblical names.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Abdenago m Biblical Greek, Biblical French, Biblical Italian
Greek form of Abednego, as it first appeared in the Septuagint.
Absolon m Biblical French, Hungarian
French and Hungarian form of Absalom.
Archippe m Biblical French
French form of Archippos via its latinized form Archippus.
Batchéba f Biblical French
This form of Bathsheba is used in the Nouvelle Français courant (NFC) translation of the Bible. Batcheba Louis is a Haitian soccer player.
Caïn m Biblical French
French form of Cain.
Crescent m History (Ecclesiastical), Biblical Romanian, Biblical French, French (Rare), English (Rare)
French and Romanian form and English variant of Crescens. In the English-speaking world, it is now considered a nature name referring to the phase of the moon, derived from Old French creissant, ultimately from Latin crescere "come forth, spring up, grow, thrive".... [more]
Cresentia f Biblical French (Latinized, Modern)
This feminine name has Old French and Latin roots, as well as Swiss origins, and comes from the name Crescent or Cresentius. Translating to "increasing" or... [more]
Ésaü m Biblical French
French form of Esau.
Évodie f Biblical French, French (Rare), French (African), French (Belgian, Rare)
French form of Euodia via its latinized form Evodia.
Ézéchias m French, Biblical French
French form of Hezekiah via it's Latinized form Ezechias.
Gomère m Biblical French
French form of Gomer.
Hénoch m Biblical French
French form of Enoch.
Jisca f Biblical Swedish, Biblical French
Cognate of Iscah used in French and some Swedish translations of the Bible.
Joachaz m Biblical Latin, Biblical, Biblical French, Biblical Polish
French, Polish, and Latin form and variant of Jehoahaz.
Jossué m Biblical French
Variant of Josué used in some translations of the Bible.
Kénan m Biblical French
French form of Kenan 1.
Manassé m Biblical French, Biblical Hungarian
French and Hungarian form of Manasseh.
Melchisédech m French (Rare, Archaic), Biblical French
French form of Melchizedek. This name was borne by French author Melchisédech Thévenot (c. 1620 - 1692)
Néhémie m & f Biblical French, French (Modern), French (Belgian, Modern, Rare)
French form of Nehemiah. While this is originally a masculine name, it has also been used as a feminine name in recent years.
Ochozias m Biblical Latin, Ancient Hebrew (Latinized), Biblical French
French and Latinized form of Ahaziah via it's Hellenized form Okhozias.
Ponce m Biblical French
French form of Pontius.
Saül m Catalan, French (Rare), Biblical French
Catalan and French form of Saul.
Sédécias m Biblical French
French form of Tzidqiyyahu (see Zedekiah) via its latinized form Sedecias.
Siloé f & m Portuguese (Brazilian), French (Modern, Rare), Biblical French, Biblical Portuguese, Biblical Spanish
Derived from Siloé, which is the French, Portuguese and Spanish form of Siloam, the name of a spring mentioned in the New Testament which was the site of one of the miracles of Jesus: healing the man blind from birth.
Urie m Biblical French, Biblical Romanian
French and Romanian form of 'Uriyah (see Uriah) via its latinized form Urias.