Theology Submitted Names

These names are used to refer to (Judeo-Christian-Islamic) deities. They are not bestowed upon real people.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
BODHISATTVA m & f Theology
Sanskrit, "enlightened" (bodhi) "being" (sattva)
CANA f Theology
Name is dervived from the city of Cana as mentioned in the Bible ,John 2:1-11 relating the story of Jesus's first miracle.
ELOAH אלוהּ m & f Theology, Portuguese (Brazilian)
A variant of ELAH or a singular form of ELOHIM, typically occurring only in poetry and prose. This unusual singular form of Elohim is used in six places for heathen deities (cf... [more]
ELOHIM אלהים m Theology
The Hebrew plural form of "god." As a name, it still retains a singular meaning. It is used in place of YHWH when referring to God.
GEOVA m Theology
Form of JEHOVAH used in Italian translations of the Bible.
HERENA f Theology, Polish (Archaic), Catalan
The name of an early Christian Saint from North Africa martyred in the 3rd century. Nothing about her is known except from her name.
IECHOVAS Ιεχωβας m Theology (Hellenized)
Greek form of JEHOVAH.
IESU m Theology, Welsh
Latin vocative and Welsh form of JESUS.
JEHOVÁ m Theology
Spanish form of JEHOVAH.
JOPHIEL m Hebrew (Hellenized), Judeo-Christian Legend, Theology
Derived from Hebrew yofiel, which apparently means "beauty of God" in Hebrew. According to Christian lore, Jophiel was the angel who drove Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden.
JOSAPHATA f Theology
Feminine form of JOSAPHAT.
KINNIA f Theology
According to legend, Saint Kinnia, a 5th-century daughter of an Irish chieftain, was baptized by Saint Patrick and is said to have been the first nun to follow his teachings. She lived in the convent of Druim Dubhain which was founded by Saint Patrick.
LIVRADE f Medieval French, Theology
Alternate name of St. WILGEFORTIS.
PELIANUS m Theology
Christian martyr.
QUINIDIUS m Theology
Catholic saint, hermit and bishop. He was originally a hermit in the region of Aix in Provence, France, becoming bishop of Vaison in that region.
Catholic saint.
RUFFINUS m Theology
Wulfhade and Ruffinus were martyrs of England. Little is known about them with any certainty, although according to tradition they were two princes of Mercia who were baptized by St. Chad and were swiftly executed by their pagan father... [more]
TERNAN m Theology
Name of St. Ternan.
After St. Tharsicius.
ULTIUS m Theology
Alternate name of St. WULSIN.
VANENG m Theology
Variant of WANINGUS.
WACCAR m Theology
Martyred Catholic saint.
WALHERE m Theology
Martyred Catholic priest and saint.
WANINGUS m Theology
Benedictine abbot, also listed as VANENG.
Holy shepherd and possible hermit, a Catholic saint, also called WENDELINUS.
WENOG m Theology, Welsh
Saint of Wales who is mentioned in several liturgical calendars.
WICHO m Theology
Alternate name of St. WICTERP.
WICTERP m Theology
Bishop and Catholic saint, also called WICHO.
WIDRADUS m Theology
Benedictine abbot of Flavigny, France, also called WARE.
WILLEHAD m Theology
The name of a Franciscan martyr and Catholic saint.
WILLEIC m Theology, Medieval German
Benedictine monk, a disciple of St. Swithbert.
WILLIGOD m Theology
The name of a Benedictine abbot who is now a Catholic saint.
WINEWALD m Theology, Medieval English
Second abbot of Beverley monastery in England succeeding St. BERCHTUN. He was successful in his efforts to make Beverley a center for English cultural and spiritual growth.
WINNOW m Ancient Irish, Theology
Variant of WINNOC or WINWALOE. Irish saint. Honored by several churches in Cornwall, England, probably the area of his missionary labors as part of the great evangelizing efforts of the era.
WIOMAD m Theology
Abbot and bishop, also listed as WIOMAGUS and WEOMADUS. He served as abbot of Mettlach and bishop of Trier, Germany, from about 750.
WIRO m Theology
The name of two Catholic saints.
WIVINA f Belgian, Theology
Wivina was a Benedictine abbess. A native of Oisy, Flanders, Belgium. She was adamant in refusing all offers of marriage until the age of twenty-three when she became a hermitess at GrandBigard, near Brussels... [more]
WULFHADE m Theology
Wulfhade and Ruffinus were Martyrs of England. Little is known about them with any certainty, although according to tradition they were two princes of Mercia who were baptized by St. Chad and were swiftly executed by their pagan father... [more]
WULFRAM m Theology
Variant of WOLFRAM. This name was borne by St. Wulfram of Fontenelle.
WULMAR m Theology
A Benedictine abbott born near Boulogne, Picardy, France, he was actually married but was separated from his wife and entered the Benedictines as a lay brother at Haumont, in Hainault. He was eventually ordained and was the founder of the rnonastery of Samer near Boulogne, which he served as abbot... [more]
WULSIN m Theology, Medieval English
The name of a Benedictine bishop and monk also called ULTIUS. A disciple of St. DUNSTAN, he was named by the saint to serve as superior over the restored community of Westminster, England, circa 960, and eventually became abbot in 980... [more]
YASHUE يشوع m Theology (Arabized)
Form of YESHUA used by Arabic-speaking Jews. Arabic-speaking Christians instead use يسوع (Yasu') to refer to Jesus Christ, while Muslims use عيسى ('Isa), the form in the Quran.
ZAMA m Theology
The first recorded bishop of Bologna, Italy. He was ordained by Pope St. DIONYSIUS and entrusted with the founding of this illustrious see.
ZAMBDAS m Theology
Catholic saint. Bishop of Jerusalem. He was martyred during the persecutions under Emperor DIOCLETIAN. Zambdas is also listed as Bazas, and he is associated in tradition with the Theban Legion.
ZA-MICHAEL m Theology
One of the nine saints to come to Abyssinia with ADIMATA (known as Yemata), Aragawi, PANTALEON, GARIMA, LIKANOS, SAHAM (known as SEHMA), and AFAE (known as AFE).
ZANUFIUS m Theology
Catholic Saint. A Kemetian abbot, stationed near Achmin.
ZEBINUS m Theology
Catholic Saint. He was a Syrian hermit.
ZONTICUS m Theology