Various Submitted Names

These names do not "belong" to any one culture. They are put here because they cannot be categorized anywhere else.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Adolpha f Various (Rare)
Feminine form of Adolph.
Adorée f Various
Means "adored" in French. It is not commonly used as a name in France itself. Bearer Adorée Villany (born 1891) was a French dancer and dance theorist.
Ady f & m Various
Diminutive of Ada, Adrian or other names containing Ad.
Ailen f Various
Variant of Eileen.
Akela f Literature, Various
A character in The Jungle Book novel, meaning "single" or "solitary" in Hindi and Urdu.
Ametrine f Various (Rare)
Possibly from the name of the purple-orange crystal.
Analetta f Romani, Various
Diminutive of Ana.
Andelia f Romani (Latinized), Various
Maybe a Latinized form of Endellion via Endelyn or a combination of Andrea 2 and Delia 1.
Andres m Various
Variant of Andrés used outside of Spanish speaking countries.
Antonelle f Various (Gallicized, Rare)
Variant of Antonette or Antonella, both diminutives of Antonia.
Ascension m & f Various
Variant of Ascensión used outside of Spanish speaking countries, among both genders.
Avian m & f English (Modern), Various
Late 19th century from Latin avis ‘bird’ + -an.
Axella f Various
Feminine form of Axel.
Aylah f Various
Variant of Ayla.
Ayrton m English, Portuguese (Brazilian), Various
Transferred use of the surname Ayrton, which was originally taken from the place name Airton.... [more]
Azela f Various, Popular Culture
Either a feminine form of Azel or a variant of Azelia or perhaps Azalia.... [more]
Azuba f Various
Variant of Azubah.
Barbz f Various
Diminutive of Barbara or other names beginning with Ba(r)-.
Belen f Various
Variant of Belén used outside of Spanish speaking countries.
Benni m & f Various
Variant or Benny/Bennie sometimes used as a feminine name.
Beril f & m Various
Variant of Beryl. This name was used for 5 baby boys in New York in 1959. As a girl's name, it is more used in Europe.... [more]
Bernardia f Various (Rare)
Feminine form of Bernard.
Biron m Various, English (Rare), Theatre, Spanish (Latin American, Rare, ?)
Presumably, a variant of Byron. Shakespeare used this name in one of the three companions of King Ferdinand in Love's Labour Lost (1594).
Bjorn m Various
Variant of Björn or Bjørn used outside of Scandinavia and Germany.
Brahms m & f Various
Transferred use of the surname Brahms.
Brucelee m Various
Combination of Bruce and Lee (see also surname Lee 2), honouring the actor, director, martial artist, martial arts instructor and philosopher Bruce Lee (1940-1973).
Bruslee m Various
Variant of Brucelee, mainly used in Nicaragua (particularly the North Caribbean Autonomous Region) and Peru.
Celestis f Various (Rare)
Variant spelling of Caelestis.
Celosia f Various (Rare)
Taken from the name of the flower, whose name is derived from Greek κηλος (kelos) "burned".
Celvin m Various
Possibly a variant of Selvin, Calvin, or Kelvin.
Charlos m Various
Variant of Carlos.
Chubasco m Various (Rare)
From the Spanish word chubasco, meaning "squall", which is from the Portuguese word chuva, meaning "rain".
Clavius m Various (Latinized, Rare)
Clavius is a latin word meaning "key". The use as a given name is transferred from the humanist surname Clavius (originally Clau or Schlüssel) borne by Christopher Clavius, a 16th century jesuit, astronomer, and mathematician.
Cleia f Various (Rare)
Variant of Kleia, which is basically a pseudo-Greek name, as it was never actually used in both ancient and modern Greece.... [more]
Coda m & f Various (Rare)
Variant of Koda.
Concepcion f Various
Variant of Concepción used outside of Spanish-speaking countries.
Corazon f Spanish (Philippines), American (Hispanic), Various
Variant of Corazón used outside Spain and Latin America. A famous bearer is Corazon Aquino, the first female president of the Philippines, from 1986-1992 and widow to assassinated senator Benigno Aquino, Jr.
Covid m & f Various (Modern, Rare)
Abbreviation of COronaVIrus Disease.
Crucis f & m Various
Means "of the cross" in Latin (the genitive form of Crux), referring to the cross of the crucifixion. This is used as the second part of compound religious or monastic names, such as Maria Crucis ("Mary of the (Holy) Cross") and Johannes Crucis ("John of the Cross").... [more]
Cyprus m & f Various
Variant of Cypress influenced by the name of the country between Europe and Asia that's named Cyprus... [more]
Debonnaire f Various (Rare)
From French débonnaire meaning ''suave and refined''.
Diandra f Dutch, English, Various
A blend of the name Diana with Alexandra or Sandra. A well-known bearer of this name is Diandra Luker, the ex-wife of actor Michael Douglas.
Didi m & f Various (Modern)
Nickname to any name that beggings or ends with D like David, Didier, Diane / Diana, Daniel / Danielle, Adi / Jedidiah, etc…
Domi m Various, Croatian
Short form of Dominik, Dominic and other names used in various countries, as well as a Croatian short form of Domagoj.
Drisana f & m English (Rare), Hinduism (?), Indian (Rare, Expatriate, ?), Various (?)
Meaning uncertain, though popularly claimed to mean "daughter of the sun" in Sanskrit. Supposedly it occurs in Hindu mythology as a name (perhaps a title or epithet) of the Dānava demon Virochana (a son of Prahlāda and father of Bali)... [more]
Dunlin m Various
Named from a type of bird.
Edeline f German, French, English, Various
Cognate of Adeline. It was borne by Edeline Thweng, a 14th-century heiress of Ripley Castle in North Yorkshire, England. Allegedly it was not popular as an English name before 1830, until then primarily German and French in usage... [more]
Elorah f Various (Modern, Rare)
This name has some meanings: In English it's a variant of Elora. In Hebrew it's a feminine form of Elor and a combination of El, reference to God... [more]
Endora f Popular Culture, Various
Based on the biblical place name Endor, which is of uncertain meaning (see Endor). It was used for a character in the American television series 'Bewitched' (1964-1972), in which case it was presumably an allusion to the biblical Witch of Endor whom Saul consulted, according to the first Book of Samuel in the Old Testament... [more]
Enna f Literature, Various
Probably a variant of Ena or Énna.... [more]
Erlena f Various
Latinate form of Erlene.
Erpha f Various (Rare)
A feminine form of Erpho or a variant spelling of Erfa.
Espinoza m & f American (Hispanic), Various
Transferred use of the surname Espinoza.
Espoir f Various
Meaning "hope" in French.
Estellia f Various
Elaboration of Estella.
Evalina f Various
Combination of Eva and Lina or a variant of Evelina.
Evaluna f Various
Combination of Eva and Luna.
Ezi f Romani, Indonesian, Various
Diminutive of Esther.
Fabi f & m Various, Portuguese
Portuguese masculine short form of Fabio and Fabiano.... [more]
Faz m & f Various
Fil m Various
Short form of Filip and other names beginning with Fil-.
Finehas m Various
Variant of Fineas.
Frederique f Various
Variant of Frédérique used outside of France.
Fritza f Various (Rare)
Probably a feminine form of Fritz.
Frontasius m Various
Meaning and origin uncertain. One source states that it is ultimately derived from the Latin noun frons meaning "forehead, brow" as well as "front", which would thus make the name etymologically related to the Latin names Fronto and Frontinus... [more]
Galacia f Various (?)
Perhaps a variant of Galatia or Gelasia.
Gasper m English (American, Rare), Various (Rare, ?)
Variant of Jasper or Casper and an unaccented version of Gašper.... [more]
Geremi m Various
Variant of Jeremy.
Gladson m Various (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Gladson.
Goldi f & m English (Rare), Spanish (Latin American, Rare), Various
Variant of Goldie 1. It's primarily feminine in English and masculine in some other countries like Spanish-speaking countries.
Haelly f Various, English
Transferred use of the surname Haelly or variant of Haley.
Hagara f Various (Modern, Rare)
Probably created from Hagar with the clearly feminine ending -a.
Hannelly f Various (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Hannelly or possibly a variant of Hannele.
Harryet f Various
Variant of Harriet.
Hellena f Various
Variant of Helena.
Hennah f Arabic, English, Various
Arabic form of Anna.
Heroshi m Various (Rare)
Simplified variant spelling of Hiroshi, used outside of Japan among people of Japanese descent.
Hilla f Various
Variant of Hila.
Hirunda f Various (Rare)
Possibly a feminine form of Hirundo, derived from Latin hirundo, meaning "swallow".
Hirundo m Various (Rare)
From Latin hirundo, meaning "swallow".
Huong f Various
Variant of Hương or Hường used outside of Vietnam among people of Vietnamese descent.
Iliano m Various (Modern)
Creative masculine form of Iliana.
Ilyana f Various
Variant of Ileana
Iolande f Various
Variant of Yolanda.
Isi m & f Various
Diminutive of Isidro, Isadora, Isabel and similar names.
Ismaela f Various (Rare)
Feminine form of Ismael.
Issabel f Various
Variant of Isabel.
Iyla f Various (Rare)
Most often a variant form of Isla and Ila, but sometimes also of Ayla and Elah.... [more]
Jacquelina f Various
Latinate form of Jacqueline.
Jakie m & f Various (Rare)
Variant of Jackie and diminutive of Jacob.
Jaky m & f Various (Rare)
Variant of Jackie.
Jam m & f Various
Diminutive of James, Jamesina and other names that begin with Jam-
Jamina f Various (Rare)
Feminine form of Jamin.
Janeiro m Various (Rare), Portuguese
Means "January" in Portuguese.
Jazza f & m Various
Diminutive of names beginning with jaz/jas
Jazzy m & f Various
Diminutive of names with the syllable jaz or jas such as Jasmine, Jasper and Jazzabelle
Jemaya f Various (Rare)
Possibly a variant of Yemaya.
Jerrymie m Various
Variant spelling of Jeremy, which was influenced by the name Jerry.
Jhon m English, Various
Variant of John.
Jocy f & m Various
Variant of Josie or a diminutive of Jocelyn.
Josue m Various
Unaccented version of Josuè mainly used in English-speaking countries.
Josy f Various
Variant of Josie.
Juditte f Various
Variant of Judith.
Julice f Various
Possibly a form a Julisa
Juliena f American (Rare), Various (Rare)
Variant of Juliana, possibly influenced by Julienne.
Juniah f Various
Possibly an elaboration of Junia.
Junina f Various (Modern, Rare)
A Portuguese adjective derived from the month June, specially in Festa Junina "St. John's day (24th June)".
Kaleida f Various (Modern, Rare)
Perhaps based on the English word kaleidoscope, coined in 1817 by its inventor, Sir David Brewster (1781-1868), from Greek kalos "beautiful" with eidos "shape" and the suffix scope (to resemble the word telescope); its literal meaning is "observer of beautiful forms".... [more]
Kameeka f Various
From the name of the main character in The Hula Hoopin' Queen, who had to set up Mrs. Adeline's birthday party and was in a hula hooping contest.
Karlah f Various
Variant of Karla.
Katiana f Various (Modern, Rare)
Elaboration of Katia, perhaps inspired by the rhyming name Tatiana.
Katriela f Various (Rare)
Strictly feminine variant of Katriel.
Kattrina f Various (Rare)
Variant of Katrina. This name was given to 7 baby girls born in the USA in the year 1988.
Kennis m & f Various (Rare)
Meaning unknown, possibly an elaboration of Ken 1 with the spelling influenced by Dennis.
Kery m & f Various
Variant of Kerry. This name was borne by a French Rapper: Kery James.
Kevril m & f Various (Modern, Rare)
A combination of Kevin and April.
Kiann f & m English (Rare), Various
Variant of Kianne and Kian.
Kila f English (American, Modern, Rare), Various
Strictly the feminine form of Kilo and a variant of Kyla
Kleia f Various (Rare)
Likely a variant of Kleio. This name emerged sometime in the modern period: it was never used in ancient Greece, nor is it used in modern Greece. It is only borne by a few people from different cultures all over the world.
Koko f & m Various
A variant of Coco. Koko is also the word for "chocolate" or "cocoa bean" in many languages.
Konnie f Various
Variant of Connie.
Kyoto m & f Various (Rare)
From place name Kyoto.
Lande m Various
Diminutive of Highlande and Landon.... [more]
Leonne f Various (Rare)
Unaccented version of Léonne very rarely used in the USA.
Levanna f Various
Variant of Levana.
Liella f Various (Rare)
Latinate form of Lielle.
Lillibeth f Various
Variant of Lilibeth combination of Lillian and suffix Beth.
Lizbet f Various
Short form of Elizabeth.
Loris f Various, English (Rare)
Variant of Lauris or a short form of Delores via Deloris.
Lulia f Tigrinya, Various
Said to mean "Diamond" in Tigrinya. Of Eritrean origin, this name gained some popularity around the world.
Machai m Various
The Greek word for "battles, conflicts". In Greek mythology, they were the demons/spirts of battle, sons or daughters of Eris. More likely used as a variant of Micaiah or Mekhi.
Magadan f Biblical Hebrew, Various (Rare)
Derived from Hebrew מגדל (Migdal) meaning "tower"; ultimately from Aramaic מגדלא (Magdala) "elegant, great" or "tower". The King James' Version of the Bible provide the name Magdala, while some Greek manuscripts and the Revised Version provide the name "Magadan"... [more]
Majella f Irish, Various
Transferred use of the surname Majella. From an Anglicized form of the surname of Saint Gerardo Maiella, an 18th-century Italian miracle worker who is regarded as the patron saint of all aspects of pregnancy... [more]
Malisha f Various
Variant of Melisha.
Manila f Various (Rare)
From the capital of The Philippines.
Manuell m Various
Variant of Manuel
Maradona m & f Various
Transferred use of the surname Maradona, honouring Argentine professional football player and manager Diego Maradona (1960-2020), widely regarded as one of the greatest players in football.
Maranatha f Various (Rare)
Maranatha is an Aramaic phrase in the New Testament of the Bible, translated as ''O Lord, come''.
Mariachika f Various
Combination of Maria and Chika 2.... [more]
Marmar m Various
Diminutive of Maria, Margaret, and Martin, and other names with the same initial sound.
Marris m & f American (Rare), Various (Rare)
Most likely a variant of Maurice/Morris or Maris/Marise.
Maryanna f Various
English Combination of Mary and Anna, and Russian combination of Marya and Anna.
Mayanna f English (Rare), Various
Combination of May or Maya 2 and Anna.
Maylea f Various
Most likely a newly invented name, combining May with Lea.
Medda f Various
A possible variant of Meda. It is used by the character Medda Larkin in Disney's Broadway Musical, 'Newsies'
Meggi f Various
Cognate of Maggie.
Merei f Various
Means "bringer of happiness", possibly in English. It's quite diffused in Asia, although it's extremely rare.
Merkel f & m Various (Modern, Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Merkel. Modern usage is inspired by the surname of the German chancellor Angela Merkel.
Merlina f Various (Rare)
Possibly a feminine form of Merlin.
Micki f Various
Nickname for Michelle or Michaela in various languages. Usually not used as a given name in its own right.
Mightie m & f Various
Variant of Mighty.
Mili f Various
A diminutive of any name containing the element -mil-, such as Maria Milagros.
Minel f Various
Of unknown origin and meaning.... [more]
Mirando m Various (Rare)
Masculine form of Miranda.
Miri f Various, Romani, Literature, Popular Culture
Shortened version or nickname of Mirabelle, Mirabella, or Miriam in various languages... [more]
Mischka m & f Various (Rare), English (American, Rare)
German transcription of Mishka (originally Russian).... [more]
Monalisa f English (Rare), Indian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Various
From Mona Lisa meaning "Madam Lisa", derived from the archaic Italian term of address monna (a contraction of Old Italian ma donna "my lady") and the name Lisa... [more]
Myllena f Various
Possibly a variant form of either Milena or Mylène. This is the name of the newborn daughter of Dutch model and actress Doutzen Krous (b... [more]
Myrah f Various
Variant of Myra.
Naike f Various
Of unknown origin and meaning.... [more]
Nattie f Various
Diminutive of names beginning with Nat- (for example, Natalie).
Nicolla m & f Various
Variant of Nicholas and Nicola 2.
Ninelle f Various (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the names Nina and Elle.
Nod m Literature, Various
The name of a character in Wynken, Blynken, and Nod.
Noemie f Various
Variant of Noémie.
Noey m & f Various (Rare)
Possibly derived as a diminutive of Noah or Noe.
Odina f Various
Perhaps a feminine form of Odin.
Olivetta f Various (Rare)
Quasi-Latinization of Olivette.
Oliviana f Various
Elaboration of Olivia.
Oly m & f Various (Rare)
Variant of Olly.
Onia f Various
A diminutive of any name ending in -onia.
Ophira f Various
Feminine form of Ophir, in Greek, feminine form of Ofiros.
Orianna f Various
Variant of Oriana.
Patrika f Various, African American (Rare)
Feminine form of Patrick (see also Patrik).... [more]
Percia f Various (Rare)
Variant of Persia, possibly a female form of Percy. Its usage in Portuguese speaking nations may be as a variant of Persia, or from the surname of unknown origin or meaning.
Phanessa f Various (?)
Perhaps intended to be a feminine form of Phanes, probably influenced by the name Vanessa. In Greek mythology, Phanes was a primeval god of procreation whose name derived from Greek phainô "to bring light, make clear".