Tausug Submitted Names

Tausug names are used in the Philippines by speakers of Tausug.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Abdurahman m Arabic, Indonesian, Filipino, Tausug, Bosnian
Arabic alternate transcription of Abd al-Rahman as well as the Indonesian, Tausug and Bosnian form.
Abdurajak m Tausug
Tausug form of Abdur Razzaq.
Adzhar m Filipino, Tausug
Tausug form of Azhar.
Aldimar m Filipino, Tausug
Meaning uncertain, possibly of Arabic origin.
Alih m Filipino, Tausug, Indonesian
Tausug and Indonesian form of Ali 1.
Dayang f Malay, Tausug, Sama-Bajau
Means "young lady, lady-in-waiting" in Malay.
Faizal m Malay, Indonesian, Filipino, Tausug
Malay, Indonesian and Tausug form of Faysal.
Hadji m & f Arabic, Tausug, Maranao
Arabic alternate transcription of Haji as well as the Tausug and Maranao form. It is occasionally used as a feminine name in the Philippines.
Husin m Indonesian, Malay, Filipino, Tausug
Indonesian, Malay and Tausug form of Husayn.
Hussin m Arabic, Malay, Filipino, Tausug
Arabic alternate transcription of Husayn as well as the Malay and Tausug form.
Jainal m Indonesian, Filipino, Tausug
Indonesian variant of Zainal as well as the Tausug form.
Mahadir m Malay, Indonesian, Tausug
Malay variant of Mahathir as well as the Indonesian and Tausug form.
Nhur f & m Filipino, Tausug
Tausug form of Nur.
Nurlyn f Tausug (Modern)
Combination of Nur and the popular suffix -lyn.
Sali m Albanian, Filipino, Tausug
Albanian and Tausug form of Salih. A notable bearer is Albanian president Sali Berisha (1944-).
Yasher m Filipino, Tausug
Possibly a form of Yasir or from Arabic يَعِشْ (yaʿiš) meaning "live" or يُشِيرَ (yušīra) meaning "indicate, mention, reference".
Yusop m Filipino, Tausug, Malay, Thai (Muslim)
Tausug, Malay, and Thai form of Yosef (see Joseph).