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These names do not "belong" to any one culture. They are put here because they cannot be categorized anywhere else.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Variant of Abbie.
ADOLPHAfVarious (Rare)
Feminine form of Adolph.
Means "adored" in French. It is not commonly used as a name in France itself. Bearer Adorée Villany (born 1891) was a French dancer and dance theorist.
From the English word, ultimately from Greek ἀήρ āer- "air".
AGIAfVarious (Rare)
Possibly from various cities in Greece and a city in Cyprus. A bearer of this name is Saint Agia.
Anglicized variant of Aimée.
AISELf & mVarious (Rare)
Possibly a variant of Aysel.
AJAHf & mVarious
Variant of Aja.
One root is from the Japanese word for "red". The name is used in multiple countries and cultures and likely has additional meanings as well.
AKELAfLiterature, Various
A character in The Jungle Book novel, meaning "single" or "solitary" in Hindi and Urdu.
ALILAfVarious (Rare)
Combination of the prefix a and Lila (2).
ANARIf & mVarious
Variant of Inari, Imari, Amari, feminine form variant of Inar.
Variant of Andrés used outside of Spanish speaking countries.
ANDRIELmVarious (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the names Andrew and Gabriel, both names represent masculinity because of their meaning. Andrew - manly, masculine. Gabriel - God is my strong man.
ANITOmVarious (Rare)
Masculine form of Anita.
ANKIAfSouth African, Various
Possible diminutive of ANNA, ANKE, or ANNIKA meaning, "grace."
Variant of Anya.
ANRAIm & fVarious (Modern, Rare)
Variant of Anraí used outside of Ireland.
Variant of Anthea.
APOCYNEfVarious, Popular Culture
From apocyne (Indian hemp) or Apocynaceae (the family that contains both plumeria and Indian hemp).
APPLINAfVarious (Rare, Archaic)
Possibly a contracted form of Appolonia and Apollonia.
Derived from Latin aqua meaning "water". It is also used in English in reference to a bluish-green colour.
ARONAf & mVarious
Feminine form of Aron and masculine variant of Aruna.
ASCENSIONm & fVarious
Variant of Ascensión used outside of Spanish speaking countries, among both genders.
ASEAm & fVarious
Possibly a unisex variant of Asia
Variant of Asella or elaboration of Asel.
ASUNCIONm & fVarious
Variant of Asunción used outside of Spanish speaking countries.
ATHENSm & fVarious
From the name of the capital of Greece.
AUSHERm & fVarious (Modern, Rare)
Variant of the name Asher that pronounced like the name Osher, both names are means "happiness" in Hebrew.
AVAYAfVarious (Rare)
This name was given to 87 girls born in the USA in the year 2015
Feminine form of Axel.
Variant of Azubah.
BAKHITAfVarious (Rare)
Meaning "fortune" in an African language. An Italian saint also has the same.
Variant of Basil.
BEEBEEf & mVarious
Variant of Bibi.
Variant of Bethany influenced by Tiffany
BELEEf & mVarious
Likely a pet name for a variety of names from different languages.
Variant of Belén used outside of Spanish speaking countries.
BELISSAfAmerican, Various (Rare)
Likely an invented name. Probably a combination of Belle with the -issa suffix from Melissa.
BELLISSAfVarious (Rare)
Extremely rare elaboration of Bella.
From the English word, ultimately from Latin bene volent "well wishing".
Soccer player Benik Afobe is a known bearer of this name.
BENINfVarious (?)
Possibly from the name of the African country.
BENZEMAmVarious (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Benzema. ... [more]
BEROmCroatian, Various (Rare)
Croatian short form of Berislav.
Either a short form of Elisabeta, a variant of Betta or else derived from the name of the second letter in the Greek alphabet Β
Variant of Betty.
Feminine form of Bion.
Variant of Björn or Bjørn used outside of Scandinavia and Germany.
BOBIEm & fVarious
Variant of Bobbie.
Variant of Bobby.
BRAHMSm & fVarious
Transferred use of the surname Brahms.
BRINAfVarious, Slovene
Short form of Sabrina or variant of Breana.
BRIOm & fVarious (Rare)
"Vivacity, zest," a musical term with great verve and energy.
Possible variation of Khasan.
CATALINmVarious (Modern, Rare)
Spelling variant (with dropped accents, often occurring outside Romania) of Cătălin.
Variant of Cécile used outside of France.
CELOSIAfVarious (Rare)
Taken from the name of the flower, whose name is derived form Greek κηλος (kelos) "burned".
Possibly a variant of Selvin, Calvin, or Kelvin.
An invented name using the suffix -ina
Elaborated form of Chris using the French feminine name suffix -elle.
CHRIZELDAfVarious (Rare)
Possibly a variant of Chriselda
CHUBASCOmVarious (Rare)
From the Spanish word chubasco, meaning "squall", which is from the Portuguese word chuva, meaning "rain".
CIGGYm & fVarious (Rare)
Variant of Siggy.
CLAVIUSmVarious (Latinized, Rare)
Clavius is a latin word meaning "key". The use as a given name is transferred from the humanist surname Clavius (originally Clau or Schlüssel) borne by Christopher Clavius, a 16th century jesuit, astronomer, and mathematician.
Variant of Claes or derived from Old Irish cles "feat".
A diminutive of any name containing the element -clem-.
Meaning: Glorious
CODAm & fVarious (Rare)
Variant of Koda.
Possibly an elaboration of Cora by way of combining it with the name suffix -issa.
CRISTINIAfVarious (Rare)
An elaborated version of Cristina
Variant of Cristóbal used outside of Spanish speaking countries.
DARIANmVarious (Modern, Rare)
Variant of Darius, sometimes used as a masculine form of Daria.
DARRIEf & mVarious
A diminutive for any name containing the element -dar-.
DEBONNAIREfVarious (Rare)
From French débonnaire meaning ''suave and refined''.
DEDEf & mVarious (Rare)
Possibly a variant of DeeDee or a pet form of Dederick or Andrew/Anderson.
Likely a diminutive for various names, or perhaps a variant of Deja.
Name borne by Denmark Vesey, freed slave.... [more]
Feminine form of Deodatus.
DIANDRAfDutch, English, Various
A blend of the name Diana with Alexandra or Sandra. A well-known bearer of this name is Diandra Luker, the ex-wife of actor Michael Douglas.
Modern Greek form of Demetria.
DIONYmVarious (Latinized, Rare, ?)
Of unknown origin; possibly a short form of Dionysos.
DOMImVarious, Croatian
Short form of Dominik / Dominic used in various countries, as well as a Croatian short form of Domagoj.
Short form of Andrei.
Named from a type of bird.
EDELINEfGerman, French, English, Various
Cognate of Adeline. It was borne by Edeline Thweng, a 14th-century heiress of Ripley Castle in North Yorkshire, England. Allegedly it was not popular as an English name before 1830, until then primarily German and French in usage... [more]
ELANEfVarious (?)
In many cases this name is probably a variant of Elaine; in some cases, however, it might have been coined as a bona fide feminine form of Hebrew Elan.
ELGARmVarious, Welsh
Variant of Algar.... [more]
This name is best known for being one of the names that the 8th-century Cornish hermit saint Lide (also known as Elid, Elida, Elide, Lyda and Lyde) was known by... [more]
ELLAMAYfVarious (Rare)
Combination of Ella and May.
ELORAHfVarious (Modern, Rare)
This name has some meanings: In English it's a variant of Elora. In Hebrew it's a feminine form of Elor and a combination of El, reference to God. And Orah, a strictly feminine form of Or, which means "light".
Possible elaboration of Elsinore.
Variant of the Arabic name Alya.
EMERITAfLate Roman, Various, English (British)
Derived from Latin emeritus "earned, completed one's service" (past participle form of emereo; see Emerentius). This was the name of a Roman-era saint, martyred with Saint Digna in 259... [more]
Means "serious" in the German culture. It is also an Italian boy name possibly used as a masculine form of Ema.
ENDORAfPopular Culture, Various
Based on the biblical place name Endor, which is of uncertain meaning. It was used for a character in the American television series 'Bewitched', an allusion to the Witch of Endor.
ENMAfJapanese, Various
Japanese: ruler of hell (?)
ENNAfLiterature, Various
Probably a variant of Ena or Énna.... [more]
Latinate form of Erlene.
ERPHAfVarious (Rare)
A feminine form of Erpho or a variant spelling of Erfa.
ESTHAm & fLiterature, Various
Diminutive of Esthappen.
ESTHERAfVarious (Rare)
Variant of Estera or an elaborated form of Esther.
Combination of Eva and Lina or a variant of Evelina.
Combination of Eva and Luna.
EVANESSAfVarious (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the names Eva and Vanessa.
Eleaboration of Eve.
Variant of Ida.
FABIf & mVarious, Portuguese
Portuguese masculine short form of Fabio and Fabiano.... [more]
Feminine form of Fabian.
Variant of Felix.
Feminine form of Felix.
FERLINmAmerican (Rare), Various
Name of country music artist Ferlin Husky (1925-2011).
A shortened form of Ferdinanda or a variant of Fenna.
FIAfSwedish, Portuguese, Italian, Various
Diminutive of Fiammetta, Sofia, and other names containing the element -fia-.
FIRELLAfVarious (Rare)
Possibly a transferred use of the surname Firella or else a variation of Fiorella.
FIVIfVarious, Greek (Modern, Rare)
Modern Greek form of Phoebe.
Variant of Frédéric used outside of France.
Variant of Frédérique used outside of France.
FRITZAfVarious (Rare)
Probably a feminine form of Fritz.
Meaning and origin uncertain. One source states that it is ultimately derived from the Latin noun frons meaning "forehead, brow" as well as "front", which would thus make the name etymologically related to the Latin names Fronto and Frontinus... [more]
GALACIAfVarious (?)
Perhaps a variant of Galatia or Gelasia.
GASTONIAfVarious (Rare)
Gastonia is the largest city and county seat of Gaston County, North Carolina, United States. And a feminine form of Gaston.
Means "joy" in Latin.
GEEGEEf & mVarious
Variant of Gigi.
GERALDETTEfVarious (Rare)
Feminine diminutive of Gerald.
Variant of Jeremy.
HAELLYfVarious, English
As an English name, likely a transferred surname which is a variant of Hayley.
HAGARAfVarious (Modern, Rare)
Probably created from Hagar with the clearly feminine ending -a.
HANNELLYfVarious (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname or possibly a variant of Hannele.
HARm & fVarious
Pet form of Harry and other names beginning with Har-
Variant of Javier.
Apparently from the name of a plant genus meaning "spiral-shaped" from Greek helix (genitive helikos; see Helice), perhaps via Latin.
HENNAHfArabic, English, Various
Arabic form of Anna.
HERMIONfVarious (?)
Rare spelling and pronounciation of Hermione.
HEROSHImVarious (Rare)
Simplified variant spelling of Hiroshi, used outside of Japan among people of Japanese descent.
Variant of Hila.
HIRUNDAfVarious (Rare)
Possibly a feminine form of Hirundo, derived from Latin hirundo, meaning "swallow".
HIRUNDOmVarious (Rare)
From Latin hirundo, meaning "swallow".
Variant of Hương or Hường used outside of Vietnam among people of Vietnamese descent.
Feminine form of IAN, or variant of AYANNA or YANA.
ICEf & mPopular Culture (Rare), Various
From the English word that denotes water frozen to a solid state. A real bearer of this name is Thomas Ice. A fictional bearer of this name is Ice, a DC comic book superheroine.
ICELYNfEnglish (American, Rare), Various
Apparently a combination of Ice and the popular name suffix lyn, perhaps influenced by Iceland.... [more]