Malaysian Submitted Names

Malaysian names are used in the country of Malaysia in southeast Asia.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
AISY m & f Indonesian, Malaysian
Possibly a diminutive of AISYAH or QURAISY
AKAT m Indonesian, Malaysian
A Lun Bawang name.
DILAH f Indonesian, Malaysian
Possibly a variant of DILA.
DILLAH f Indonesian, Malaysian
Possibly a variant of DILLA.
EMILIZA f Filipino (Rare), Malaysian (Rare)
Apparently a blend of names such as EMILIA and ELIZA, perhaps in some cases formed from the names of the bearer's parents (e.g. EMIL and FLORDELIZA)... [more]
EZLYNN f Sinhalese (Rare), Malaysian (Rare)
A famous bearer is Ezlynn Deraniyagala (1908-1973), the first female barrister of Sri Lanka, who was also a founding member of the country's feminist movement.
GIN m & f Japanese, Chinese (Hakka), Malaysian
A variant of CHIN in Chinese, the use of the name in Singapore and Malaysia is likely based on the Chinese name.... [more]
MYRAA f Malaysian
Variant of MYRA.
NUHAYA f Malaysian
Intelligent.... [more]
RIKAN f Indonesian, Malaysian
A Lun Bawang name.
ROZIE f Malaysian, English (Modern, Rare)
Malaysian diminutive of ROZIANA and English variant of ROSIE.
SABRE m Malay, Malaysian
Borrowing from French sabre, where the sabre is an alteration of sable, which was in turn loaned from German Säbel, Sabel in the 1630s. The German word is on record from the 15th century, loaned from Polish szabla, which was itself adopted from Hungarian szabla (14th century, later szablya)... [more]
SALLINA f English (Rare), Malaysian
Probably a variant of SELINA.
SOFEA f Malaysian
Possibly the Malaysian form of SOPHIA. This claim requires research.
YUVAN m Indian, Tamil (Rare), Malaysian (Rare)
From Sanskrit युवन् (yúvan) meaning “young, youthful, healthy”.
ZIANA f English (Rare), Malaysian
Perhaps a variant of XIANA. It was given to 33 girls in the USA in 2016.... [more]
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