Various Submitted Names

These names do not "belong" to any one culture. They are put here because they cannot be categorized anywhere else.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Adiana f Various
Possibly a variant of Diana or an elaboration of Adi. In Latin American cultures, this may have come from an alternative name for the Adzaneni language. The name has been in use since the late 1890s.
Adorée f Various
Means "adored" in French. It is not commonly used as a name in France itself. Bearer Adorée Villany (born 1891) was a French dancer and dance theorist.
Ady f & m Various
Diminutive of Ada 1, Adrian or other names containing Ad.
Ametrine f Various (Rare)
Possibly from the name of the purple-orange crystal, which is a blend of the words amethyst (see Amethyst) and citrine.
Analetta f Romani, Various
Diminutive of Ana.
Ascension m & f Various
Variant of Ascensión used outside of Spanish speaking countries, among both genders.
Avianca f Various
This name first occurred in the United States Social Security Administration's public name dataset in 1990, when it was given to 18 girls born in the U.S., following the widespread media coverage of the Avianca Flight 203 bombing on November 27, 1989... [more]
Ayrton m English, Portuguese (Brazilian), Various
Transferred use of the surname Ayrton, which was originally taken from the place name Airton.... [more]
Benni m & f Various
Variant or Benny/Bennie sometimes used as a feminine name.
Bernardia f Various (Rare)
Feminine form of Bernard.
Bjorn m Various
Variant of Björn or Bjørn used outside of Scandinavia and Germany.
Brahms m & f Various
Transferred use of the surname Brahms.
Brucelee m Various
Combination of Bruce and Lee (see also surname Lee 2), honouring the actor, director, martial artist, martial arts instructor and philosopher Bruce Lee (1940-1973).
Celestis f Various (Rare)
Variant spelling of Caelestis.
Celvin m Various
Possibly a variant of Selvin, Calvin, or Kelvin.
Chubasco m Various (Rare)
From the Spanish word chubasco, meaning "squall", which is from the Portuguese word chuva, meaning "rain".
Cicada f & m Various (Modern)
From the English word for the insect, derived from Latin cicada meaning "tree-cricket". The insect lives underground, nourishing itself on tree roots, for as long as seventeen years before emerging... [more]
Clavius m Various (Latinized, Rare)
Clavius is a latin word meaning "key". The use as a given name is transferred from the humanist surname Clavius (originally Clau or Schlüssel) borne by Christopher Clavius, a 16th century jesuit, astronomer, and mathematician.
Coda m & f Various (Rare)
Variant of Koda.
Concepcion f Various
Variant of Concepción used outside of Spanish-speaking countries.
Corazon f Spanish (Philippines), American (Hispanic), Various
Variant of Corazón used outside Spain and Latin America. A famous bearer is Corazon Aquino, the first female president of the Philippines, from 1986-1992 and widow to assassinated senator Benigno Aquino, Jr.
Covid m & f Various (Modern, Rare)
Abbreviation of COronaVIrus Disease.
Crucis f & m Various
Means "of the cross" in Latin (the genitive form of Crux), referring to the cross of the crucifixion. This is used as the second part of compound religious or monastic names, such as Maria Crucis ("Mary of the (Holy) Cross") and Johannes Crucis ("John of the Cross").... [more]
Debonnaire f Various (Rare)
From French débonnaire meaning ''suave and refined''.
Didi m & f Various (Modern)
Nickname to any name that beggings or ends with D like David, Didier, Diane / Diana, Daniel / Danielle, Adi / Jedidiah, etc…
Domi m Various, Croatian
Short form of Dominik, Dominic and other names used in various countries, as well as a Croatian short form of Domagoj.
Endora f Popular Culture, Various
Based on the biblical place name Endor, which is of uncertain meaning (see Endor). It was used for a character in the American television series 'Bewitched' (1964-1972), in which case it was presumably an allusion to the biblical Witch of Endor whom Saul consulted, according to the first Book of Samuel in the Old Testament... [more]
Enna f Literature, Various
Probably a variant of Ena or Énna.... [more]
Erpha f Various (Rare)
A feminine form of Erpho or a variant spelling of Erfa.
Everose f Various
Combination of English word ever with Rose.
Fabi f & m Various, Portuguese
Portuguese masculine short form of Fabio and Fabiano.... [more]
Faz m & f Various
Fendi f & m Various
Meaning unknown. It is used in reference to the Italian luxury brand Fendi, which is named after its founders, Adele and Eduardo Fendi.
Franch m Various
Variant of Frank.
Fritza f Various (Rare)
Probably a feminine form of Fritz.
Haelly f Various, English
Transferred use of the surname Haelly or variant of Haley.
Hagara f Various (Modern, Rare)
Probably created from Hagar with the clearly feminine ending -a.
Jakie m & f Various (Rare)
Variant of Jackie and diminutive of Jacob.
Jaky m & f Various (Rare)
Variant of Jackie.
Jazzy m & f Various
Diminutive of names with the syllable jaz or jas such as Jasmine, Jasper and Jazzabelle
Jeannedarc f Various
Means "Joan 1 of Arc" in French. This name is given to commemorate Joan of Arc, a French saint who is considered a heroine of France, for her role during the Lancastrian phase of the Hundred Years' War.
Jerrymie m Various
Variant spelling of Jeremy, which was influenced by the name Jerry.
Josy f Various
Variant of Josie.
Junina f Various (Modern, Rare)
A Portuguese adjective derived from the month June, specially in Festa Junina "St. John's day (24th June)".
Katriela f Various (Rare)
Strictly feminine variant of Katriel.
Kery m & f Various
Variant of Kerry. This name was borne by a French Rapper: Kery James.
Kleia f Various (Rare)
Likely a variant of Kleio. This name emerged sometime in the modern period: it was never used in ancient Greece, nor is it used in modern Greece. It is only borne by a few people from different cultures all over the world.
Konnie f Various
Variant of Connie.
Liella f Various (Rare)
Latinate form of Lielle.
Lorabella f Various (?)
Lora with the common -bella suffix.
Lu f & m English, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Various
Short form of names beginning with Lu, such as Lucy, Luis or Luisa. Known bearers include Luciana 'Lu' Andrade (1978-), a Brazilian singer; Luzerne 'Lu' Blue (1897-1958), an American baseball player; Maria Luisa 'Lu' Colombo (1952-), an Italian singer; Lucien 'Lu' Gambino (1923-2003), an American football player; Lucy 'Lu' Rees (1901-1983), an Australian book collector and children's literature advocate; and Luis 'Lu' Senarens (1863-1939), an American science fiction writer.
Lulia f Tigrinya, Various
Said to mean "Diamond" in Tigrinya. Of Eritrean origin, this name gained some popularity around the world.
Lylina f Various (?)
This has been used as a feminine form of Lyle.
Machai m Various
The Greek word for "battles, conflicts". In Greek mythology, they were the demons/spirts of battle, sons or daughters of Eris. More likely used as a variant of Micaiah or Mekhi.
Maradona m & f Various
Transferred use of the surname Maradona, honouring Argentine professional football player and manager Diego Maradona (1960-2020), widely regarded as one of the greatest players in football.
Maranatha f Various (Rare), Haitian Creole
From an Aramaic phrase in the New Testament, translated as "O Lord, come".
Marillo m Various
Possibly a masculine variant of Marilla, or alternate spelling of Murillo.
Marmar m & f Various
Diminutive of Maria, Margaret, and Martin, and other names with the same initial sound.
Maylea f Various
Most likely a newly invented name, combining May with Lea.
Meggi f Various
Cognate of Maggie.
Merkel f & m Various (Modern, Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Merkel. Modern usage is inspired by the surname of the German chancellor Angela Merkel.
Merlina f Various (Rare)
Possibly a feminine form of Merlin.
Micki f Various
Nickname for Michelle or Michaela in various languages. Usually not used as a given name in its own right.
Migel m Various (Modern, Rare)
Alternate spelling of Miguel.
Mili f Various
A diminutive of any name containing the element -mil-, such as Maria Milagros.
Minel f Various
Of unknown origin and meaning.... [more]
Mirando m Various (Rare)
Masculine form of Miranda.
Miri f Various, Romani, Literature, Popular Culture
Shortened version or nickname of Mirabelle, Mirabella, or Miriam in various languages... [more]
Mischka m & f Various (Rare), English (American, Rare)
German transcription of Mishka (originally Russian).... [more]
Monalisa f English (Rare), Indian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Various
From Mona Lisa meaning "Madam Lisa", derived from the archaic Italian term of address monna (a contraction of Old Italian ma donna "my lady") and the name Lisa... [more]
Myllena f Various
Possibly a variant form of either Milena or Mylène. This is the name of the newborn daughter of Dutch model and actress Doutzen Krous (b... [more]
Myrah f Various
Variant of Myra.
Naeva f Various
Naeva Okasian of New Thinking Magazine is one bearer of this name.
Naike f Various
Of unknown origin and meaning.... [more]
Nativity f Various (Rare), Filipino (Rare)
From the English word nativity meaning "birth of Jesus Christ, Christmas", which ultimately derives from Late Latin nativitas "birth". It may be used as an English form of Natividad.
Ninelle f Various (Rare)
Diminutive of Nina 1 (compare Ninette).
Nod m Literature, Various
The name of a character in Wynken, Blynken, and Nod.
Noemie f Various
Variant of Noémie.
Noey m & f Various (Rare)
Possibly derived as a diminutive of Noah 1 or Noe.
Odina f Various
Perhaps a feminine form of Odin.
Oedipa f Literature, Various
Feminine form of Oedipus.
Olivetta f Various (Rare)
Quasi-Latinization of Olivette.
Oly m & f Various (Rare)
Variant of Olly.
Patrica f Various
Feminine form of Patrick.
Phia f Various (Rare)
Short form of Sophia and other names ending in -phia.
Pierra f Various
A feminine form of Pierre formed in countries where French is NOT spoken.
Prada f & m Various
Meaning unknown. It is used in reference to the Italian luxury brand Prada, which is named after its founder Mario Prada.
Psalm m & f Various, English (African), Filipino
From the English word psalm which refers to a sacred song or poem, especially one of the hymns by David and others which were collected into the Old Testament Book of Psalms... [more]
Rafi m Various, Jewish, Spanish
Diminutive of Raphael.
Rahmir m Various
Possibly an alternate spelling of Ramir.
Rayan m Various
Variant of Ryan.
Rayanna f Various
Feminine form of Rayan. In English, this is usually a combination of Ray and Anna.
Rev m Various
Short form of various names, including Reverie, Revel, and Revon.
Riel m & f Various
Transferred from the French surname Riel or a short form of names ending in -riel, especially Ariel (See also Rielle/Riella).
Rihanna f Various (Rare)
Variant of Rhianna. This is borne by a famous singer, Robyn Rihanna Fenty, better known as Rihanna.
Robinia f Various
A feminine form of Robin or inspired by the botanical name Robinia "black locust, false acacia".
Rogeria f Various
Feminine form of Roger.
Romaina f Various
Elaboration of Romaine.
Rome m Various
May be used on its own or as a contractive nickname for Ramone.
Romedia f Various (Rare)
Feminine form of Romed, Romedio, or Romedius.
Ronno m Popular Culture, Literature, Various (Rare)
The masculine antagonist of Bambi (named in the original book by Felix Salten and in the movie 'Bambi 2', unnamed in the first movie 'Bambi').... [more]
Rosemay f Various (Rare), Mauritian Creole
Combination of Rose and May, possibly used as a diminutive of Rosemary or Rosemarie.
Rossi f & m English (Rare), Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare), Various
Transferred use of the surname Rossi. As a feminine name, it could be a variant of Rosie.
Rosula f Various (Rare)
This name is either a diminutive of Rosa 1 or formed from Orsula by metathesis of the letter R.
Roxi f Various (Modern)
Variant of Roxie and hardly ever used as a legal name in its own right.
Sabria f Various
The name Sabria may be a simplification of the Arabic name Sabriyya "patient" of a short form of Sabrina.... [more]
Sacheen f Various (Rare)
In the case of the American actress and activist Sacheen Littlefeather (born Maria Louise Cruz; 1946-2022), who adopted it as her stage name, she claimed it means "little bear" in Navajo. The initial syllable resembles the Navajo word shash meaning "bear".
Salix m & f Various
Exact origins unknown, however this is the botanical name for willows.
Samadhi f Indian (?), Mexican (Modern, Rare), English (American, Modern, Rare), Various
From the Sanskrit word समाधि (samādhi) meaning "placing together", from सम (sama) "together" combined with the prefix आ (ā) and धा (dhā) "to place"... [more]
Sebby f & m Various
Diminutive of Sebastian or Sebastiane, usually not used as a given name in its own right.
Sebi m & f Various, Romanian
Diminutive of Sebastian.
Serbia f Various (Rare)
After the country Serbia.
Sev m Various (Rare)
Nickname for various names containing the sound element -sev-, such as Severin. This name is usually not used as a legal name in its own right.
Shanga m & f Various
Of unknown meaning.
Shia m English (Modern), Various
In the case of American actor Shia LaBeouf (1986-), it is derived from Hebrew שַׁי יָהּ (shai yah) meaning "gift of Yahweh".
Solskjaer m Various (Modern, Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Solskjær, named in honour of Norwegian professional football manager and former player Ole Gunnar Solskjær (1973-).
Sophiana f Various (Rare)
Elaboration of Sophia.
Stea f Various (Modern, Rare)
Presumably derived from Romanian stea "star".
Stephane m & f Various
Variant of Stéphane used outside of France. It is also sometimes used as a variant of Stephanie.
Svenka f Various (Rare)
Feminine form of Sven.
Syrén f Various
Means "lilac" in Swedish and Danish.... [more]
Syringa f American (Rare), Various
From Syringa, the name of a genus of plants commonly known as lilacs, which is derived from Greek σῦριγξ (syrinx) meaning "hollow tube, pipe" (compare Syrinx), referring to the broad pith in the shoots of some species... [more]
Tamira f Various
Feminine form of Tamir.
Tedie m & f Various
Variant of Teddy.
Tedy m Various
Variant of Teddy.
Telly m & f Various
A diminutive of several names, such as Aristotelis, Donatella, Estella, Theodore, and more.... [more]
Tessy f English, Various
Variant of Tessie.
Theonia f Various, History (Ecclesiastical)
Feminine form of Theon. It was occasionally used as an Anglicization of the name of Saint Teneu.
Timie m & f Various (Rare)
Variant of Timmy.
Tomie m & f Various (Rare)
Variant of Tommy.
Tomy m & f Various
Diminutive of Tom 2 or variant of Tommy, Tommie and other names that starting with tom.
Tsunami f & m Various
From Japanese 津波 (tsunami) meaning "a tsunami, a tidal wave", which is a compound 津 (tsu) meaning "harbor" and 波 (nami) meaning "wave". Other kanji or kanji combinations can form this name as well.
Tyre m Various (Rare)
From the city of Tyre in modern day Lebanon. It could derive also from the surnames Tyre and possibly McIntyre.
Ulrick m Various
Variant of Ulrich.
Vanesse f Various
Variant of Vanessa.
Vanilia f Various, Portuguese (Brazilian, ?), Arabic (Maghrebi, Rare, ?)
Perhaps from Greek βανίλια (vanilia) meaning "vanilla" or Italian vaniglia meaning "vanilla".
Versace f & m Various, English (Rare)
Transferred use of the Italian surname Versace as a given name, possibly used in reference to the Italian luxury fashion company Versace.
Via f Various (Modern), Popular Culture
Short form of names ending in -via. In the USA the popularity of this name was triggered by the movie Wonder (2017) where the main character Olivia goes by Via.
Viki f Various
Short form of Victoria and its variants.
Vinz m Various
Diminutive of Vincent.
Virena f Various
Variant of Verena.
Vivie f Various
Diminutive of Vivian and other Viv- names.
Wildora f Various (Rare)
Feminine form of Wildor.
Wilieta f Various
Possible feminine form of William.
Willsa f Various (Rare)
Rarer form of Wilsa and possibly an extended form of Wil.
Xenya f Various (Rare), Russian (Rare)
Variant of Xenia as well as an alternate transcription of Ксения (see Kseniya).
Yaz f & m Various
Short form of various names, including Yazmin.
Yeltsin m & f Various
Transferred use of the surname Yeltsin, given in honour of the first president of Russia, Boris Yeltsin (1931-2007).
Ynez f Various (Rare)
Variant of Inez.
Yohanna f Amharic, Swedish (Rare), Nigerian (Rare), Various
Amharic form of Johanna as well as a variant in other languages. In Amharic, this makes it the feminine form of Yohannes.
Yrjo m Various (Rare)
Variant of Yrjö used outside of Finland.
Yvaine f Literature, Various
It is most probable that it is the feminine form of the name Yvain. Though, it is commonly thought of as a combination of Yvonne and Elaine.... [more]
Zero m & f Various
Derived from the Italian zero itself from Medieval Latin zèphyrum, Arabic صفر (ṣifr) and Sanskrit शून्य (śūnyá), ultimately meaning "empty".... [more]
Zitania f Various (Rare)
Probably an elaboration of Zita.
Zoar m & f Various (Modern, Rare)
Variant of Zohar, means "light, brilliance" in Hebrew. In the Bible, it is the name of the city that Lot fled to (Genesis 19:22).... [more]
Zwingli m Various
Transferred use of the surname Zwingli as a given name, used in honor of the pastor Ulrich Zwingli (1484-1531), a leader of the Protestant Reformation in Switzerland.