Theology Submitted Names

These names are used to refer to (Judeo-Christian-Islamic) deities. They are not bestowed upon real people.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Alaho m Theology
Esperanto form of Allah.
Allakh m Theology, Russian (Rare)
Russian form of Allah, rarely used as a given name by Muslim communities in Russia.
Bodhisattva m & f Theology
Sanskrit, "enlightened" (bodhi) "being" (sattva)
Calasanctius m Theology (Rare)
Latinised form of the Spanish surname Calasanz borne by the Catholic Saint Joseph Calasanz (1556–1648).
Cana f Theology
Name is dervived from the city of Cana as mentioned in the Bible ,John 2:1-11 relating the story of Jesus's first miracle.
Eloah אלוהּ m & f Theology, Portuguese (Brazilian)
A variant of Elah or a singular form of Elohim, typically occurring only in poetry and prose. This unusual singular form of Elohim is used in six places for heathen deities (cf... [more]
Elohim אלהים m Theology
The Hebrew plural form of "god." As a name, it still retains a singular meaning. It is used in place of YHWH when referring to God.
Ġesù m Theology
Maltese form of Jesus.
Geṡü m Theology
Emilian-Romagnol form of Jesus.
Gesù m Biblical Italian, Italian, Theology (Italianized)
Italian and Sicilian form of Jesus.
Gesùs m Theology
Sardinian form of Jesus.
Iahve m Theology, Romanian (Rare)
Romanian form of Yahweh.
Iáivé m Theology
Irish form of Yahweh or Jehovah.
Iechova Ιεχωβά m Theology (Hellenized)
Modern Greek form of Jehovah.
Iehova m Theology
Georgian, Latin and Romanian form of Jehovah.
Ieova m Theology
Samoan form of Yahweh.
Ieso m Theology
Georgian form of Jesus.
Iesu m Theology
Samoan and Welsh form of Jesus.
Iesū m Theology
Hawaiian form of Jesus.
Iisus m Theology
Bulgarian and Russian form of Jesus and Joshua via Ιησούς (Iisous), which is the modern Greek form of Iesous.
Inko m Theology
Inko is one of the Basque names of God, used in the Basque dialect of the Ainhoa ​​region of Lapurdi.
Íosa m Theology, Biblical Irish
Irish form of Jesus (via Latin Iesus).
Isus m Theology
Form of Jesus in various languages, usually via Iesous or its modern Greek form Iisous.... [more]
Iyasus m Ethiopian, Theology
Form of Jesus used in Ethiopia.
Jah m Theology
Short form of Yahweh, consists of the ending of Hallelujah.
Jahve m Theology
Form of Yahweh in various languages.
Jahvė m Theology
Lithuanian form of Yahweh.
Jahwe m Theology
German and Polish form of Yahweh.
Jahweh m Theology
Dutch form of Yahweh.
Jeesus m Biblical Finnish, Theology
Estonian and Finnish form of Jesus.
Jehoova m Theology
Estonian form of Jehovah.
Jehóva m Theology
Icelandic form of Jehovah.
Jehova m Theology
Form of Jehovah in various languages.
Jésû m Theology
Jèrriais form of Jesus.
Jèsus m Theology
Occitan form of Jesus.
Jesusse m Theology
Guernésiais form of Jesus.
Jezi m Theology
Haitian Creole form of Jesus.
Ježíš m Theology
Czech form of Jesus.
Ježiš m Theology
Slovak form of Jesus.
Jézus m Theology
Hungarian form of Jesus.
Jėzus m Theology
Lithuanian form of Jesus.
Jēzus m Theology
Latvian form of Jesus. This name is not generally used as a given name.
Jezus m Biblical Dutch, Biblical Polish, Theology
Dutch, Polish and Slovene form of Jesus.
Jophiel m Hebrew (Hellenized), Judeo-Christian-Islamic Legend, Theology
Derived from Hebrew yofiel, which apparently means "beauty of God" in Hebrew. According to Christian lore, Jophiel was the angel who drove Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden.
Kris m Theology
Haitian Creole form of Christ.
Saatan m Theology
Estonian form of Satan.
Saatana m Theology
Finnish form of Satan.
Sátán m Theology
Hungarian form of Satan.
Satana m Theology
Form of Satan in various languages.
Satanás m Biblical Spanish, Biblical Portuguese, Theology
Spanish and Portuguese form of Satan.
Satanàs m Theology
Catalan form of Satan.
Satanas Σατανᾶς m Biblical Greek, Biblical Latin, Theology
Greek and Latin form of Satan.
Sātans m Theology
Latvian form of Satan.
Šėtonas m Theology
Lithuanian form of Satan.
Sotona m Theology
Croatian form of Satan.
Szatan m Theology
Polish form of Satan.
Xhebraili m Theology
Albanian form of Gabriel used in reference to the archangel.
Yahve m Theology
Azerbaijani and Ukrainian form of Yahweh.
Yakhve m Theology
Bulgarian and Russian form of Yahweh.
Yashue يشوع m Theology (Arabized)
Form of Yeshua used by Arabic-speaking Jews. Arabic-speaking Christians instead use يسوع (Yasu') to refer to Jesus Christ, while Muslims use عيسى ('Isa), the form in the Quran.
Yawe m Theology, Lingala (Rare)
Lingala form of Yahweh.
Yehova m Theology
Form of Jehovah in various languages.