Gender Feminine
Pronounced Pron. REE-ta(Italian, German, Spanish)

Meaning & History

Short form of Margherita and other names ending in rita. Saint Rita (born Margherita Lotti) was a 15th-century nun from Cascia, Italy. Another famous bearer was the American actress Rita Hayworth (1918-1987).

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesRetha(Afrikaans) Margarita(Albanian) Margarid, Margarit(Armenian) Marharyta(Belarusian) Margarita(Bulgarian) Margarida(Catalan) Margareta(Croatian) Markéta, Gita, Margita(Czech) Margaretha, Margriet, Greet, Greetje, Griet, Marga, Margreet, Marit(Dutch) Maarit, Margareta, Marketta, Margareeta, Reeta, Reetta(Finnish) Marguerite, Margaux, Margot, Mégane(French) Margarida(Galician) Margarita(Greek) Margalit, Margalita(Hebrew) Margrét, Gréta(Icelandic) Máighréad, Máiréad, Mairéad(Irish) Margarita(Late Roman) Margreet, Greet(Limburgish) Margaid, Paaie(Manx) Meggy(Medieval English) Margarida(Occitan) Małgorzata, Gosia, Greta, Małgosia, Marzena(Polish) Margareta(Romanian) Margarita(Russian) Maisie(Scottish) Maighread, Mairead, Marsaili, Peigi(Scottish Gaelic) Margaréta, Margita(Slovak) Margareta, Marjeta, Meta(Slovene) Marharyta(Ukrainian) Marged, Mererid, Mared, Megan(Welsh)
Same SpellingRīta
User SubmissionsRíta, Rîta, Rita, Rità


People think this name is

classic   mature   wholesome   strong   refined   simple   serious  

Name Days

Croatia: May 22
Estonia: February 18
Finland: February 17
France: May 22
Germany: May 22
Hungary: May 22
Italy: May 22
Lithuania: April 29
Lithuania: May 22
Norway: July 27
Poland: April 29
Poland: May 22
Spain: May 22
Sweden: May 6


Entry updated April 5, 2022